*Fallen from Grace

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losing the one you love...

Submitted: June 24, 2012

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Submitted: June 24, 2012



from the place from which I fell

my life seems like a living hell

she doesn't want me anymore

I've never hurt this much before

can't forget what once was mine

can't again be the one left behind

I stand here as one defeated

inside me again, my heart retreated

she may love another

but I still stand here as a brother

my heart reduced to crumbs

once again I am numb

I've lost again now I'm done

another day without any fun

she does deserve better

but I don't want him to get her

lost again, don't know where to begin

to find myself chances are slim

lost, no chance of being found

to her my heart and life were bound

at times she is my best friend

the next she is playing pretend

my life is again fake

while everything I bet is at stake

I no longer can see

because I had to set her free

with her I belong, no home here

the thought brings me a tear

though she pretends to not know

my love for her will always show

the one girl I gave my heart

took it and broke it apart

I fell in love and then died

she left me and I cried

for her I still feel

to me it's still real

seeing her beautiful face

reminds me of my fall from grace


her I love and always will

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