Flying blind

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All guys need a girl to bring them down to earth and keep them there.

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012



Flying Blind


I can't just leave it to my small heart

I have to tell myself I like someone

or else I feel like I'm flying blind


When I met you I felt the sparks of your electricity

they blew a fuse in my brain and you

left an imprint on my mind


that fuse that you blew gave me

something new, a mystery of a feeling

I thought forever I had lost


now what I want most is to be with you

if you will accept me, I will gladly

accept you no matter what the cost


you are the one

my searching is now done

my heart you have won

with you i will share my life


will you share with me all the good

and all the bad through faith

and work we will beat back strife


will you choose to be there

when my life ends I ask you love

will you be there when I am dying


I will give all this up no more

auto-pilot for I found you

so you make me land and

tell me no more blind flying

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