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This is like a short poem about the death angel.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012





The battle I must fight

not against but with

to live in the light

my soul hides in the shade

you have no idea what it means to be an angel

to carry the dark name spade

being the shadow angel I can only jump into shadows

if light is cast on me it burns

I fight for, but yet again

that burning light

when it sees me I turn in fright

why did God make me the dark angel

with his might he made me but gave me a burden

I can not help the humans like my fellows

I can only watch as they hang by the gallows

to watch but not help it burns

but when they die it's to me they turn

to the father or hell where they will burn

I am spade

you see me in the shade

when your body bids farewell

I take you to Heaven or to Hell

I am the angel that fell...

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