Save Your Love For Me

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A poem of love.

Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



Save Your Love For Me
Brought to life by:Akarin and PikalekThePikaPikachu

ake these words 
that I write
press them up against
your heart

let the tears flow 
from beneath each breath
save your love for me
take me as I am 

as I wonder in
I bring to you
all that I've got
I hope it is sufficient
to satisfy your royal heart

when the world feels our love
through you or through me
they know what real love 
feels and tastes like

some may never know 
just how happy you have made me
but if I died tonight
they will witness a smile upon my face
and they will be able to see 
where my heart lies
and they will become a part
of your love that
touched me through and through

and went deep into my heart 
where your love stopped
the very part of me 
that you saw and touched from far away
when you and I fell in love for the first time

it wasn't just the words that we wrote and shared
it was
the you in I 
it was in every tear 
that dropped from my eyes 
straight to my heart and evaporated up to the sky  

© Copyright 2019 PikalekThePikaPikachu. All rights reserved.

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