The Fallen Ones

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



The Fallen Ones

By: magicmike78 on

A WW2 based writing using fictional characters.

(Notice: This writing never was written to jab, insult, make a mockery of WW2 or it’s vets)

Thank you past and current WW2 vets. I had to imagine what you guys had to go through mentally. It was a big tough world out there. Thank you for serving our country. Without you veterans we wouldn’t have freedom this day. God bless america.


Sgt. Tanner- We’ll be dropping on the beach in 2 minutes.

Get your ass on the beach, and secure it.

Pvt. Luck- Keep your head down! (Get’s shot)

Pvt. Stan- We’re not going to make it.

Sgt. Tanner- Save it rookie.

One minute.

(Dropship close by explodes)

Go Go Go


Pvt. Geoff- Get to cover! (Get’s shot)

Sgt. Tanner- Focus on that bunker.

We gotta take it.

Where are those engineers?!


Pvt. Ryan- Dead Sir; I’ll take out the barbwire.

This is not good! This is not good!

(Machine Gun Sprays, and pins Ryan behind a tank trap)


Sgt. Tanner- Looks like I’m saving Private Ryan… again (movie pun only *RELAX*)

Cprl. Dan- I’ve got this sir go ahead.

Hey Mark call in these coordinates

** ** **

Pvt. Stan- Looks like they’re on the run.

Keep at em!

Sgt. Tanner- You men are the best I’ve ever had.

It was an honor serving with you. (Get’s shot)


Pvt. Ryan- Noooo!


There’s a sniper on the ridge.


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