How it All Went Down

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Think that Max and her friends were the only ones who could escape? No. This is my story, of how I escaped.

Submitted: June 10, 2008

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Submitted: June 10, 2008



I could hear the footsteps nearing the dark room that I was held in. I knew what was to come for me. I knew why they came for me. To retire me. Normally, they would wait for the expiration date to appear on my neck, but it hasn’t yet, so they chose to get rid of me in a fun way. To them of course it was fun, not to me.


The door opened, letting light shine in over me. As the white coats neared me, I started to struggle against the shackles that held me bound to the wall, like I had before. But it was no use, it just made them cut deeper into my skin and make fresh blood spill down my arms.


 I gave up once they reached me and took off the shackles. We all knew that I couldn’t fight, because they had given me little food and water for that main purpose.


They dragged me out of the room into the brightly lit hallways, and I trying my hardest to stay in beat with their hasty steps.


Soon they led me out to, you guessed it, the field, where they retired failed experiments, or where the Erasers had gone to torture weaker experiments then kill them. That’s what was going to happen to me today.


Though I am an Eraser myself, and a strong one at that, the white coats didn’t want me, because they thought I was a failure for not having an expiration date yet. But how was that my fault? I remember that they had tried repeatedly to do the same to other embryos that would soon be Erasers, but none of them ever worked. As far as I knew, I could have lived to be eighty.


They pretty much tossed me onto the grass where I fell willingly. The grass was much more comfortable then the shackles I was imprisoned by. Too bad it couldn’t last long.


I heard the footsteps of the oncoming Erasers that were surrounding me, and I slowly stood up, my legs feeling like rubber. I guess that’s what happens after being chained to the floor with my arms in the air. I’m surprised my arms hadn’t fallen off.


Snarls of hunger came from the throats of the Erasers, and I knew that they wanted me to change to make their ‘play time’ more enjoyable, but I had made an oath in the past that I would never change into an Eraser. They caught on surprisingly quickly, and three of the fifteen jumped at me.


Just because I wasn’t going to change didn’t mean I would go easy on them…


I jumped high into the air and watched with satisfaction as they crashed into each other, falling over. Before I could loose altitude, I spread my gray wings and soared to the other side of the field where I soon became exhausted.


They knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long, and I knew that also. But I had to find a way out of here.


As they slowly started to approach from several yards away, I looked up to the metal fence ceiling. It would be risky, but if I played my cards right, I may be able to get out of this alive…


Of course, it isn’t good to stare at the ceiling when there are fifteen Erasers charging at you. One of the faster ones collided with me head on and slammed me right into the stone wall. I heard a crunch, and I knew that I had broken a rib, yet I refused to give up.


Being an Eraser, I knew all the weaknesses of an Eraser. I kicked them in the chin, and they stumbled to gain their balance. I took this advantage and crashed into them, sending their face right into the dirt, hard.


I smirked as they squirmed for air, but slowly their body went limp. One down, fourteen to go. I felt a tug on the back of my shirt, and I was being lifted up into the air to meet hungry eyes.


The Eraser growled at me, and I growled back at them. No way was I backing down now. I wouldn’t go out without a fight!


Seeing as most Erasers are boys, I kicked him right where it hurts the most and he doubled over in pain. While he was busy jumped up to meet another’s height and drove my fingers into their eyes.


I heard a very disgusting pop and the Eraser screamed in pain as their eyes started bleeding.


That brings it down to twelve. Two came at me at once, and I shot into the air, the Erasers close on my tail. Unlike these amateurs, I was born with my wings instead of having them stapled into my back, so I had the upper hand in the sky.


I took sharp turns just to mess with them as they tried hard to keep up with all my difficult maneuvers.


Sadly for me, I had forgotten about all the other Erasers, and felt a punch in the gut, making me gasp for breath. Next thing I knew, I fell hard onto the ground on my back, and heard another crack. Two broken ribs.


A clawed hand grabbed my throat and lifted me up off the ground. I struggled in the Eraser’s grip to get air, and they just smirked wickedly at me. I saw them glance behind me, and I tried to look back to see what they were so happy about.


But before I could even turn my head, I felt a sharp, searing pain on my back and I choked out a cry of pain. I knew right then that another was clawing my back, and I could feel the blood dripping down my back.

No… I couldn’t give up…

When I knew they were coming to send another swipe at me, I lifted my legs up and grabbed their neck from behind, throwing them under me and knocking the one that was holding me off their feet.


I fell to the ground and took a breath of air, happy that I could breathe air again. I quickly went to them and kicked both of their necks to the side, and they both replied with a crack.


The others were angry at me now. They all started charging me at once. Though I was bleeding, I got into a fighting stance, ready for what they threw at me. Wait a minute… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…. Where was the tenth?


Suddenly I was knocked off of my feet and landed on my cut up back. I held in a scream of pain as the one who knocked me over snarled in anger.


“Enough playing, time to get to business…” They snarled lowly and kicked me hard in the side, sending me several feet from where I was. Now I had three broken ribs.


Another came up and gave a kick to my chest, my air leaving me in a whoosh. They were starting to have the advantage now… I had to get out of here…


I got a punch into the face that broke my nose and I grabbed it to stop the bleeding. I knew what they were doing now. They were cornering me, and then they would pounce.

I looked up quickly to the fenced ceiling. Now or never…

They seemed to understand what I was going to do, because now they were bounding at me. I spread my wings out once more and took to the air. When I was close to the ceiling, I covered my heads with my arms and picked up the speed.

Just a little more and…

Yes! I broke right through the fence ceiling, and I was free. I took a lot of damage from the stupid choice, as in, bruises and cuts all over my arms, but it was worth it. It was totally worth it.


The Erasers roared with anger as they tried to get through the small hole I had made, but couldn’t do it. The white coats below started calling in for backup, I assumed.


Time to leave. I picked up the speed and found a wind current, letting it fly me forward. It felt so good to be free, finally. I never wanted to go back there, and I hopefully never would.


I had a new future ahead of me, now. I could my life in freedom now… my dream…

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