Loss of what matters

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A story of loss of faith

Most of us have lost our faith slowly, letting it slip away like grains of sand in an hourglass, unnoticed and unrealized until it recedes to nothing.  And there are many who never had a faith to lose.  For those proclaiming it, when times get hard and the answer hoped for is not forthcoming from God, some begin to doubt the faith they insist they have. It was said that the world will end because the lord loses his faith in humanity. But is it not because humanity loses its faith in the lord?

And as this doubt grew, the mirage of strength that they had built around the Lord disappeared. The doubt increased so and moved on, stronger through all our weaknesses and alone made humanity crumble.

Borderlands raised across the earth as human civilization seized to exist. Where two different individuals could once live in peace, has now become an ongoing onslaught for power, food and survival. The apocalypse has passed and all that exists are the unlucky ones who have been given a chance to survive, on the barren waste lands of what is left of Earth.

The wars that have been fought for almost a decade, have decided which lands belonged to each rising dictator across the globe. A world that was once evident of human evolution has become a decayed descension of the downfall of all human kind.

On a bright cold day in April as the clocks were striking thirteen a boy appeared out of the horizon to find runes of a Catholic church, which lays mocking the name of a God. The young, educated boy stumbles upon a manuscript while scavenging under the rubble. He picks it up and opens it, struggling to piece together the faded hand handwriting of the former recipient of the book.

What he does piece together, is written as follows ‘’ with a heavy heart I prayed today. I prayed for a woman Julia Stain. For the past five years she had been coming to this church and she had been praying for one thing and one thing only - to be able to bear a child. Her womb was severely damaged after she had been sexually assaulted by six men almost five years ago. It happened only a block away from the church. She was sixteen then. Rosa got married three years after the assault. She and her husband, Adrian have been trying to have a baby ever since and about a year ago there prayers had finally been answered. She became pregnant. ‘’

‘’I have never seen anyone so happy in my entire life. Two months ago she gave birth to a baby boy, Michael Stain, but there were complications. The baby was not born health. He fought bravely for a couple of days but sadly his lungs and heart were too weak. He died after 12 days of birth.’’

‘’I only saw Julia once in the church after she had given birth, bringing with her one question – WHY?’’

“Today – alone – she took her own life in her small apartment near west Rosebank. I now fear for Adrian’s sanity. And though my faith is indisputable, I long to know the answer to Julia’s question. WHY lord? Why would you give only to take back? ‘’

The boy scratches the dirt away from under his eyes as he reads the last sentence. He shoves the book into his right jacket pocket and continues his journey. As he marches on, he is left with one thought lingering in his mind. ‘’ If only the root of our faith and worship was never poisoned by the disease of doubt.’’

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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This is a profound and heartfelt piece. It left me feeling a liitle sad. I hope you post some more of your work.

Sun, April 15th, 2012 6:45pm

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