Definition of Love

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Can you describe love? It's pretty tough. I decided to try and sum it up in a way that many could relate to.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Love is a unique, personal feeling

That flourishes within your heart and mind,

But can you describe what your heart is singing?

Sure, "I love you" is a phrase so kind,

And we say it our family and friends,

But what feels do those words intend?


I'll tell you.


Love is what makes a person smile

No matter how tired they are.

Love is being with someone for a while

And not being able to give au revoir.


Love is when you've been gone all day,

And your kitten still wants to see you.

That feeling you get whenever you pray,

Or whenever a baby coos.


Love is when you're with "The One,"

And you can't find the words to say.

Or even if you guys aren't having fun,

By their side is where you want to stay.


Love is when they make you mad,

But the anger never stays for long.

It's when you're feeling down or sad,

And they know exactly what's wrong.


When butterflies tickle your stomach,

Your heart beats fast like a drum,

Their hand in yours you covet,

And your mind begins to hum.


Love is knowing it could never be,

Yet still staying by their side.

Even if you know they'll never see

Your heart's pain that you abide.


So what is love?


Love is waiting.

Being brave,

Hearts beating,

What you crave,

Being you,

Not facing defeat,

Staying true,

Staying sweet,

Butterflies futtering,

Stars in your eyes,

Loneliness and bearing,

Watch as time flies.


Pain in waiting love won't last forever.

Sure, it can feel extremely infernal,

But don't let your happiness sever.

The true meaning of love is that love is eternal.


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