My forgivness to my mom

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this poem describes a little bit of how i felt inside.

Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



I forgive you for all the pain, hurt, and depression

you left in my heart

I forgive you for not calling in to even s if i was ok

I forgive you for not having your word

I forgive you for when you said that you were coming back for us and you didn't!

I forgive you for when you lied and you know it because insead of letting God carry you you et all the rugs take over you

You eally hurt me hen you alked out of my life, you ad your ord but you didn't keep it.....why?

You know ow people say that '' a daddy isn't a peron who made you it's the person who raised you'' I feel the ame about you...

I forgive you for letting us go even though you could have tried harder

I forgive you for mising majority of your visits a the childeren's burial

I forgive you for putting all the lies into my head... i had your word about everything but ike a scab coming off you have now chnged my whole perspective of you


i know that you love me very much and you want the best for me so im going to do u both a favor and forgive you...not just for you but also for e, so I can move on and get the burden you left, off mt chest...

i forgive you

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