the man in the hat

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first story! Ever! Would really love feedback!

Submitted: July 05, 2014

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Submitted: July 05, 2014



it was as soon as Carmen woke up that she realised something was wrong. she didn't know what, but something wasn't right. as her head turned to her alarm clock she realised that it was exactly 3:33. Creepy, thought carmen, she never woke up in the middle of the night yet she felt awake. as the 13 year old girl switched on her bedside lamp she heard a noise. a creaking noise. it sounded as if someone was in the house. “mum?” she called “is that you?”. no answer. “how strange…” mumbled carmen, “i must have imagined it”. as she reached to her bedside light to turn it off she realizes her coat stand at the other end of her room. it just stood there, of course it would its a coat stand. but its not supposed to be here. the stand was normally in the hall. why was it now in her room? After carmen switched her light switch of she looked at her clock,it was still 3:33. not a moment had passed since she woke up when it felt like hours...time stood still as the girl tried to fall deep back to sleep she couldn't help but lock her eyes on the coat stand. when the light was off it almost looked like a man. a tall thin man with a hat standing right before her bed. the more carmen looked at the strange “man” the more it changed, however when she turned on the light it was obviously just a coat stand. “curiouser and curiouser” carmen said to herself softly as she stared at the ghastly figure. she then spent the next half an hour watching this coat stand. lights on. lights off. man. coatstand. it was uncanny how much the cold night could transform a simple stand into a scary shadow of a man. finally carmen settled down feeling her eyes become heavy. Finally morning came and carmen got out of bed finding the coatstand no longer there. “Did i dream it?” she thought. all day she was thinking about how peculiar her so called, dream ,was bothering her. The sun was playing mind tricks with her. it was creating shadows that looked like the man. Even on the way home carmen was sure that she saw a man. watching her. and it might not sound like much. but every where she looked he would be there.watching her. watching. what was worst was what he looked like this:

Tall , thin, scary and he wore a hat. this was exactly what the man she saw looked soon as the school bell went carmen jumped from her chair and ran as fast as she could to her home. she was too afraid to look back to see if the man was watching her.that night again carmen then found the stand in her room. she was becoming paranoid. as she switched off the light carmen lay facing the opposite way to the stand. she was too afraid to face it, let alone move it to another carmen felt her eyes closing she went to swith off her light. however as she sat up she realised the coatstand was all of a sudden at the foot of her bed. convincing herself she was being crazy, carmen layed back down to rest. as she awoke again to find something strange, the coatstand was now right next to her. “im imagining it” she thought, to afraid to make a noise “just close your eyes and lay back down”. and so she did. 3:33 read the clock as carmen woke in a sweat. another nightmare. when carmen reached for her switch to turn on the lamp. she found she was touching something else. an arm. as her hand moved up she felt a sholder. before she could scream an cold hand covered her mouth. beggining to suffocate she finnaly fumbled through the darkness to find the switch. and when she finnally turned on the light she saw a sight that would scar her. the man in the hat. by now carmen was feeling dizzy realizing that he was in her room covering her mouth. “shhhh” the man said finally taking off his hat. his face was disfigured and looked like melted candle wax. one eye was missing and replaced by an iron ball. the other eye was looking mischeivously at carmen finally gave in and stopped fighting the man placed a pillow over her face. “what do you want of me!” carmen finally managed toyell, her voice muffled and quieted by the pillow. “i want your nightmares” the man said in a gruffed voice.

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the man in the hat

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