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its only 1st 2 chapters of story about a great heavy weight boxer in his prime however something happens 2 him something so life changing he is forced to quit boxing and become a person he always hated

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



Chapter One 1999

he streets of New York were quiet, nothing was alive and nothing had motion. It was boxing day half seven in the evening most job workers of the big city were sleeping in their homes tired from all the fuss Christmas day had offered them. The mothers were satisfied with the joys which had been blessed on the families in this time of the year. Also the children who thought Santa existed were chuffed with there top of the range clothes and gifts which had been given to them on Christmas morning, however the family men were still recovering from all the debts that they owed to the manipulating bills and presents they could not afford. To make things worse they were also recovering from the hangovers which had been given to them from the brothers in laws and their obsession always to drink vodka on every celebration. It was a time of year they hated and despised however were hiding it to keep the children happy and keep safe from the desperate wives bellowing down their ears. They were now looking forward to nothing except a financial disaster for the new year on the other hand they were still praying for one thing. That the conference in the morning for the big boxing fight between the 2 black American fighters Lewis Carters and James Husky went well and the fight was to go forward.

By now it was eight o clock, paparazzi were outside the queens park palace waiting for Lewis Carters to arrive at the conference. He would often do this to build suspense in the atmosphere and get all the people from his home town, Brooklyn, to cheer him on when he got there. James Husky was already in the building., he was Lewis Carters opponent and is the heavy weight champion. He has been fighting professional for 25 years and has been undefeated since he had the belt- he has had eight fights since he had had won the title and has either knocked his opponents out within the first two rounds or they have got so hurt in the fight from his deadly combinations of punches that the coaches and trainers have thrown in the towel. It was going to be the best fight since Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier fought it out in the famous fight known commonly as the thrilla in manila. Husky was a fairly tall man with a muscular build, he had a very quick reacting mind in the ring, he was a powerful puncher and the unordinary thing about him is that he can fight either orthodox or southpaw stance in the ring. He was given the nickname James the power man Husky after knocking Fredson juniour out in the 2nd round with a lethal uppercut which knocked one of fredsons moulders out of his mouth blood was all over the ring and it was classed to be one of the most memorable fights in history. What made it unordinary was this was when he was in the cruiser weight and the power of the punch was the equivalent of Geroge Foremans awesome hooks.. James always stay focused on the aim of the fight which is to win and that integrity and spirit has won him most of his fights. A characteristic which made him stand outside the ring was that he was very crotchety this was also the case after his fights and in public. Whenever he was victorious over one of his fights he would always end up yelling at a bewildered reporter who he would end up either pushing onto the floor. Even though he was like this, it was what made him entertaining to watch and he is known to have one of the most amazing attitudes to live. In the conference room Husky was wearing an black swage suit with a black striped shit and blue aqua coloured tie, he was sitting in there patiently waiting for the conference to progress.

While James Husky was inside sitting on lined table on the right side of the room sipping his glass of squeezed lemon, loud chaotic noises were coming from outside. Outside was a large Grey gold plated 550 Ferrari Maranello. It had top of the range platinum rims. Everyone in the neighbourhood could hear its engine roaring whilst pouncing forward , it was being blocked by a crowd and the car was unable to move forward so it pulled to the side of the curve and stopped. The passengers door was opened and Bobby Norton approached onto the road. Bobby Norton was Lewis Carters promoter and had been his promoter for years. He was experienced at what he did and was also a promoter of other great fighters like Ben Gills Olympic silver medallist in welter weight and also Benvollio Dulcet heavy weight champion from 1997 to 1998 however he was less popular when he was defeated by “James the power man Husky” in 1998. Norton was a very popular man also known for when he used to be a entrepreneur for many successful training businesses located all over the States and Europe however he gave all his businesses to his oldest son Thomas Norton mainly due to being so busy in his promoting work. On the other hand nobody really cared about his career professions just cared about him being a good looking multi millionaire mainly because of the many privatized companies that he owns. Which could be anything leisure companies, electronics or even a broad way drug racket for a mob living in little Italy but who knows nobody really tried to get on his bad side in public and in the media, due to the several people who have crossed him in their lives have received extra attention from his body guards which isn’t a pretty sight.
Menacingly Lewis walked through the brown, oak doors and walked through the lounge which had some newspapers photographers. Willingly to take pictures they snapped away but he ignored every flash . Walking into the main conference room. Shockingly he ran up towards Husky and got ready to throw a hook while Husky was sitting off guard. With quick reactions Husky moved out of the way pushing the chair over and causing a load sensational sound of cold leather touching the limestone floor.

Chapter Two

Exactly three long months had no gone by and both fighters had been training hard and keeping their fitness up especially. It was 26th March, with only three days left till the fight. The morning was bright and the newspaper prints were printing in the publication factories getting ready to distribute across New York. The front page had a bold heading written saying “ Carter v Husky, will Husky win like he says”.

“ I cant believe it, look what there all saying” Lewis had a copy of The New York times clutched into both of his hands. He was at home in Brooklyn, sitting in the garden. His house was more of a warehouse, he owned a 3.5 million dollar mansion with over 50.5 acres if land in his back garden. The Carter residence was the biggest in the whole of New York.

“ look at all these people look at what they say, there saying I am going to lose. What nerve do they have saying these things, well ill show them on Saturday night. It will be a fight they will never forget. So Jerry what do you recon?”. Thomas Norton his promoter was standing timidly in front of Lewis.

“Listen kid, you can say anything to the media. Stop saying things please?. You can say it politely or even threaten them guys. They aren’t going to listen these kinds of media attention get millions of views. Meaning more money for the editors. All you gotta do is prove them wrong by winning the title and bang the money they got comes in your favour”. Lewis gave a bovine look.

“ damn is dosh all you care about well guess what I want more. I want to prove them all wrong with my fists not with my money. For all I care you can keep my money I make on the night just get the media of my back”. At this point Lewis was ready to get in the ring and prove every one who doubted him was wrong, his behaviour was pugnacious and you could tell my the derivational facial expressions on his face.

“ ok, if that’s what you want then on the night of the fight. You gotta talk total rubbish about him at the official weight in . Im gonna knock Husky out in the first round, oh im going to bury him alive, or even look at his face cause your not gonna see one like that again when im finished. that’s the things you say then in the actual fight you stay by you words and throw the jabs, the hooks the combos and win the fight with points, torture him and that’s it you got the fans on your side”. Lewis showed a discourteous manner and was looking at the picture of Husky in the paper.

“ I’m not going to talk rubbish about him in the weight in, I’m going to knock him out their and then”. The both of them started laughing with humour. They opened a bottle of fine Jamaican rum and sipped their drink whilst talking about how to deal with any promoters and any reporters. They spoke about how to speak on TV, news etc without letting out to much information about future decisions they were going to make.

Both Carters and Husky were under pressure due to the fact their reputation was on the line. Who ever came out on top would become one of the greatest legends in history of boxing and would join the great warriors such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Lenard and Iron Mike Tyson in his prime. They were training hard in there home towns downtown Brooklyn and Philadelphia. With only three days left the trainers of the two were theorising what their tactics would be in and out of the ring. Tension was building up to the battle and patience was a problem. The two of them would often collide with one an other in talk shows and new broadcasting shows.

Lewis walked into his mansion on the way from a conference meeting one day with his promoter and trainer Jerry. The conference was held by the boxing committee warning both fighters if any more dangerous stunts of fighting on media or in public was to happen ,Husky would be stripped off his title, and Carters would not get a title shot until 2001. Exhausted and tired from the conference holder Jimmy Scott going on and on Lewis loosened his tie and top button, it was 10 pm. He walked into his bedroom and dropped onto the bed and closed his eyes trying to close the outside world.

“Hey baby” Tina Carter, walked into the room jumping onto the bed to welcome Lewis home with a big kiss on his forehead. He opened his eyes and gave a cheerful smile and both of them exchanged looks with one an other.

“ so how was the conference honey did it go well, what did they want to talk to you ?” .

“ yes, it was fine oh just the usual do this and do that nothing important” His wife was the only person who kept him going in his job, she was his only inspiration . They were married and had been for nearly 5 years and they loved each other with all there hearts could express. She was a tall black women with long metallic black hair. Her skin looked soft and her body smelled like olive herbs with a golden twist. Lewis treated her as if she was a princess and gave her anything she wanted new clothes, jewellery, gold silver he would even by her a pony if she asked. She was always supporting Lewis in his fights and anything else he did . “ listen, I’ve been married to you for 3 years now and I know when your happy and when your down. Now I know your down. So don’t lie to me, something happened at the meeting and I want to know what now” she demanded to know what happened aggressively but she still had the beautiful smile on her face like when she came into the bedroom. Lewis took a deep breath and replied

“ sorry babe I didn’t mean to lie to you, ok ill tell you what happened at the meeting. They warned us both to stop causing trouble and threatened to destroy our careers and that’s it promise” it was hard for him to tell that to his wife and thinking she would shout at him down his ears he closed his eyes and encrusted them with his eye lids.

“ Husky was there as well, the stupid tramp. Baby why didn’t you tell me this I would of understood.”. he opened his eyes and she still had the beautiful golden smile on her face however she lifted her eyebrows expecting a reply.

“listen I didn’t want to tell you because I don’t want you to worry and most importantly I didn’t want that lovely smile to go away cause that’s what gets me up in the morning to train., that’s what helps me get through my fights and the last thing I would want to do is stop that”. she started to get an even bigger gorgeous smile on her face and gave him a big hug.

“ Im never going to stop caring, treasuring and especially loving you so you can tell me anything in reason and I will think of it to be an honest and true action you have done”

The both of them closed their eyes and fell into a deep warm sleep preparing for the busy day they would have to face tomorrow.

Half Eight in the morning, the morning was nice and bright and the smell of sour taste was in the air to tell people the day every one had been waiting for had come. “Beep Beep” the alarm was going off to wake Lewis up, it was the big day he and everyone else had been waiting for. 29 th March. The fight was going to start at half eight in the evening so he had all day to prepare for it and get to Manhattan, Madison Square Garden. Tina was already out of bed cooking Lewis his breakfast, 2 Brown toast, with beans and 1 poached egg, she would always keep his meals on his fight days light to ensure he was at his best in the ring and he wouldn’t add any unnecessary calories for the weigh in.

“ Lewis,” Tina yelled with a accelerating voice for Lewis to come down stairs to eat his breakfast.

“ I’ve made you your favourite energy food, toast, beans and some egg” . When he heard those words he jumped out of his bed and ran into the bath room to get changed into some comfortable clothes. Whenever he was in a lethargy mood the only thing which would get him out of it was food.. You would expect a boxer to eat healthy and train hard but for him it different he wasn’t very prudent with what he ate as long as it had some kind of protein or source of energy init.

“ dinners on the table, come on its getting cold” Tina shouted for him again, this time she said it louder letting the whole mansion know food was made from her bellowing voice.

“ yes, I’m coming wait one minute”. he got changed into some grey Nike tracksuit bottoms and a white everlast t-shirt which was stuck onto his body. The both of them met at the bottom of the stairs and exchanged a kisses.

“ listen, Lewis I’m going to work now ok so ill see you later ok”. Tina worked as a nurse at the local hospital she was a very hard worker and respected what she did and took pride in everything she did there.

She wasn’t a person who wanted job satisfaction, as long as she was helping others within the community she was satisfied. that’s what made her one of the most respected and popular wife in the media. Normally all the wives of famous celebrities or singers would be go diggers but she was different.

“ ok ill see you later Tina, by the way did anybody call for me this morning”

“ yes, Jerry said that the weigh in will be at half eight, he told me to tell you to meet him at the gym at five o clock. He also said do some stretching off for tonight and do some shadow boxing but that’s it ok”

“ok, ill see you later thanks for the food and have a nice day at work”. Tina left the house for work and Lewis sat down in the kitchen and started eating his breakfast.

As the day grew longer, tension was building up. Both Husky and Carters were confident they would win but the matter of fact was that only one fighter could win so they both had to stay on focus and they couldn’t be to confident otherwise there confidence would be their weakness. It was a tradition in boxing that both fighters saw their trainers before the fight so both Carter and Husky were talking to their trainers most of the day but as the fight came closer and closer the more their minds became a barrier to take any stick at the weigh in and the actual big fight. It was now quarter to eight and both fighters were in there changing rooms in the Broadway boxing gym to get weighed in.

“ Come on kid you don’t look angry enough and you call yourself a fighter!” Jerry had a brave face and slapped Lewis across his face. The only reason he did this was to improve his mental ability to take insults and give them back to his opponents who soon would become his victims.

“I’m going to kill him and when I’m finished with him I’m going to eat him alive” Lewis gave an angry and bedlam expression on his face with pure torment. A tall black haired boy walked into the changing room,.

“ Excuse me sir, they are ready for you now. Mr Husky has had his weigh in and is weighing in at the correct weight. Just thought I would let you know”

“ Thanks kid, for letting me know its my turn for the scales but let me tell you something”

“ Yes sir” the boy looked fragile, he thought to himself if he had done anything wrong but he made sure he showed no sign of weakness because he knew it would make him look enervated.

Carters took a huge gasp and said in a low toned voice.

“ Is this the first time you’ve worked here?”. Looking confused the boy replied with a straight honest answer.

“yes sir, matter of fact it is”

“ well let me tell you something, before a weigh in for one of the best fights in history. You never tell the fighter in the changing rooms what his opponents weight is ok. I mean it builds up the suspense ive been waiting for all day and you just ruined it ”

“ sorry I apologize I’m very sorry” the boy began to shake with shame and embarrassment.

“ don’t kill yourself about its no harm done;”. the boy walked out of the of the room and as he left both Carter team. The Carter team had Jerry and Lewis’s 4 cousin brothers Andrae, Liam, Paul and Riva and Lewis started laughing, both Jerry and Lewis got up and exited the room and regrouped with the management team . They started striding down the long never ending corridor leading to the weigh in. By now Lewis was confident but aggravated however he was excited and had a amp feeling in his stomach. They were walking down the corridor and the doors where getting closer and closer. Inside Lewis felt he had been walking down the corridor all his life and it started when his father brought him his first ever red lionsdale boxing gloves which were way to big for him. They reached the doors leading to the weigh in reception, there was a large bulky doormen with a viscous expression on his face outside the door .Preventing the Carter team to go through. They knew why the man was not letting them through, it was because they had to be checked for any weapons or unnecessary items which could harm somebody. Normally they wouldn’t do this but the two fighters had a reputation of violence and rioting whenever they met so they needed to be checked. Whilst they were being checked Lewis thought to himself thinking he would have no demarcation in the fight, he thought in his mind how he would demolish Husky and what the finisher would be.

“ your clean, you guys can come through just tell me when to open the doors”. the team looked at each other and exchanged confident warrior expressions. Lewis looked forward at the doormen, thought of his father getting killed and said in a bereaved voice.

“I’m ready” the doors opened and the lights hit the group of men, the light blinded them. They could see n nothing but all they could hear were the roars of the people jumping out of the seats and banging on the walls. The time had come for the weigh in.


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