I Just Want To BE Happy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Families and their Status issues

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016




As a female, you would expect to experience everything in life just like your friends or cousins.


You would have had your first crush in school, your first boyfriend in varsity and a best friend by your side since forever.


For some of us girls this would be totally normally, right?


For some girls they put on a fake smile and pretend to be happy.

These girls have never had a guy crush on them, never had a boyfriend in varsity and never had a best friend.


They would have thought okay, maybe as I get older thinks will change, guess what soon to be 25 years of age and hey, if anything it has all just gotten worse!!!!!!!


You start working in the hope that with your profession you will find a stable well educated decent young man.

Maybe there is a guy that comes along who you like, he may not have everything or is not the best looker but he makes you happy, he makes you smile.

You think it is the right thing to do and inform your family..... wrong totally wrong!!!!!

You are not only faced with hurting the guy you hurt your family, why?

Because he was not good enough for you... he didn’t have a top class job... he was not good looking... he doesn’t meet the standard.... his not of your religion!!!!!

By this you have brought your family name down!

Did anyone, anyone in the family stop to ask her ....”honey are you HAPPY?”

No... they would simply say , “we want the best for you!”

Realiiiiii.... the best is Happiness!!!!! Not material things!




It is always about everyone else in this day and age...


She is now 25 years of age... completed her qualifications, working , helping out at home, taking care of things.... you would assume she is an adult....NO!!!!!

Walking around in malls, shopping, you bump into friends from school and college... they have boyfriends, some married and some even have kids!

You sit wondering what do they have that you don’t!


Moral of the story

People keep hurting us, most of them are those we think that will always be there for us!


As a women in this day and age, as much as we are hurt we got to keep smiling, put on that face to keep your family name high, even if you cry yourself to sleep every single night!


This is the saddest reality in the Indian community , families rather sacrifice their children’s happiness for religion and status!

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