The Story Of

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A bunch of couples tell the story called The Story of...they didn't believe that if someone told the story and got to the middle of the story they would die

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



The Story Of...

I know you think it's not finished,but it is

There was two couples spending the night.They were telling scary stories and the first couple told a story,but they were telling it because they thought it was a myth.The story was called The Story Of...I know you think it's not finished,but it is.The first couple told the story .The next couple was so scared.When the first couple got to the middle of the story everything went out and foot steps sounded like it was coming to them and the foot steps stopped and they were screaming as loud as they could,they were so scared and the lights came back on and the second couple was the only couple alive and there was a bunch of blood on the floor they followed the blood and found nothing.They left the house and the next morning they went to school and they were kissing all day long to lose their fear of The Story Of...,they were to scared to speak of it so they just kissed.They had a sleepover and they told the other couple not to tell any story.The other couple said to forget about that myth,but they the first couple said it's not a myth.I know I keep on saying the first couple so let me tell you their names the girls name is Crissy her boyfriend's name is Johnny.They left when the other couple named Joey and Matty started kissing,so they went in the room and started kissing.They couldn't stop kissing and they went into the moment and added tongue.Than,Joey and Matty told them to come here and they told The Story Of...,Crissy and Johnny were so scared.They picked up their blanket and covered their head.They got to the middle of the story and nothing happened.They must have thought it was a myth and when you think it's a myth nothing happens to you or your friend.They were scared ,but they couldn't believe it.They lived and they loved their life.

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