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Anyone who can understand and interpret dreams or has psychic abilities please read this and try to give me an answer booksie is the first thing that i could think of when i thought of sharing my dream experiences.

Submitted: July 18, 2009

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Submitted: July 18, 2009



I need to know if i have a sixth sense or something so here are the events that i can remember that have happened to me.

i was in 7th or 6th grade and in a science class, when i was making fun of a friend who was laughing and i told her it looked like she was having a seizure attack and then i lingered on the topic later that same day in school an ambulance was called and news in school was that some student had had a seizure attack.

Recently our family has been worried about some paperworks that we need to get, i had a dream about these paperworks later that day i heard that steps were in progress to gain those paper.

I had a dream that i was with my sister and mom and there was a tornado and everything was flying later that day there was a small storm.

The other day i had a dream where my mom wanted to go to her village and she wanted to visit it badly but i didn't i was whining in my dream that i don't want to go  later that day my mom mentions that she wants to visit her village but she only said it once and not say anything about me going with her.

today i was suppose to go to my friends house for a slumber party and she was going to call me to let me know that i can come over i had a dream yesterday that i slept when she called me meaning that i didn't go and today she didn't call me and i didn't go.

sometimes i have dream where i can feel anything physical. I once had a dream that my fingers were stapled and i could feel the sensation as the doctor stuck a big needle in my arm. Few days ago i had a dream that i was going to get married to a guy and the guy asked me to take a walk with me so i did and in my dream i wanted to hold his hand for some reason, so he stops me and hugs me the weird thing is i could feel him breathing, like i could feel his body move with the breathing pattern it wasn't anything like love or anything just a sensation that someone was holding me against them and i could feel that person.

once i had a dream that i was suppose to read a verse from the BOOK (I am not christian but my religion has a holy book too) and i thought i was  reading it right but some one told me i was reading it wrong and suddenly in my dream i saw a black tar kind of blob with sharp teeth and its eyes stared right at me i was so scared that i wanted to wake up from my dream and shove the covers off me yet i could open my eyes in real my eyes would close and no matter how much i tried to move my hands it felt like something held me down and was trying to make me see the dream i told my mom about this she said that i need to start reading the BOOK, i am not a religoius person i do believe that there is god i do but sometimes i doubt that how can a book prove anything.

another dream was that i was in my room lying on my bunkbed and i was having a sleepover in my dream suddenly there is a voice coming from the top of the bed, so the person at my sleepover asks the voice who is it on top the voice replies see for your self so the person stands up and looks over and see who it was and the person screams and i wake up but i am facing where the person's face was in my dream as if i was looking at the person but there is no one. so i drift into sleep and then i ask who is on top in my dream the girl sings this childish song and i ask who is on top she says look for yourself i wake up again but when i am awake i keep searching for the song that girl was singing and look in my windows reflection to see if someone is on the top bed in reality. this dream really scared me.

Sometimes i have scary dream once i had a dream that someone was trying to break in through the bedroom window and i screamed mom in my dream but i was so scared that it came out as a whisper and i woke up only to find or think that i was mouthing the word mom so next day i ask my mom if i yelled for her she says no. but it felt real to me.

I have been to the BILTmore ESTATE and it is said to be haunted i did not know this when i visited yet when i looked at the history of the people in the house i got a feeling that hey this guy is probably roaming around as a ghost thinking that look at all these people seeing my magnificent house, when i was at the swimming pool area i felt uncormfortable the scene just made me feel odd. KEEP IN mind i did not know the house was haunted when i visited it i reasearched it based on what i felt and found that it was haunted.

IF SOmeone can tell me why i have these things going on with me it would be helpful. I have seen a ghost once in our old house and my mom says so has she. i am a strong believer in the paranormal, and sometimes when i am watching a ghost show i feel empathy for the dead who still roam, once i told my sister i feel sorry for those soul who have to live knowing that they are dead and that people can't hear touch or see them, and that no one can really actually help them.

So this is the story of my life.

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