Why Are We Attracted To The Bloodsuckers (Vampires)

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Why? Why? is that danger always attracts humans what is it about Stoker's Dracula, Stephenie's Edward, Huff's Henry so attractive or should i say so poised?

Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Submitted: July 20, 2009



Do you really think that we are attracted to them because they suck BLOOD?

Because they KILL?

The Answer To Your Question Is : NO!

We don't earn for their danger! it's the personaity. Almost every vampire is civilized and well they look and talk like they are from the medieval times. Thats why! We have forgotten the last time a man or a woman stood straight, looked you in the eyes, smiled with all his/her heart just to make you feel that his/her world only centers around you. That kind of love is now mythical, and is named "The Vampire Romance". Our Dear Stephenie's Edward, his crooked smile his strong posture? where did he get that from? Well he's been living for 100 years so he must have been around the Victorian/Edwardian ERA. Note how almost every vampire talks, clearly announciating every word and also using proper grammer. NOT YO ! SHORTIE! but You look lovely tonight. So basically people just love the way The Vampires carry themselves. It just the charisma the charm. I mean if you take out all the bloodsucking from a vampie you still can't find a sucker like that guy. WHY? because our generation is changing but our longing for that old fashion prince who swifts you off the feet is still there, but becoming more mythical. If the lochness monster had a same personality like a vampire everyone would fall in love with it. Its the IDEA of the vampire, thats why i liked Stephenie meyers, Tanya Huffs vammpire. Have you ever seen Henry why do you think him being a Henry the DUKE play a big part in the story, because that's what makes him, HIm. His posture, how swiftly he walks, how pleasantly and honestly he smiles just make you fall for him most of all how he dresses, how clean he looks.Tell me would you like the vampire if he was some lazy trashy looking guy who looked like he just woke up from sleeping in the garbage truck or who looked like he has been drinking, playing video games, and is JOBLESS? NO but If i guy around 20 wore a black suit and came in front of you with his hair combed just like a professional and just looks you in the eye with a great smile wouldn't you fall for him?. So remember next time you like a vampire, remind yourself that it's not the monster i am in love with but his personality, THE IDEA IS WHAT YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH!

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