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just to help with a few things, going on in Jacks.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012



I know not everyone is into mythology or fantasy as much as I am and there have been alterations made to the characters and species that might get confusing. So I just put together a list of possible hints to hopefully clear a few things up. I’ll update more later, let me know if anything is still confussing.

Helga – It’s the world the characters are on in the first book. This is a sandy dessert planet that is home to the Troll race.

Trolls – Large beings that are built for storing water and food within themselves. This has led to a fad within their culture that they tend to love what others would call ugly. Warts, moles, and the larger the better. They come in two varieties red skinned and blue, and have a pair of horns on their heads. Even without all the added weight these are big people usually about seven feet tall and very with very dense bones and skin.

Elves – Home to the garden worlds and agricultural planets that produce food. Elves are very in tuned with magic and almost all can use some sort of spell. Depending on what type of magic they come from light or dark their features are different. (light/ blonde – dark/ black hair)They can’t dye their hair and have to use special inks to tattoo themselves. Using a familiar is calling on a being you have a pact with and bringing them to this plane of existence. There are several types however they are ranked in power. Leeches are the lowest because they require blood and are considered weak.

Undine- Undines are from the water worlds and are proud fighters. They leave on a planet covered with sea water but it is all shallow seas. With very little spots going farther than 15 feet. The people that call this world home look for the most part like humans except for webbed feet and large “S” shaped gills on either side of their necks. This lets them be amphibious, although they are more comfortable sleeping and staying in the water. They have small single story houses and have a story sense to military duty. The water worlds are one of the last standing systems trying to resist the human purity project troops. They can use magic that is centered around water, however summoning familiars is a rarity among their people.

Chimera – The humans eons ago where able to make life because of their connection to magic. Since they have lost that ability they can no longer accomplish what they were able to before. Even with the help of Elves held as slaves and other creatures attuned to magic the success of the past eludes them. They have only been able to jam two already existing creatures tougher and try to keep them alive. This sorry soul is a chimera. Think of a Griffin, half lion and half eagle. However the symbiosis between the creatures trying to be one is not permanent. There are times when the subject starts to fight with itself and this degeneration can be lethal if not treated and the creature fussed back together. This depends from chimera to chimera what is needed. However the process is not pleasant and some would rather die. Especially those that don’t form a new identity, rather one is dormant while the other is awake. There are even cases of multiple life forms being pushed together. Since by human laws they are no longer “decent life forms” they are stripped of their rights, and used as test subjects until they die. Although the practice is widely known and there are laws against the creation of chimeras there are loop holes where they can still be created, they just say it was an accident.

Rutledge – A hostile world thought to be one of the worst places to be. Everything that you can imagine is on that planet with the sole purpose to eat you. Horrible terrain, magic forces, and beasts of carnage. If that wasn’t enough the weather is extreme and only the insane dare to go there. All of this is not made better by the rumor of the Man Eater. A beast that has a bounty on its head so large it dwarfs all others. Going to this planet is considered suicide.

Man-Eater – It started out a routine stop for the early Project Purity troops. A derelict ship from the time of their fore fathers was active on the planet’s surface. They were in counted by many unusual animals; however they were not able to identify what was on the ship when it crashed. Before they could leave a S.O.S was sent out. None of the original crew made it off the planet alive. A few mercs thought they would see what they could sell off the ship and landed before help could arrive for the men already on the planet. They too were attacked, they never got a good look at the creature. All machines and surveillance was fried. One man made it out and too the rescue team. He told them it was eating his crew. He joined the rescue team and re-landed and like all the other before and after they were never seen from again. It was said the beast was smart as well as powerful, but varying descriptions and scramble transmission have never lead to a definite description of the creature. Some say it walked like a man, but had four arms. Others say it was an insect like creature that laid it’s eggs in the corpses. Even the number changes from time to time, must stories claim only one Man-eater though. As the years went on the bounty went through the roof, it attracted many at first but as the years went on the number of brave souls left dropped and now no one wants to tangle with the beast of death, to go to that planet is to wish for you end.

UPDATED Dec - 16- 2012

Tractor Cars – these are one of the two main vessels of transportation on the planet Helga. Due to the sandy environment normal hover vehicles would blow up to much sand and dust. Not to mention that regular tired machines would sink. The frame of the vehicle is much like a modern hummer today, to withstand the elements of the planet while the undercarriage is completely made of a caterpillar track.

Hover Choppers – One of the few hover vehicles seen on Helga, these Hover choppers operate like sophisticated choppers we have right now. The lift they can offer with minimal back draft make them perfect high class vehicles.

Communication Mirrors –these is a device of both magic and science. A shadow sprite is kept inside the mirrors and is only activated when given a destination or name to communicate with. Shadow sprites are used because they reflect the person they see. The device itself looks like a compact, and to activate the person’s name and face need to be said and pictured in the person’s mind. To use the spell, they say the name out loud while tracing the edge of the circle mirror on the bottom. A complete circle must be made or the spell will not work. Once the spell has gone through and the other person has opened their own mirror then a small version is shown of the person within your hand.

Memory Orbs – These pearls of wisdom are common and work similarly to the communication mirror. The orb memorizes what it has been shown, and will display the memory again to any that hold it in its hand.

Lightboards – these technical devices are everywhere from billboards to personal devices. They are a series of tubes that display light and images to mimic a surface. It would be like having a TV but it would work by just having the frame. They are light weight and easy to replace, making them ideal in many locations.

Sprite AI’s – Again a mixture of science and magic, a sprite or fairy is merged to the physical realm permanently through a machine. They are used in ships and complex systems, many are limited to only following commands however if the person in control or the maker of the AI is talented enough they can allow the AI free roam abilities and they can accompany their master away from the ship as well. Many do not allow this, because they find a free roaming digital creature a pain.

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