I am broken

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Submitted: February 13, 2010

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Submitted: February 13, 2010



Roof above me.
Walls around me.
Emptiness surrounds me.
What should I do.
I dug a hole to deep.
And there's no escape.
Lines don't meet.
Ends won't tie.
All there's left to do is cry.
It's hard to explain...
Without choosing another.
To bring in the game.
Friends we were.
Friends were not?
Trust is valued.
Yet in some hearts not.
Suddenly one fight between him and me.
Becomes part of everyone around me.
Somehow the news spread.
Making judgment.
Without a turn of the head.
As crowded as it was before.
With everyone wanting to know more.
They gave up and left me be.
Taking the life out of me.
Little did I know there's more.
Although they left me bleeding on the floor.
My torture wasn't done yet.
Who knew this fight would be my worst regret.
Exclusion and sorrow.
Rubbing it in with a wink in a smile.
To thoughs in on the plan.
I give you a hand.
Job well done.
If you trying to have fun.
With no regards to ones feelings.
Or even that I'm a human being.
Melodramatic you say?
When feelings are hurt.
And lines are crossed.
Friends are all you got

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