you owe me my smile..

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Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



still remember the time, I saw you first,
walking by the woods one winter evening,
flowing between us was just wind and dust
beautiful and destined, was our first meeting!!

friends we were, to the rest of the world,
and companions for life, I thought we were,
I didn't see anything and nothing I heard
because I was lost in love with you, forever..

come back because you owe me my smile
because you didn't ever gave me your love,
I curse myself and that time of my life
when I thought that we were meant to love...

one day, when you were about to leave,
I wanted to hold your hand and say,
that I love your presence around me,
and that I wish and want you to stay!!

mad I was, but then , I didn't know
why I loved you and wanted you near me,
but I was too shy to say, or show,
and thought, you could yourself see..

come back because you owe me my smile,
because you never understood how I felt,
you always left me alone to cry
sad memories and loneliness was all you left..

It was then that I realized that it was love,
my whole world changed because of you,
I wanted to fly with you, like two loving dove..

I never thought , to say it to you,
may be I was afraid or may be shy..
or may be I wanted to hear it from you..
you never said anything,, except for good bye,,

come back because you owe me my smile,
you owe my love, you owe my life..
still when I think of that time for a while
those thoughts, give way together to tears and smile..

sometimes you behaved as a lover of mine,
as someone, for whom I meant everything..
as though I was only one in your life,
I didn't know was that end or beginning..

but sometimes, you hated me for no reason.
you avoided me and I didn't know what to do,
You changed your mind with seasons,
but at those times I used to cry for you,..

come back because you owe me my smile
because you never cleared my confusion,
I lived with you for a long time,
but never understood you and your decision.

now you are going to somebody else,
someone whom you think you love
but how can there be anybody else,
because you were the one i loved and still love..

I can't help it nor can I run away,
from you and from this life,
because you are in it and forever you will stay
life is given once, and you are my life..

come back because you owe me my smile,
because I wanted to say something to you,
may you hate me and never love me
but I will forever love you.....

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