Girard the Cat: Pilot

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Introducing Girard the cat! This cat goes on crazy adventures! I will make this a series of books!

Submitted: September 24, 2015

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Submitted: September 24, 2015



 Hello readers! I am Girard the cat. Although with all my strength I like to call myself Girard the car.. Anyways welcome to my life! I'm awesome because I'm the only cat that can play video games! I like to play Mappy because I'm really good at it, and also because I like to see the mouse die! Let that be a moral to all you humans that cats always win. Not mouses, chickens, definitely not dogs, and not hamsters.

 And right now, it's getting close to dinner time! Oh boy do I loooove food. The hard part... Is communicating with my human. MEOOOOW! (Hurry up with the food hooman!!!) "Okay okay, have your chicken... Meat... Whatever this is.." Said the human. MEow! (Keep scooping out that gravy bub...) man one thing I like about this Chicken gravy delight food is that it has gravy, and unlike food lions eat, you don't have to catch or fight it!

 After dinner I like to watch MewTube on my IPad. Okay, so now that the pesky human is asleep, time to log on to his Minecraft account! The human says that the players say he's only good at playing at night, but the human doesn't know that I'm playing at night, because really, the human sucks. Like I said, cats always win. Well I better log off of the humans "CatLuvr1337" account and go to bed.

 Good morning human readers! Or cat readers if you're really that smart. Anyways the human announced he is going to go to "Walmart." If I've learned anything from the human, I've learned that Walmart is a magical place filled with all kinds of food, games, books, clothes, and PET FOOD! I have a dream of going to the Walmart. Maybe one day I will...

 Well, I guess this is all the time I have for today, but next time, I will have come up with a genius plan to travel from the couch to the Walmart. See ya in the next story! 

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