A15 year old mind in a four year olds body

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This is a dream i have had shortly after my great grandmother passed away whom was like my mother. I will never forget it, hope you enjoy.

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



 I walked out of the two front doors of my high school. The two double doors seemed to echo loudly off of the sidewalk.  It seemed so quiet, and alone. I ignored the silence and talked to my friends while walking out to the parking lot. It was raining earlier and there were rain drops dropping off the roof of the school. All of a sudden, it looked like Autumn. The trees were empty and the only thing on them were orange, red and yellow leaves falling softly to the ground. I looked out into the parking lot and my great grandmother was standing there. i ran up to her and hugged her for as long as i could."How was your day at school" she said looking at me. She looked at me with those greenish blue eyes that i remembered so well. All i could say was, "what are you doing back mom?" "what are you talking about she awnsered back i always was here sweety." She took me by the hand and we started walking to the other side of the school. Everythiung was queit but it felt so great to hold her hand, i missed her so much. I looked up into her eyes "Mom, you passed away, and what about dad (great grandpa)? is he at home?" she looked at me like she was getting annoyed. "Don't talk like that. Its not funny." she said. She let go of my hand and opened up a small blue door on the side of my school, tapped me on the butt and told me to have a great day. When i looked in there were a bunch of four year olds sitting on a puzzle carpet while a kindergarten teacher was reading them a story. I looked down and noticed i was short, and my hands were small. i sat down with the other children and woke up.

If anyone can tell me what this might mean, that would be great! thanks! =)

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