Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



For years, she has had a deep crush on the school rich boy/ jerk. For years she has admired him from afar. Now when he finally noticed her, Samm feels that she could possibly change him for the better.
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For years, she has had a deep crush on the school rich boy/ jerk. For years she has admired him from afar. Now when he finally noticed her, Samm feels that she could possibly change him for the better.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Handsome Devil

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For years, she has had a deep crush on the school rich boy/ jerk. For years she has admired him from afar. Now when he finally noticed her, Samm feels that she could possibly change him for the better.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 26, 2012



Chapter 1:

“I hate him!” (Oh my gosh, he’s just so hot!)

“He taunts and humiliates, me!” (His eyes, they glisten!)

“ There is no one else on the planet that I hate more!” (But still, he’s gorgeous...isn’t he?)

“Oh come on Samm! He’s just gorgeous and he’s single right now!”(Was she reading my mind?)

“Didn’t you hear me Kaylie? I hate him! He’s a jerk and if I were you, I would break up with your boyfriend too!”

“Why, just because he’s friends with Harry?”

“Don’t say his name! (It hurts too much) Exactly! If you were smart you’d stay away from them all!” I glared deep into her blue eyes. Her hair was strait and blonde today which meant she was feeling happy.

“Well I love Liam. We were even thinking about buying an apartment after we graduate!”

“Samm, you have to stop being such a stick in the mud. We all have boyfriends. And all of our boyfriends are friends! I f you were to hook up with Harry it would all be complete!”

“I understand were your coming from Anah, but I just can’t stand him!” Anah had short brown hair that curved slightly at the end to reveal her neck. Her eyes stood out from the rest of her, they were bright green though the rest of her body was browns and peachy skin. She is beautiful, absolutely blessed.

I deprive myself of love for a reason. I push everyone away for a reason. I don’t know what to feel or what to think. I’ve had my heart broken one too many times before. He’s so obnoxious and he never considers any ones feelings. He’s rich and all of the girls through themselves at him. Then, why, why is he the one that I love? I can’t help who I love, and I love you Harry. But every time I see him with a new girlfriend I take back, and deny those words. My heart breaks and I go back to hating him. There’s something about him that always keeps me interested. I’m sure it’s not something on the surface and I’m sure his inside is just as ugly and his personality. Then what is it?

“Come on it’s time for class.” Rissa gets up and heads over to the rich boyfriends table. Her and her boyfriend, Zayn, intertwine their hands and walk out of the lunch room. She is soon followed by Britt, Kaylie and Anah. That left me alone. I watched as each one of them picked up each of their boyfriends and headed to class. But I looked away when Kaylie did a disturbing tongue dance with Liam. Then Anah did it shortly after with Niall. Why couldn’t they just wait to get out of the lunch room? I just ate and now I felt like I was going to be sick. I didn’t fallow them. I was going to skip third period. Between all of the talk about Harry and the sharing of saliva, I didn’t feel too well.

I looked around at my empty table and then at the boys table. Harry was looking right at me. All of his friends had left and yet he was still there just looking at me. I met his gaze for a moment and then turned away, acting disgusted. I heard him stand up and scoot in his chair. His new Jordan’s slightly squeaked across the floor. The cafeteria was empty and my heart was pounding when I saw him from the corner of my eye walking in my direction. Oh God! Please just walk by! But no, my request was just too much. He pulled out the seat next to me and calmly sat down out stretching his arms so that it was around the back of my chair. I cringed away slightly hoping that he might take a hint.

“So your name is Samantha, correct?”

“It’s Samm,” I spit through my teeth.

“Well, Samm, I just happened to notice that all of your friends ditched you and you were sitting all alone so I thought I would come and sit with you.” He shifted his arms and his hand brushed against my back. The touch of his hand left my skin with goose bumps.

“Well, thank you but I was just about to leave.” I slowly stood up, avoiding his hands again. He put his hand on my arm and I jumped.

“No you’re not.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m in your third period and you never show up.” So he did notice me. If only just a little bit. It still made my heart beat even faster. I sat down slowly trying to keep my heart beat steady. He talked about things I already knew. About his rich father and his plans of being famous in the future, I did whatever I could to avoid his eyes. I snuck a peek and once I looked at him again I couldn’t look away. His hair was perfectly kept while it hovered in soft, large, brown curls that covered the tips of his ears and would bounce slightly as he moved his head. His green eyes were soft and yet they pierced my soul. The curve of his eyes resembled an almond. When he opened and closed them his lashes barley touched his cheeks and went back to the former position. His nose was average. It wasn’t wide or thin. When he laughed it would flatten itself. His lips were curve perfectly like a cupids bow. They were always full and deep pink. My eyes trailed down even further. He had a light mole between his chin and his cheek. His skin looked so soft and it glowed under the lights shining through the windows. I leaned in closer for a better look.

“Samm, um... What are you doing?” I leaned in so close that I didn’t notice we were only inches apart.

“If wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask.” He puckered his perfect lips and attempted to close the gap between us. I pulled away at the last moment even though every cell in my body urged me to move forward.

“Um...No... Sorry I thought I saw something. I should really get to class,” I said standing from my seat.

“Yeah me too. We can walk together.” We walked into third block together. My arms were crossed and I tried to keep my distance but every time I moved away he would fallow just like we were chained together.

“Please take your seats,” said the professor. I hadn’t been in this room in so long. I had forgotten where I sat. Then I remembered my reason for not ever coming to this class. There were two empty seats in the back of the class. Both right next to each other. I walked across the room while people looked at me and whispered. Harry pulled my chair out for me and pushed it in as I sat down.

“Thanks,” I whispered. He calmly took the seat next to me and out stretched his arms around my chair again. I had no choice but to sit there sitting in silence to a lecture that I didn’t understand while my heart was beating and all of my sweat glands were about to start over flowing. When I got home I fell on my bed and fell asleep. I had an amazing yet horrifying dream:

I pour over the information in my world geography textbook as I sit in a ratty library chair. I finally finish and close my book with a satisfying thud and lean back in my seat. “Argh! I still need to pick a book for my report.

“It’s time for my favorite place in the library!” I think excitedly. I walk to the teen book area and scan the shelves for my latest obsession, Evermore.

“Yes! Dark Flame!” I exclaim out loud as I spot the latest book in the series. I reach for it, but another hand reaches for it too. I quickly snatch the book and hold it close to me. I turn to see the almost thief. Oh my gosh! Could it be Harry Styles from One Direction?!

“Oh hi, um, Harry? You can have the book,” I say while offering it to him with an outstretched hand. He pushes it back to my chest bringing himself with it. He looks into my eyes with such intensity that I look up with a mix of fear and wonderment.

“You were at the concert last night correct? Third row.”

I sheepishly nod. “Yeah,” I reply lamely. “I got tickets for my birthday.”

“I saw you,” he says. “I couldn’t believe how beautiful you are.”

By this time I’m beet red. “Oh thanks! But I should, um, be leaving.” I pull away leaving the book in his perfectly sculpted hand. I can get some other book—I heard The Hunger Games was good too. But before I can get through the large glass doors of the library, Harry grabs my wrist softly and whispers in my ear, “You forgot your book.”

“You want me to have it?” I ask. He nods and shoves it in my arms before leaving.

“Bye!” he says and takes off. I walk to the check out desk and scan my card and the book’s bar code. I leave the library and get into my lime green Ford Fiesta. It’s then that I notice a piece of paper sticking out of the book I slowly take it out and read the scrawled handwriting, it read:

“I don’t know why you’re being shy and turn away when I look into your eyes.” Scribbled under it is his number.

I glance up at the ceiling of my car and chuckle before reading the note over and over. Did Harry just ask me out? Then I woke up, sweating out of my mind from the thought.

Chapter 2:

“So, prom?” Britt stared at my eyes focused on a thought deep in her head. Why did I have to be student body president? I’m not preppy or enthusiastic about it at all and yet most of the students voted for me over the head cheerleader.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, ‘what do I mean?’ You’re in charge of the whole thing! What’s the theme going to be this year! I have some good suggestions. How about, Captured in a dream? Or what about Casino Royal? Maybe even Casino royal!! Oh okay! I’ve got it! How about under the sea! Yes that one’s perfect let’s do it!”

“Okay that one sounds good,”

“What do you mean? You’re not going to comment at all?”

“I like your idea. I don’t really want to argue. Let’s do it!”

“I like it too!” I jumped at the sound of his voice. “That’s great and I have the perfect out fit for it too! But I need a date. Hmm... I wonder where I could find one...?” I interrupted him.

“Well now that we have the theme we just need to go shopping and find decorations on the school budget. My mom works at that designer store and she can get us a discount on decorations from there. We need to gather up all of the student council to help out too.”

“In that case, I’m up for the job! I can just ask my personal designers to do it for us! No help is needed.” He laughed to himself. I was about boil over. He was so irritating.

“In fact you don’t have to do any work just leave it up to me... I have the money and...”

“JUST, STOP! I don’t need your help!” I jumped from my seat and looked him strait in the eyes. I went limp and weak. It took all of my strength to keep me standing. I looked away and sat back in my seat.

“Okay. Have it your way then. Just let me know I guess.” he walked away and I breathed again.

“Samm that was just rude! He just wanted to help,” said Rissa

“Well he’s not part of the student council so he can’t help anyway. Besides, decorating is part of the experience and we have enough money to do it on our own.”

“But you have to admit that we need all the help we can get!”

“Plus, you could totally see that he was hitting on you!” said Anah.

“You guys don’t get it do you? As soon as he realizes that I am the one girl who won’t fall for his tricks, he’ll drop me and go hit on the next girl that would be glad to be with him. Even

if it’s only for a couple of days.”

“Whatever Samm, you know one day it’s going to happen. Didn’t you guys have a thing back in middle school?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s talk about prom right now. We have to gather up the student council and fill them in on what we’re going to do. Come over to my house after school and we can start planning time and dates.”

“Oh, I’m sorry but I can’t come over. I’m going to the movies with Liam.” Kaylie said. I glared at her.

“Yeah Louis and I are going with them tonight,” Britt said. I gave them both a glare.

“Samm, we are all going to the movies. You should come with us! We could have fun!” Rissa remarked. I looked at them all like they were absolutely insane.

“Okay so do you remember what happened last time? You all sat in the back kissing each other’s faces off, while Harry and I sat awkwardly there through the romance scenes. No offence, or anything but I don’t really want to go with you guys. I would rather stay home,” I stood up.

Not knowing what to feel, I walked to the bathroom and tried to calm myself down. I need to find a boyfriend so they would just get off my back. I definitely won’t be dating Harry so; I need to find someone else they will approve of. I can’t really be mad at them: I love them. They’ve helped me through some hard times and they make me smile. I just don’t know if I can let anyone in even after I tried to keep everyone out so finding a boyfriend will be difficult.

I left the bathroom. I don’t know why, but I really wanted to see Harry. I feel like I owe him an apology. I hate him but I shouldn’t have yelled at him like that even if he was trying to buy my affection. I reluctantly walked into third period. I sunk into my seat. Harry put his arm in its usual position around the back of my chair. He chuckled softly like he won a small game.

“Nice to see you’re back to class regularly,” He said, “Any particular reason?” I ignored him. I was regretting my decision but it was too late to leave. I suffered in silence while I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He was wearing a golf vest, cut for a classic fit in a soft blend of cotton and cashmere. (Typical) That was a perfect sign of a rich boy. On his arm something caught my attention and then I looked away immediately. Oh my gosh! He laughed so loud that everyone turned around.

“Mr. Styles, do I need to separate you two?” (Oh please oh please oh please!)

“No Sir, I’m sorry.” He said while his eyes were tearing up.

“Then please quite down and pay attention to the lesson.”

He noticed that I was looking at him! First of all that was so embarrassing and second I can’t believe what he has on his arm! He was wearing a bracelet that I made for him back in 7th grade! I gave it to him on Valentine’s Day. It consisted of hearts and smiley faces and my initials. I was so embarrassed. I tried to keep my cheeks from getting anymore red then they already were. Meanwhile, Harry’s about to pass out in the seat next to me he’s laughing so hard. That bracelet meant nothing now. It was just his way to try and get to me. (But it was working). He leaned over and whispered in my ear;

“Do you remember? You asked me to be your valentine that day even though I had already turned you down twice before,” He said. I was going to punch him so hard in his sleep one day. “I said yes because I wanted the bracelet but you didn’t care. You stood there hugging my for 10 minutes,” he laughed again.

“Well that was when you were 13. That was when you still had braces and zits. You weren’t so stuck up and mean all the time. Things have really changed haven’t they?” There I go again, saying things that I meant but shouldn’t have said. He’s got to have feelings in there too. He just looked at me again and he was about to explode. I felt like finding a deep black hole and burying myself in it so that I never see any light again. When I got home I collapsed on my bed and cried. I hate him and yet I love him. That doesn’t really matter, prom does and I am responsible for the whole thing. I called my uncle because he has been the DJ for three years. I asked him if he could do prom again this year and of course he said yes. I gave him a time and a date and hung up the phone. I didn’t know about decorations. I wondered what everyone was doing right now. They’re probably just making out in the back of a theater. I laughed; they probably don’t even know what movie they’re at!

Chapter 3:

The weeks blurred together. Despite the fact that most of my student council was always busy hanging out with their boyfriends, we were able to put it all together in time. Prom was a week away and all we had to worry about now was putting the decorations up prom day and that should be the easy part.

“So what’re you wearing?” Niall asked

“What do you mean what am I wearing?”asked Anah.

“What are you wearing to prom!”

“I’m not telling you! What are you thinking?”

“I just want to know what color so I got you the right corsage.”

“Oh then, light pink.” She looked at me through the corner of her eye with a sympathetic look.

“Are you going to the prom Samm?”

“Well I have to. I’m set up and cleanup crew. Plus I’m student council president.” I said

“You know what I meant Samm,” She raised her eyebrows at me.

“No! To answer your question I do not have a date and I don’t need one. I won’t have time to dance or anything anyway, I’ll be way too busy,”

“Okay well at least come over tonight and let us do your hair and makeup,” said Rissa.

“Okay fine whatever,”


While I was driving home, I was about to cry. I always imagined my prom to be so much better. I wanted to dance with a boy I liked and have him glide a bracelet of flowers onto my wrist and kiss my hand. I wanted him to drive me home in the back of a limo and tell me that I look beautiful. Instead, I will be walking around everywhere checking to make sure that all of preparations are intact while watching everyone having the time of their lives. I got home and grabbed my dress from my closet. I put on sweats and a muscle t-shirt, and immediately headed back to my car. After I drove over to Kaylie’s, I stood at the door with my finger on the doorbell. I didn’t know whether or not I should push it. No. this whole thing was not worth it. I turned around and descended the steps but just then the door swung open behind me and Britt grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she said.

“Oh! You could have at least been a bit gentler!” I said rubbing my shoulder.

“Come with me,” she said. She ran up the stairs pulling me along behind her. We walked into Kaylie’s room and everyone was there. They all had their hair up in curling rolls and makeup perfectly brushed on their faces. Anah grabbed my arm and sat me down in front of the chair in front of the mirrors. She took my hair out of my usual ponytail and ran a brush through all of the tangles until my hair sat nice and smooth over my shoulders. She took out a set of curling rolls and started rolling up my hair. Meanwhile, Rissa took my hand and brushed light blue nail polish against them. I tried to keep my head steady as Kaylie applied eye make up to my sore eyes.

“Keep the makeup light please. I don’t want to look desperate you know,”

“Don’t worry, it will look great,” she said. Britt was busy digging through the closets for shoes to match our dresses. She plopped a pair on my lap. They didn’t quite go with my dress but no one would see them anyway. After they were all done polishing me up, we all at in a circle on the floor and waited for our hair to be done. We just talked for a while. I mostly listened to them talk about their boyfriend and how much they loved them. It made me sick really. Before long Anah announced that our hair should be done by now. We sat up and stood in a conga line and slowly removed each others’ hair curlers. We looked in the mirror and positioned our hair with pins and hair clips.

“We look amazing guys!” said Rissa.

“Yeah we did great guys!” said Britt. Now it was time it careful put on our dresses after applying an extra coat of antiperspirants. We slid our dresses on and we zipped each other up when the door bell rang.

“Just in time!” said Kaylie. She called downstairs for her dad to let them in. We checked our makeup one more time and walked to the top of the stairs.

“Okay now, one at a time please. “asked Kaylie’s mom. Kaylie of course went first. While her mom snapped pictures of her walking down the stairs. She walked up to Liam and he bowed in a princely sort of way and then presented her with a white corsage with green beading that matched he dress. After he slid it onto her wrist, Britt walked down to meet Louis, Rissa met Zayn, and Anah walked down to Niall. They all did the same. They bowed and slid corsages onto their wrists. I was still standing at the top of the stairs.

“You next,” said her mom.

“Um I don’t really have a …,”

“Come on now you’re going to be late!” she said. I walked down the steps and to my surprise Harry moved to the bottom to meet me. He pulled out a corsage with a blue rose in the center, bowed, and slid it onto my wrist. It matched perfectly with my dress. He smiled and kissed my hand. I was blushing out of my mind. He put his arm around my waist and I instinctively did the same as Kaylie’s mom snapped pictures of all of us together.

After pictures were over, we all waved goodbye to Kylie’s parents and filed into the limo that we all pitched in for. I (of course) was stuck in the back with Harry while the rest of them sat on the sides laughing and kissing with their boyfriends. I leaned over and tried to talk to Harry.

“Thank you for the corsage and everything but I’m afraid I’ll be way to busy during prom to actually be your date.” I said. He smiled and looked at me through the corner of his eye for just a moment. I rolled my eyes and endured the slow and painful ride to the dance.

Once we had arrived, the line of people waiting outside turned in awe at the giant limo we all came out of. Their jaws dropped even further when they saw Harry helping me out of the limo. When I was out though, he wouldn’t let go of my hand and their jaws were practically on the floor. I tried to let go but his hand was so soft and it sent a chill through my body. Since I was student council and I was directing the whole thing, I was allowed to skip to the front of the line. I received glares as I walked in. My hand still clung to Harry’s hand as he waved to his friends and dragged him in behind me. I did last minute adjustments and cued the music and the doors opened they filed in two by two to have their pictures taken and then hit the dance floor to begin the prom. Harry stood with me.

“Do you want to dance with me?” he asked

“No I’m sorry, but I have a lot of work to do.” (Yes! More than anything in the world!) “But you could always help me if you want to.”

“Why not, sure! What’s the first thing on the list?”

“Well first—,”

“Samm, Samm!” Anah and Rissa came running toward me, “There’s something wrong with the water! It’s burning hot! It won’t cool down at all!”

“Oh great, I’ll go fix it right now,” I turned to Harry, “Here you can help me with this,”

“Great, it’s my first assignment!” He said sarcastically. He fallowed me down into the “staff only” room in the basement under the gym. I entered the room first and then turned around to tell Harry something. He walked in right behind me and I screamed at him not to let the door shut as soon as it did.

“Harry Come On! It Only Unlocks from the Outside! We’re locked in!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry, I don’t really mind though.” He smiled. I sighed and flipped the lever on the water heater and sat on a dusty old chair.

“We’re missing prom now. Who knows what things could be going on right now,”

“Oh come on just relax,” he said seating himself in a chair across from me. It was silent for a while and then we heard the music from the gym change. My favorite slow song came on. He stood up from his chair and walked the short distance to stand in front of me.

“How about that dance?”

“Umm--,” He took my hand and lifted me from my chair. His arms snaked around my waist and I winced from his warm touch. I put my arms over his shoulders and linked my fingers behind his neck. He chuckles and when he smiled his dimples grew apparent. I love him and yet I hate him and I wasn’t sure which one was more powerful at the moment.

“You don’t know you’re beautiful,” he said in my ear. Those were lyrics from one of his songs, a song that I listen to over and over again online.

“Thank you,” I said burrowing my face into his shoulder, “Listen, Harry, I’m sorry for the things I said. I might of meant them at the time but I’m not so sure anymore. It was only because I--,”

He stepped back and looked at me, he reached forward and cupped his hand around my chin and lifted my face level to his. He leaned in slowly waiting for a reaction but I stood still. He stopped inches from my face and stared into my eyes. My love was defiantly more powerful then my hate. I leaned in further on my toes and closed the gap between us. He was shocked and I felt him tense up but he slowly relaxed and kissed me back. Everything was perfect, I had finally had my dream prom.

“Why are you crying?” He asked

“Oh, um… I don’t know,” I said wiping the tears from my eyes. I was just so happy that I didn’t realize I had been crying. “Crap, my make-up. Kaylie’s going to kill me!”

“Don’t worry about it. You look beautiful.” He embarrassed me again and I didn’t care at all whether or not my make-up was perfect. My feelings were so strong right now I didn’t have a care in the world. While we slowly rocked to the echo of the music above, we heard feet pounding down the steps. The door swung open and I immediately moved away from Harry. In the doorway stood Kaylie, Anah, Britt and, Rissa, all looking at me and shock.

“Samantha come with us please!” Rissa said. Anah grabbed my arm and ran me up the stairs and into the bathroom with all of the girls fallowing behind which left all of the boys at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh my God Samm! This is great, it’s about time!”Anah said

“I know! I knew this would happen it was only a matter of time!” Britt yelled.

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked

“You of course, well you and Harry going to the Boiler room for some privacy!” Rissa winked at me.

“Oh no you’ve got the wrong idea. I went down there to check the water heater and Harry came with me because he said he wanted to help. He shut the door behind him and then we were locked in, and nothing else.” I lied through my teeth.

“That’s not what it looked like from the security office!” said Anah.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“When you didn’t show up after you left we checked the security cameras to find out where you were. And guess what? We found you!” Rissa laughed softly.

“Yeah we found you in the boiler room slow dancing with Harry and then a couple minutes later you--,” I interrupted Kaylie.

“You guys were watching me from the security cameras?! If you found me why didn’t you rescue me?”

“You didn’t exactly look like you wanted to be rescued!” Britt nudged me.

“Well don’t think much about it. I wasn’t really thinking strait,” I said.

“Yeah right okay well you just believe that. Go back to be with your boyfriend while there is still time left!” said Anah.

“He’s not my Boyfriend!” I ran outside, knowing that I couldn’t get back in once I left. I didn’t know what to think. I’m so confused and all of these mixed emotions are making my head hurt. Maybe I should call my mom. The doors swung open behind me and Harry ran to my side.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry if I hurt you in anyway. So, are you okay?” He asked

“I just needed some fresh air. I’m fine why?”

“Because you’re crying again!” He lifted his hand to wipe away a tear from my cheek.

“Thanks, I don’t know what’s with me tonight” I said shying away.

“Do you want to go home? We can’t get back in anyway.” He pushed a button on a black pager and we waited. Within five minutes, a long black limo pulled up in front of the school the driver stepped out to open our doors but Harry waved him away and opened it for me. I rolled my eyes and stepped in while Harry followed close behind me. The drive was quiet, Harry and I didn’t really talk but there was soft music playing in the background.

“Are you sure you are okay?” He asked

“Yes I’m fine,”

“So my kiss didn’t make you too uncomfortable?” My face turned beet red again and I turned away from him as I tried to get out an answer out.

“Um… no, like I said I’m fine,” I was still trying to hide my face.

“Good,” he said. He put his hand on my face and turned it to face his. He planted a kiss on my lips again and I melted again as he snaked his arms around me, and I let it continue for a couple seconds but then I pulled away.

“What’s wrong? I thought you said it was okay?” He asked.

“No, I said I’m okay. I’m not your girlfriend so I don’t know why I’m doing this.”

“Okay, well then let me formally ask you out on a date. Samm, I would you please join me for dinner?” His hand grabbed mine and he lifted it up to his face to kiss it. I felt my face get hot again while I accepted his invitation with a nod from my head.

“Well in that case,” he turned his head to speak to the driver. As soon as he turned around I was able to start breathing again.

“You know where to go,” He said to the driver. It was a quick ride and when we pulled into the restaurant my jaw dropped.

“Le Bol Trampage? Are you serious?”

“Yes, It’s the finest restraint in California. You deserve the best.” He kissed my hand again.

“Fine, butyou're paying!” I said looking at him in disbelief.

“Of course, I asked you out this time remember?” The driver got out of the car and opened the door for us. We stepped out and Harry held my hand as we walked up to the front door.

Chapter 4

I don’t really remember anything after dinner last night. I remember having a fantastic meal and laughing as I got to know Harry even more. My feelings are still conflicted though. I remember walking to his car and then… well everything went black. That is probably the worst time to black out; in a car, with a player, after prom. What am I thinking? Harry would never do anything to hurt me, he may be a jerk but he is not like that. I think I fell asleep in his car… so then… How did I get in my bed? I wondered but I think I knew. That's righ, Harry carried me, princess style to my room. "Oh my Gosh! I cant believe I fell asleep on him!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. My mom came rushing in to see if I was okay.

"Whats wrong?" she asked.

"I fell asleep on my prom date! He had to carry me to my room because I fell asleep on him!"

"Samm, honey, don't worry about it! He set you down on your bed and went back down stairs. We actually talked for a while he seems like a really nice boy; not to mention handsome as well! you are a very lucky girlfriend!"

"He's not my boyfriend! Well... I mean he is but... wellI don't know... wait a minute; what did you guys talk about?"

"Oh nothing," she said turning on her heals and walking out the door.

"Grrr!" I groaned and collapsed on my bed when my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Oh my gosh Samm!" It was Anah and the rest of the girls on speaker. "Oh my gosh tell us what happened!" I tell them everything that happened and they all go crazy.

"Calm down it's not that big of a deal!" I said

"What are you talking about? He took you out for dinner for christ sakes!!" Anah said.

"Yeah and he carried you to your room when you fell asleep and stayed to make sure you were okay!" said Rissa.

"No, I said he stayed and talked with my mom,"

"Oh please, like that doesn't mean anything!" Britt said.

"Oh shut up! I don't even know whats going to happen between us anyway. he's probably going to completely ignore me tommarrow." I hung up the phone, I was done talking about him. I felt bad about hanging up on them so I sent them each a textadn went back to sleep. My mom pounded on my door and orderd me to wake up.

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