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I’m standing on the edge, about to fall with a knife pointed to my back; the wind is yearling and the sounds of screaming is all i can hear, along with the gushing of the ocean i turn around and i see a face but its blurred like a finger over the photo lence of a camera but then as i start to make it out i wake up. My mother yelling at me to get up, i rub my eyes to get the shit out of the corners and i finally start to regain the feeling in my body. I decide i was going to skip breakfast, i never really understood the fact that scientist always say the it’s the most important meal of the day when really everyone skips it. As i get to school i see Catharine running up to me with tears in her eyes. (I’m like the mother of our group the one that sorts everything out the one that’s always there for you wether you did something wrong or not.) She’s mumberling words i cannot understand, but i can make out: she had said something about her boyfriend Charlie, dumping her or kissing another girl. I wasn’t sure but either way he made my friend upset and that all i needed to know. By the end of the day it turned out as just a misunderstanding. It was Friday so that night i was sleeping over at Sarah’s she and i were going to give each other a facial but then the police came to my door step just as i was about to leave to go to her house. The police sat my whole family down: my mum- Juliet and its funny because she didn’t find my dad and apparently her first love until she was 20 something even when her name is Juliet. My dad- Pete who was such a ladies’ man in “his time” even though no matter how hard i try i just can’t imagine it. My brother- Rhys but i never call I’m that, i always call him rhino, not because he’s as fat as one, maybe when he is older and gets a beer belly maybe , but i call him Rhino because when he was little that’s all he liked and he made us all start calling him Rhino.

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Submitted: November 12, 2011

As a young girl I had always loved the thought of being in a tower and the kingdoms most gorgeous man coming and telling me to sneak out cause he loves me. That was until I was about 10 or so, when I realized all guys wanted were the prettiest girl in the kingdom. It didn’t even have to be the prettiest, just the most popular. Then when I turned 12 to 13 I realized guys were getting more intermit and wanted the girl’s bodies.
I’ve had my fair share of guys I’m not pretty I’m not ugly or not skinny either but I always thought that guys would like me for me, I have really big boobs and I thinks that`s what attracts guys but sometimes i wish i didn’t have boobs at all. Sarah my best friend has brown locks she looks like Shirley temple and is a B12 cup and it really annoys me because I’m a C12 cup. She has had so many more boyfriends then me, one guy even proposed to her with a promise ring in the middle of class. I’m Katie I’m in year 8, my best friend is Sarah and i have had exactly 12 boyfriends my best friend Sarah has had over 20 boyfriends and is the most popular, prettiest girl ever. I have a secret not even Sarah knows and I’m still not going to tell her because if i did, well i would be now as.

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