The Racehorse- Castle Of Glass

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A short story about a troubled racehorse.

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



"Take me down to the river bend. Take me down to the fighting end"

He fought agaisnt everyone who handled him. His jockey, his owner, his trainer, even the stablehands. It was like everything was a constant battle with him, that everyone was a threat. He never let anyone get close to him, to have a connection with him. Maybe it was because he was a stallion. Maybe it was his background, nobody knows where he came from. Or maybe he was just angry. But whatever it was, it made everything harder.

"Wash my poisen from off my skin"

Sweat lathered his body most of the time. He was so anxous and angry that even being in the stables near everyone made his nervous. You could hear him grunting and pacing around in his stall. He was kept at the end of the barn, the quitest part, as so he calmed down a little. The door was ruined, it being kicked and bitten had taken large chunks out of it. He was a nervous wreck.

"Show me how to be whole again."

There was one ray of hope. A stablehand, a young boy of 18 called Joey, is the only person able to get close to him. Although he was still uneasy, Joey was able to groom and tack him up. Actually, he had been assined to take complete care of him, to wash him, lead him, pretty much everything apart from riding and racing him. And slowley but surely, he was getting better.


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