Jesus is Fabulous (LGBT discrimination and rights)

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Gay rights has been a matter that people have been talking about since the beginning of time. Political wars rage about it, and even students in middle school already have their opinions based on how they were raised. I personally support all LGBT people, and I beleive it is their right to live how ever they wish.

I don't understand why so many people can hate something they will never truly understand unless they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. These people go through so much bigotry and have to endure so much discrimination and prejudace that knowing their stories makes me cry.

Everyone has their own opinion, and I completely respect that. I will not hate someone for what they beleieve, no matter how much i oppose it. I have many religious(or not) friends that are very against and even hate gay people. I don't understand how they could form such an opinion, but I don't take mine and shove it down their throat. My opinion is mine, yours is yours. If you give me the respect I deserve, I will grant you with the same.

This is definitely very opinionated although I include facts from both sides of the argument. This is a paper I am working on for a class. Don't read it if you think it's going to offend you, don't read it.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012



A history of discriminating and prejudice has always existed. This bigotry has targeted every kind of person; it seems as if it’s in the human nature to hate. There is revulsion towards different religious beliefs, ethnicity, social status, hair color, eye color, clothing style, anything. No matter what a person does, someone somewhere will hate them for it. As humans exist, they will always want everyone to believe in their opinions, act like them, and do what they do. Anything different brings about hate. One of the biggest targets of such malevolence and controversy is the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) group.  There’s the matter of the church and religious beliefs against it, stereotypes, and definite misconception. There is so much misunderstanding and bullying towards these people and it causes the thousands of suicides within this group.

Would you discriminate against someone based on their ethnicity, religion, or hair color? Most people wouldn’t because it is thought of as morally wrong and racist to victimize someone because of the color of their skin or anything like that. So why bully someone because of who they love? Isn’t that the same thing, maybe even worse? Many people argue that homosexuals are unnatural, that they made a decision that sets them apart from others, and because of that they are wrong and disgusting. The bible states that homosexuality is a sin and that, along with thieves and murderers, they would not be allowed into heaven. But in the bible it also states that cutting your hair is a sin, along with eating pork, getting a divorce, getting a tattoo, or wearing gold. Yet, everyday millions of religious people sin by doing these things. Why are these things so easily forgotten and thrown to the side, but homosexuality is so broadly talked about? Can it really be fair to say being gay is a sin when you probably cut your hair and eat bacon? All of these things are called sins in the bible, but some are completely disregarded. I don’t think that the religious side of this can be fairly considered an argument. If it is, then everyone that wears gold or has a tattoo has to be punished too. It all ties together in this way. The fact that thousands of adults can look at a child as young as 12, and tell them that they are going to hell and that they are a sin, simply blows my mind. Kids that grow up in religious environments end up hating themselves, and not being able to come out to anyone because they are terrified that their parent will kick them out or that they will no longer be accepted among their friends and their school. How do christians justify that 40% of homeless children are homeless because they were kicked out of their family? I personally don't understand how that makes sense. Religion is about celebrating god and other beliefs, not about leaving kids homeless or driving them to suicide because they feel like they will never be accepted or loved by anyone. Although the bible may state that homosexuality is wrong, Jesus never said anything about it being a horrible crime to be justified with death. Jesus travelled around with 12 guys and a prostitute, I'm thinking he probably doesn't have anything against gay people.

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