Demons of Fire and Ice

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Two demons, one fallen angel. Will the battle play out in her favor?

Submitted: April 26, 2010

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Submitted: April 26, 2010



I should probably start by saying I'm a fallen angel. I came to Earth to stop a demon, almost as powerful as Satan himself, from destroying the world. The town I'm in now has had reports of a dragon-like beast roaming the woods. Sounds like my demon. This monster has already destroyed half the world and needs to be stopped, only I can do that. So here I am, sitting on the edge of the forest waiting for any unfamilar sound.

A flash of light comes toward me and in an instant the forest is disintagrated. The demon is gone, it knows I'm here for it. A shadow suddenly blocks out the sun above me. Looking up I see a huge red, winged creature with black eyes, my target. It soars toward me and misses me by an inch as I dive sideways. Before I can turn around and attack, the demon uses it extreme power to turn my stomach to fire. I hunch over, wanting to vomit but can't, unable to straighten and fight. He knows what he's done to me and strikes me down into the burnt dirt of the forest.

"It is futile to try to stop me. You are a fallen angel and have know power. You will not win." The beast growls. I stand, the fire in my stomach dying out. A horrible laugh hits me and looking into the eyes of the beast I realize the truth of it's words. Once again it's power is exerted on me, only this time it feels as though my whole body is ablaze. Instanty I am on my knees, crying, wishing to be sent home.

As I cry and pray, I open my eyes to find a beautiful gold sword. Knowing what I need to do, I lift it. Ignoring the pain in my abdomen, I stand straight and turn to meet the monster who thinks to win this battle. Seeing the sword slows him and brings caution to his movements. We circle each other for a moment before he makes the first move. His great, dark wings expand and he pushes himself up right. On his hind legs he is taller than most houses. Roaring as he soars into the sky, he disappears.

I stand in wait, not knowing what he is going to do next. Suddenly fire rains down on the area surrounding me. He is camoflauged easily now. I can hear his great wings as they beat against the smoke filled air, he is close. I step closer to the ring of fire surrounding me, realizing my mistake to late. The demon soars at me from behind, knocking me breathlessly to the ground. He believes he has won and stands over my back laughing, taunting. Before he can move I jump up and spinning toward him with the sword, slash into is abdomen. I watch him fall and, without a moments hesitation, plant my beautiful weapon in his heart, both disappear. I have won.


It has been over a thousand years since I destroyed the fire demon. He was the only demon I had to worry about, but, now demons are crawling all over the place. So far, none have been as strong or as powerful as the fire demon, although stories are circulating about a new monster in the Himalaya mountains. It is said to look similar to the fire demon only white instead of red. I should arrive in the area it was last seen tonight.

The night is dark, almost pitch black. There are no stars out tonight and the air seems colder than it should be. The noise my feet make as they crunch the snow is loud, it will be impossible to catch this new demon by surprise. The ground slopes upward slightly and it feels as though it is moving, breathing. Before I can react I'm thrown up into the night sky and caught by a clawed beast.

I struggle, uselessly, to get free but the talons that are digging into my shoulders are to tight, almost suffocating. Bringing my leg up to my hand, I grab the dagger strapped to my calf. With much difficulty I slash into the bloody, clawed foot of the beast and am dropped a good ten feet. My leg snaps loudly but I do not scream, I cannot scream.

This monster is strong, a lot like the fire demon from all those years ago. It knows I'm injured and rushes toward me. I am unprotected, having lost my dagger in the fall. Rolling sideways, I avoid being squished beneath the massive weight of this ice demon. A sharp pain hits the palm of my hand, I have found my dagger, but now I cannot see the beast.

Like so long ago, I am trapped by an element, ice. For some reason, my sword is not appearing to me as it once did. This may be a battle I lose. The beast senses my thoughts, my weakness, and shows itself in front of me. I put on a brave face and step toward it.

"I killed your brother thousands of years ago, I can destroy you as well!" I yell. All I get in return is deep, growling laugh. He knows I'm lying. Power is exerted on me and my body freezes, I cannot move. The beast comes to me and, with a slash clawed paw knocks me to the ground. I'm losing blood from multiple wounds, fading fast. The ice demon looms over me, laughing, taunting, and with good reason. I have lost, I have failed.



That was years ago. This is now.

How often is it that someone actually saves the world? Never, until now.



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