Gigi's adventure

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Gigi is a very talented fairy but when she is blown away by the snores of a dragon she must find her way back before winter or else she will not survive during the cold days. Follow her through this adventure.

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012



I  flew way high in the sky, i looked down to only see the empty feilds, i looked toward the clock, a chill went down my spine because of how cold it was becoming. "One minute left till morning" I whispered to myself. I looked around to only see a tiny drop of water. I gasped, it was going to rain and i wouldn't be able to make it back in time. I felt the panic rising in me, i looked back at the clock to see that only ten seconds remained. I stood there still, "1...2....3..." as soon as the minute was over i started playing my trumpet. I could feel the air brushing against my hair. I stopped playing my trumpet and looked down to check if Tyler had come out now. I then heard thunder and turned around so quickly i was able to jump before the tear drop could hit me. I ran so fast i thought my lungs would burst i got a good head start and was able to fly. I was so worried and panicked, I then felt a tear drop hit my wing and before i could hold onto a branch i was on the laying on the ground. I was able to balance myself to be able to stand up i heard a large sneeze. I looked side to side to find nothing but rain falling and thunder. I then turned around to find myself standing before the dragon's cave. I started remembering back to the time when i first met Mr,Dragon, i was only a little girl in her crib, yes i was a baby, i was trying to get out of my crib because i was so bored, after about 5 minutes of bad climbing and humiliating falls i finally quit and layed in my crib, i soon fell asleep. I then woke up to find myself on the floor on my carpet surrounded by toys. I then left the room and crawled all the way to the living room to find a large claw in front of me. I looked up to see a big red dragon standing before me. "Hello there baby, my name is Mr.Dragon and i just came to visit you to tell you that i am very sorry for what will happen 15 years from now. I can read the future from cards and i will accidently blow you away" he said with his deep voice as he turned for the door. At that moment i thought, "i cant fall in love with a dragon". From there on i never saw him again until now. I turned as to of the memory i had had warned me about something but there was nothing. I entered the cave curious about what i would see i there. I then felt an air push me backward but i was able to hold on to the edge of the cave. I then noticed the real meaning of blow you away, Mr.Dragon ment to blow me away with air. I then realized that anothe blow of air was coming but it was too late i was already in the sky being blown away by air that came from a dragon. I was probably going 2 miles per second. i kept on trying to hold onto something untill i bumped into a tree.


I opened my eyes unconscious of what had happened. I sat up straight to find myself lost in an unknown place. I then started standing up with the uncertainty of what would happen. I started running with the fear of being here alone and having no knowledge of where i was. I then bumped into somebody. "Come here i have been looking everywhere for you" Tyler said as he expanded his arms to hug me. A tear ran down my face as i stared at him. I ran to his arma to hug him. "I have been looking everywhere for you! I followed you here, are you okay?" he asked. " I'm fine but why didn't you do anything to avoid having me get injured" I asked. "This is a dream i can't answer your questions but i can tell you this...You need to try to survive here you are in a dark world where no one can enter but a very intelligent and beautiful fairy such as yourself. I will guide you in your sleep because you will be taking this course in your sleep if you win you will wake up on your bed to be ready for a new day...if you lose you will wake up in the middle of no where and will not have guidence from me so you will have to listen carefully and be attentive so you can make it home safely" Tyler replied. I was perplexed and so i started listening to what he was saying. "Okay, you have to run from here to a narrow tree. Then you will go to the right and you will find my cousin there and he will guide you through the enchanted forest. Then he will take you to a frog named "Albert" he will guide you through the river to cross to the other side, then when you are at the other side you are going to go straight and then you will pass by a huge tree and there will be a small hole there, you ennter that hole and go up the stairs then you wlll lead uo to a fountain and there you will drink the water and you will have to say these words 'ouc mae buh jionpor huy ter oop tep' then you will wake up to be in your bed and you will win the course.. be careful, see you when you wake up..bye" Tyler ordered. I then started folowing the steps he told me to follow. I finally got past the river and his cousin all i needed to do was walk straight. I looked up and saw that a snow flake was falling down. I hurried because i knew i would'nt be able to survive in the winter. I finally got to the big tree Tylr was talking about and went in through the hole. I then descended the stairs until i got up to the fountain Tyler was telling me about. I went up to it and slowly put my hand in. I then took my hand out and slurped the water. I started the enchantment"ouc mae buh jionpor huy ter oop tep". I suddenly fell to the ground

I opened my eyes to see that Tyler was staring at me i then stood up and hugged him. "Woah i guess you made it huh?" he asked "yeah thank you so much" I said in excitement and i slightly bent forward and kissed his cheek. "Okay" he said as he blushed. I then hugged him again and put on my shoes. "Tyler do you want to go to the Pixie Hollow ball with me?" I asked him with a bit of shyness. "Sure" he said "i have to go get something see you later" he said as he turned the door nob. "Okay, bye" I replied, and was happy to be back.

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