Ineffable-Mystery short story

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Ananya was traveling to Mumbai to attend her cousin's wedding.
Everything was fun only until she encounters something very strange.

Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016




Ananya was sitting at the railway station. She took out her cellphone to check the time.It was 11:10 pm. "This damn train is late by an hour " she said to the woman sitting next to her.

She barely nodded and sat quietly. There were no other people.

It's been more than an hour, the woman neither spoke nor answered.

Ananya thought she'd better strike up a conversation with the woman.

"Hi, I have relatives in Mumbai.

My cousin is getting married tomorrow.That's why i am going there".No response. "Are you from Mumbai?"

"Are you visiting any relative there?" No answer yet!! 

Now Ananya was getting really annoyed.

"This woman is a total creep" she angrily grunted.

After few minutes, the woman stood up and started walking. Ananya was baffled.
The train might be here any moment she gasped and followed the woman walking towards the exit gate. Leaving behind all the luggage, she was now following the woman.

She just wanted to check whether the lady is fine. She kept walking with a quick pace without looking back.

As they reached a foggy, isolated area she was out of sight. She disappeared into thin air.
Ananya, was feeling uneasy, thought she'd better get out of that freaky place. She began to trudge out of that deserted area.

She had not walked too far before she heard the creaking and snapping of branches, followed by heavy footsteps.


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