The Storm

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A poor girl ha to go out in a storm

Submitted: May 18, 2013

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Submitted: May 18, 2013



The Storm

Monday 25th March, 1:20pm

Amanda, all snuggled up in her pyjamas lying on the couch with a blanket around her, watching her favourite TV series, Supernatural, was distracted by the noise coming from outside. She looked to see the branches were hitting off the window with the force of the wind and hard snow bullets clashing against the glass. Sounds as if the glass could shatter any minute.

Her belly was making strange noises but tried to ignore it. She gave in and dragged her feet along the floor towards the kitchen. She opened the fridge to see only the bare essentials, to then shuffle over to the nearest cupboard, to reveal there was hardly anything in it. Amanda remembered she was meant to go shopping the day before but had an emergency that had to be dealt with.

Amanda looked in every cupboard and drawer to find something, but there was nothing. She knew what she had to do go to the shop. She found jeans and a jumper and changed instantly before leaving, she put on a jacket. When she opened the door, a gust of wind blew her off her feet, causing her to fall on her butt and the door slamming shut. A severe action had to be taken. She grabbed her hat, gloves and scarf along with her purse and phone in one hand and her keys in the other.

Again, she opened the door, this time finding the energy to stay up right and closing the door behind her. She struggled to lock the door but the key went in and turned. The journey to her car was short but she couldn't open it. The handle was frozen over and the wind was too strong. She came to the conclusion it would be easier to walk (or would it). It is usually a ten minute walk but in this case, it would seem forever.

Amanda, with her scarf wrapped up that tight her face was going to pop, faced the storm with the rain hitting her on the face. It was a struggle, she thought she wouldn't make it but 17 minutes later. she arrived at the shop. Within seconds she was at the checkout with her basket filled. Once she paid she knew she had to go back outside, she took her bag and left. The journey felt shorter and before she knew it, she was back home. Just in time, a new episode was just starting. She threw her keys and phone onto the table and unpacked the shopping. She looked around and realised her purse was missing; she must have left it at the checkout.

Deep down she didn't want to go but she had no choice. Yet again she went out, she sped up this time, wind pushing her back but she didn't care, she needed that purse.The door opened before her and she rushed in, she went back to the checkout hoping her purse was still there, it wasn't!, so where did it go? She decided to ask the lady behind the till, gladly the women had it, she put it behind the counter so nobody could take it. She felt a rush of relief and thanked the lady.

She was soon home and was lying on the couch again with her pyjamas and blanket. This time she had food. When she turned the TV on, Supernatural was finished. DAMN IT!!!! How could she miss all those episodes? There was always next time. She flicked through the channels to find something, not really caring what she saw, as long as she didn't have to go out in that storm AGAIN!!

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