When It Feels Right

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A slow day at work was all it took for Bradlee's friends to set her up with a customer.

Submitted: August 08, 2015

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Submitted: August 08, 2015



“Here you go,” Bradlee handed the newly poured drink to the customer in front of her. He gave her a smile as his thank you, she smiled back and then turned around to the computer to add the drink on his tab.

“Hey,” Melissa called walking up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder, “I need a Budweiser.”

Bradlee nodded and poured the drink quickly and then handed the glass to her friend, who grabbed it with a, “Thank you,” as she turned around to served it to one of her customers.

On her way over to the table she was tapped on the shoulder by the hostess, “You’ve got another table,” she said with a point.

Melissa nodded, “Okay. Thanks, Taylor,” she told the girl, who smiled in return. Melissa placed the beer at the table and took their dinner orders, entering them into the computer.

She then made her way to her new table. There were three women sitting around a high top, “Girl’s night out,” Melissa thought with a smirk. She stopped when she was in front of the table, “Hi, I’m Melissa and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?”

The women nodded and the first started. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She was asian. Her hair was down, framing her face. She was in a sheer blouse and a black skirt, with a stylish belt, “I’ll have a glass of red wine.”

“Red wine?!” the woman next to her shouted, “Seriously Kate? Oh no, honey, I am getting hammered tonight!” she turned to Melissa. This woman had shorter hair that stopped at her chin and freckles thrown across her cheeks and nose. She was in a nice dress shirt and skinny jeans, “I’ll have a Jim Bean and Diet. But mostly Jim… just make it strong.”

Melissa nodded slowly and turned to the last woman, who smiled apologetically, “I’ll have a Bud Light.”

“Okay. I’ll be right back with those,” she turned and walked to the bar where Bradlee was chatting up the customers, “Bradlee!” she called walking to the opening in the side of the bar.

Bradlee excused herself from her conversation and made her way over to her friend, “What’s up? What do you need?”

Melissa counted off the drinks with her fingers, “A glass of red wine, a bud light, and a Jim and diet. And make it strong.”

Bradlee raised an amused eyebrow, “Okay,” she said slowly, “Coming right up,” she told her friend with a wink. Melissa rolled her eyes and walked away to tend to some of her other tables.

Katie nudged the girl next to her, “Hey, Cristina.” Her friend turned to her with a raised eyebrow, “Does she look familiar to you?” she asked pointing at the bartender pouring making their drinks.

Cristina shook her head, “No. Not at all. What about you Em?”

“Who? The bartender?” Katie nodded, “Yeah… nope,” Emily shrugged, “Maybe she was an ex?”

“I think I’d remember an ex,” Katie told them flatly.

Cristina’s eyes lit up, “Ooh! A one night stand then?”

“Hell no,” Katie answered, watching the bartender closely as she finished with their drinks and handed them to their waitress. The two shared a quick exchange before their waitress brought their drinks over to them.

“Here you are,” she placed them down in front of the women, “Are you guys ready to order?”

Emily nodded, “Can we just have an order of the mozzarella sticks and an order of the spinach and artichoke?”

“Yeah I’ll put that right in,” she told them.

“And uh,” Cristina started, motioning to Katie, “my friend here wants the bartender’s name.” Katie blushed and kicked Cristina from under the table, “Ow…”

Melissa looked taken aback for a second and turned towards the bar. She turned back to the table with a smile, “That’s Bradlee,” she paused for a second while she considered something, “I can tell her to come over here.”

“No, no,” Katie waved her hands, “That’s not necessary.”

“O-oh yes it is!” Cristina interrupted, “Get her over here!”

Melissa giggled, “Okay then,” she made her way to the computer to put their orders in and then walked over to the bar.

Emily chuckled and leaned on her hand, looking to Katie, “We are so getting you laid tonight.”

Bradlee was filling a glass with beer when Melissa walked back to the bar, “Hey,” she smiled at her friend, “Back so soon? You just can’t get enough of me can you?”

Melissa hit her on the shoulder and rolled her eyes once again, “Yeah. That’s it exactly,” she paused, waiting for Bradlee to finish. When she did and after she handed the drink to the customer sitting at the bar, she turned back to her friend, “That group of women want you to go over there.”

“What?” Bradlee asked, with a chuckle, “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Melissa shrugged.

“Which table is it?” Bradlee asked and followed Melissa’s finger as she pointed. Her eyes widened, “Miss Park?”

Melissa raised an eyebrow, “Hmm?” she asked, “Wait… you know them?”

Bradlee nodded, “Yeah… that’s Miss Park. She was my science teacher my senior year.”

Melissa burst out laughing, “You’re kidding, right? Oh my gosh! That is priceless!”

“What? Why?” Bradlee asked, confused.

“Because isn’t that the teacher you were totally crushing on?”

Bradlee blushed, “No! Well, yeah! But that was years ago!”

Melissa shrugged, “Well I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember you so this is totally your chance to make your move.”

The bartender furrowed her eyebrows, “No way. Isn’t that weird?”

“Why would it be? She isn’t your teacher anymore. And you graduated years ago,” Melissa smirked, “How about I take over for you and you go take them refills?”

“I-” Bradlee started, but was nudged away by Melissa.

“Awesome. Do you remember their drink orders?” Bradlee nodded slowly and got to work on the drinks. When she finished, Melissa pushed her out of the bar, “Have fun,” she teased and took over Bradlee’s job.

Cristina elbowed Katie, “She’s actually coming over here!” she said in a whisper.

Bradlee put the drinks on the table, “Uh… Mel told me to bring you guys refills… so…”

Cristina leaned forward and grabbed her drink, “Thank you, Bradlee.” She took a quick sip, “When do you get off of work?”

Bradlee shrugged, “Whenever the manager tells me too... It should be soon actually.”

“Perfect!” the woman said excitedly and the blonde to her right smiled.

Before Cristina had the chance to continue, Katie cut her off, “Wait… Bradlee? Bradlee Jefferson?”

Bradlee gave her a small smile, “Yeah… hey Miss Park,” she greeted, but quickly tried to correct herself, “Or… are you…?”

“No. But… you can call me Katie.”

“Okay,” Bradlee agreed slowly as Cristina and Emily looked back and forth between them.

Emily frowned, “Miss Park…? Wait…? Oh my gosh, you were one of her students?!”


“Wow,” Katie leaned on her hand and played with her wine glass, “It’s been awhile! How old are you now?”

“Twenty-two,” Bradlee answered.

Katie gave her a friendly smile, “It’s great to see you again.”

Bradlee blushed, “Uh… yeah… you too.”

Melissa walked over to the table and placed their food order down in front of them. She touched Bradlee lightly on the arm, which didn’t go unnoticed by the others, “I’ll take it from here.”

Bradlee nodded, “It was nice talking to you guys. I should probably get back to work now. See you,” she finished and made her way back to the bar.

As Melissa rearranged the table so everything would fit when Cristina got curious, “Are you and her a couple?”

Melissa looked up at the women who were all waiting for an answer. She scoffed, “No. We get that a lot… but no. We aren’t dating. We’re close though.” The women nodded and Melissa smiled, “Enjoy the food,” she told them and left the table.

Cristina nudged Katie, “Look at that! You still have a chance!”

Emily raised an eyebrow, “Were you even listening? Kate was her teacher.”

“So?” Cristina shrugged, “You aren’t anymore.”

Katie rolled her eyes, “You can’t just assume that she likes girls, Cris.”

“I’m not assuming anything. She totally does,” she said, “I can just tell.”

“And how is that?”

“I knew about you, didn’t I?”

Katie was in low key disbelief and Emily nodded, “She’s got a point though.”

Cristina took a bite out of a mozzarella stick, “I’ll get her number before we leave for you.”

Done fighting the two of her friends, Katie just ignored the comment and continued to eat their food.

When their receipt came, Melissa handed it to Katie with a wink. Katie looked down at the piece of paper reading how much they owed, but her eyes were drawn to the arrow at the bottom of the receipt. She flipped it over. A string of 10 digits were scrawled on the back as well as a short note:

Here’s Bradlee’s cell number. Yes, she’s single. And yes, she’s into girls. Good luck :)

Cristina leaned over to see what her friend was looking at, “Wow… would you look at that?” she chuckled, “You better not throw that away! You’re going to call her tomorrow! And if you don’t, I will!”


The Next Day:

Melissa was lounging on the couch watching the television and scrolling through Netflix slowly. Her and Bradlee had the day off of work, so they used their time wisely to do what they both loved. Nothing, “Hey, Bradlee?” Melissa called over the sofa to her friend who was standing at the kitchen counter.

“What?” Bradlee asked, not looking up from what she was doing.

“What are we doing for dinner?”

Bradlee sighed, “I don’t know… we can order take out,” she shrugged, briefly looking up at her roommate.

Melissa turned around fully to look at her friend from the couch, “Pizza?” she asked. Bradlee nodded, “Sounds good to me.”

“Okay,” Bradlee replied, making her way from around the counter to the couch and sitting on the opposite side from Melissa, “I’ll order it in a little bit,” she looked down at her phone for time, “It’s only 4:00.”

Melissa nodded and moved to make herself more comfortable by draping her legs across Bradlee’s lap, as she continued to flip through Netflix, “What do you want to watch? Because I can’t find a damn thing.”

Bradlee shrugged, “Buffy?”

Melissa giggled, “We’ve seen all of it already!” When Bradlee didn’t reply, Melissa sighed, “Okay then,” she said, selecting the first episode. She placed the remote down on the coffee table and faced her friend. She wiggled her toes to get Bradlee’s attention.

Bradlee looked away from the television and down at her lap where Melissa’s feet were, then to Melissa. She frowned, but rolled her eyes at her friend’s raised eyebrow and agreed to what she was insinuating by taking a foot in her hand and massaging it.

“Oh, yes,” Melissa let out, relaxing farther back into the couch, “Thank you!”

Bradlee chuckled, “Anything for you, Princess.”

The two continued to watch Buffy until halfway through the second episode when Bradlee’s phone rang. She picked it up and read the caller I.D.

“Who is it?” Melissa asked, her attention now pulled away from the t.v.

“I don’t know,” Bradlee shrugged, “I’ve never seen the number before.”

Remembering what she had done last night, Melissa sat up from her comfortable spot, face flushed, “Answer it.”


“Just do it,” Melissa commanded.

Bradlee raised an eyebrow, but answered the phone nevertheless, “Uh… hello?”

“Bradlee!” A voice came from the other line. Melissa leaned forward to hear the call.

“Yeah… who is this?” she asked slowly.

There was a giggle, “Oh yeah. Duh,” another giggle, “This is Cristina. Katie’s friend. From last night.”

Bradlee blushed, “Oh… hey. How did you…?”

“You’re friend gave it to me,” Cristina answered, “Our waitress… well actually she gave it to Kate, but she was too shy to call, so I took it into my own hands.”

Taking the phone away from her face for a brief second, Bradlee turned to the girl who was sitting next to her, “Seriously?” she asked quietly.

Melissa held her hands up defensively, “Hey now. She was totally checking you out all night. I figured you two should… reconnect.”

Bradlee paused for a second, letting what Melissa had said sink in, “Really?” she asked, intrigued.


“Bradlee…? Are you still there?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” Bradlee answered, placing the phone back next to her face, “Still here.”

“Good,” Cristina said, “Hey, stop!”

“Uh… what?” Bradlee asked slowly, eyebrows furrowed.

Cristina giggled again, “Oh, no. Not you sweetie,” she sighed, “Anyways I called so I can set you and Kate up on a date.”

“Cristina!” another voice called out on the other line.

“What? Chill out Katie,” she answered to the other woman, “This what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“A date?” Bradlee repeated in disbelief with a deep blush, “I don’t think…”

Suddenly, the phone was pulled out of her hand and Melissa held her phone up to her own face, “This is Melissa. I’m now speaking on behalf of Bradlee. She’d love to.” Bradlee’s mouth dropped open.

“Awesome!” Cristina exclaimed, “So, I figured dinner or a movie is too traditional, right? Unless Bradlee is into that… but anyways I was thinking something a lot less tradition obviously. So… why not just have them hang out together at one of our places, you know? It’d be great for the all of us if they just skipped the mushy shit.”

“I volunteer our place,” Melissa told Cristina, looking over at Bradlee, who had her head her hands, “We can set something up over here.”

“You guys live together?” Cristina asked.

“Yeah. I’ll stay out of their way though,” she giggled, “Wouldn’t want to ruin this,” she shot another look at Bradlee.

“I know, right? I’m so excited! And if it isn’t too short of notice I was thinking we could do this tonight?”

Melissa smiled, “No, no. Not at all. It sounds perfect. I’ll shoot you a text with our address.”

“Great!” Cristina exclaimed, “How about… 8 o’clock?”

“Perfect! I’ll get this all set up! It’s going to be awesome! Bye!”


Melissa took the phone away from her face and hung up. She turned to Bradlee with a smirk, “We have three and a half hours to make this place look perfect.”

“Mel,” Bradlee started with a sigh, “I don’t think this is a very good idea.”

Melissa crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow, “Oh? And why not?”

“She was my teacher…”

The auburn haired girl hit her friend on the shoulder, “Will you get over that already? Who cares?! No one has to know that. And she’s not much older than you,” she gave Bradlee a small smile and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, “Just… forget about that. Have fun. Please?”

Bradlee let out the breath she was holding, “Yeah, fine.”

Melissa broke out in a large smile, “Awesome. Now let’s get started.”



Three hours later and their studio apartment had been cleaned spotless and Bradlee was dressed in nicer clothes. The apartment was illuminated in the soft glow of candles that Melissa had insisted they light, because it would, “really set the mood.” Bradlee hadn’t bothered to fight her on it. Melissa had also set out a bottle of red wine since Katie had been drinking it the night before.

“Okay,” Melissa said, her and Bradlee standing at their front door, “You’ll be okay,” she told her friend, patting her shoulders and running her hands down her arms in comfort, “Just be yourself.”

Bradlee nodded, “Sure.”

Melissa smiled, “I’ll be at Cole’s for the rest of the night. Call me if you need anything, okay? I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” Bradlee nodded again and Melissa leaned forward and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek, “Good luck.”

Bradlee watched her go. When the door closed behind her, Bradlee rubbed the back of her neck and sighed, “What now…?” she whispered to herself. She spotted the bottle of wine on the counter and made her way over to it, pulling a wine glass out of the kitchen cupboard and pouring herself a small glass. She gingerly took a sip and turned to the large t.v. on the wall. Bradley picked up the remote and put on Pandora radio and just simply chose "Today's Hits". When the music started playing, she put the remote back down on the coffee table.

She made her way back to the kitchen counter and leaned against it, taking another sip of her drink. She pulled her phone out of her back pocket and checked the time. 7:56. Bradlee slid her phone back in her pocket with a frown, "What am I doing?" she whispered to herself with a sigh. She downed the rest if the wine and quickly poured herself another drink as there was a knock at the door, "Shit."

Bradlee pushed off against the counter and made her way to the door. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Katie stood there looking absolutely gorgeous in a tight fitting red dress with a belt that had a fancy design on the front of it. She had black tights on under them and it took all of Bradlee's willpower to not gawk any longer.

"Hi," Kate spoke from the door, her eyes traveling up Bradlee's body, which caused Bradlee to blush.

"Hey," Bradlee greeted back, holding the door open, "You look incredible," she said with a blush.

"Oh..." Kate looked down at her hands, "Thank you," she motioned to the girl in front of her, "You look good too."

Bradlee chuckled, "Thanks," she held the door open wider, "Come on in."

With a smile, Katie passed Bradlee, who closed the door behind her. After she shut the door, she followed Katie into the apartment, slipping her hands into her jean pockets. Katie was taking her time, taking in her surroundings, "I love studio apartments," Katie told her, turning around to face her, "It's really nice."

"Thanks. Melissa did most of the decorating, but I pitched in a bit. Added my own touches," she walked to the kitchen cupboard and pulled out another wine glass, "Would you like some?" she asked motioning to the wine on the counter.

Katie nodded, "Please."

Bradlee poured the glass halfway and handed it over to her former teacher. Katie took a small sip and took a seat at the bar stool in front of the counter, "So..." Katie started, waiting for Bradlee to finish her sip of wine, "Did you go to college after you finished high school?"

"Yeah. I’m a photography major,” she replied, pointing to the walls that held some her photographs.

Katie followed her hand and studied each picture closure, “Oh, wow! Those are incredible!” she looked back at Bradlee, “Please tell me you somehow make a profit with these.”

Bradlee chuckled, “Yes. The bar is actually just a side job for me,” she walked over to an end table next to the couch and picked something up off of it, “Here,” she said, walking back over to Katie, “If you ever need a photographer.”

Katie took it and read it, taking another sip of wine, “Ooh, fancy,” she giggled. She took another moment to look the business card over, “I’m not surprised though. I remember you being artsy.”

Bradlee nodded, “It’s always been a hobby of mine,” she paused to take a sip of wine, “But… uh… what about you? What have you been up to?”

Katie smiled at her interest, “Still teaching.”

“Chem and Bio?”

Shaking her head, Katie frowned, “No, actually. Chemistry and General.”

“Ooh,” she laughed, “That’s got to be rough.”

Katie laughed along with her, “Yeah. You have no idea. I miss biology. Not because I liked teaching it, but because it was so much better than teaching general science.”

“I don’t blame you.” They both took another sip of wine, “We can move over to the couch if you’d like,” Bradlee suggested.

“Sure,” Katie stood and followed Bradlee down the small step and to the couch. They sat down on opposite sides of the couch, but faced each other. Katie sat with her feet under her and held her glass of wine in her hand, while Bradlee sat with one foot hanging off the couch and her head rested in her hand so she could comfortably lean. When she did do this, the sleeve of her sweater rode up, catching Katie’s eye, “Is that a tattoo?” she asked with a point.

Bradlee’s eyes widened, “Hmm? Oh, yeah,” she rolled the rest of her sleeve up and held it in front of the other woman.

Katie studied it closely, “Isn’t that a nautilus shell?”

Bradlee smiled, “Yeah. It’s the golden ratio.”

“I didn’t know you were a math geek,” she giggled, holding Bradlee’s arm in her hand and rubbing a gentle finger over the tattoo.

The younger woman let out a small laugh, “Uh… no. I’m not. At all,” Katie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Bradlee continued her explanation, “I look at in an artistic way. I just think it’s fascinating that this one ratio repeats itself in everything. In art and nature especially. And also… I saw it in a T.V. show and thought the tattoo was cool, so I got one for myself.”

That made Katie laugh, “No one has to know,” she looked back down at the tattoo, “It's beautiful, by the way.”


They fell into a comfortable silence while Katie continued to rub circles over the tattoo on Bradlee's wrist. Bradlee watched her as she did, "You know," Katie started, looking you from her wrist, "I wasn't expecting much out of this," her eyes widened, realizing what she had said, "No offense."

Bradlee chuckled, "None taken."

"Cristina is my best friend, but I learned to not trust her judgment sometimes," she explained.

"That bad, huh?"

"Oh, yeah. That bad. We'll have to talk about dating horror stories later." Katie continued, "And considering our... circumstances... I kind of thought this would be a disaster."

Bradlee looked down at her hand, "But...?" she asked, shyly, but hopefully.

Katie met her eyes, "This is definitely not a disaster," she finished with a small smile.

Bradlee smiled back, "Yeah... I mean, I can't believe I'm doing this. That... we're doing this. But... this," she motioned between the two of them, "This is way more than I expected."

That's all it took for Katie to surge forward and take Bradlee's face in her hands, pulling her in for a searing kiss. It took Bradlee a little longer to react, but once she shook the shock, she leaned into the kiss and placed a gentle hand on Katie's waist.

They slowed down and Bradlee pulled away first, "Woah," she breathed out, her eyes fluttering open.

Katie leaned her forehead against Bradlee's and nodded, "Yeah... was that okay?" she asked quietly.

"Hell yes."


The Next Morning:

Bradlee woke up to the annoying buzzing of her phone. She pulled it off the nightstand and readjusted herself by pushing herself up onto her elbows to read her phone, “Three missed calls?” she thought, “Damnit, Mel.”

She looked over to her right, smiling at the other woman who was still in a deep sleep. Katie was facing her, covered from head to toe in blankets. Her hair sat messily around her head, but she still looked adorable. Bradlee was broken from her trance when her phone started vibrating again with another phone call. She had to contain her groan. Quietly getting out of bed, she quickly pulled open a drawer and threw on a tank top and a pair of sweatpants. She walked away from the bed and to the kitchen where she answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Ugh, finally!” Melissa sighed, “What took you so long?”

Bradlee frowned, “Uh… I just woke up.”

“Oh,” Melissa paused, “Sorry.”

“Yeah,” she rolled her eyes, “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” the other girl started, “I just wanted to see how it went last night. Just please don’t tell me you scared her off her something.”

Bradlee chuckled and walked over to the coffee maker, perching the phone between her shoulder and her ear so she could start making coffee, “No, Mel. I didn’t scare her away. It went really well.”

There was silence on the other line for a few second, “Really? Wow. Good. That’s great actually.”

“You have so much faith in me, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I’m your best friend,” Melissa laughed, “Tell me everything.”

Bradlee finished setting up the coffee maker. She turned it on and leaned against the counter to wait, taking the phone in her hand, “There isn’t much to tell. We talked and we drank. It was nice.”

Again, Melissa was silent for awhile, “That’s it?”

“Yup,” Bradlee said, “Pretty much.”

“Pretty much?” she exclaimed, “What the hell does that mean?” There was commotion on the other line, “Cole says hi.”

“Hey, Cole,” she replied.

“Wait,” Melissa started, “You just woke up? It’s 11:30.”

Bradlee looked at the clock on the stove, “Uh… yeah? What’s the problem?”

“Nothing. You’re just always awake before 9:00,” Melissa concluded.

Bradlee shrugged, turning around to look at the coffee maker. It was half full, “Late night is all.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Melissa paused as if she were thinking, “Oh. My. God,” she suddenly shouted, startling Bradlee, who had pulled the phone away from her face, “You guys had sex, didn’t you!?”


“Woah,” Bradlee heard from the other line, “They did? Nice, Bradlee.”

“Okay, fine,” Bradlee let out, with a sigh, “Yes. We did.”

“Oh my- how was it?” Melissa asked. Bradlee noticed that she seemed way too excited, “Was it good?”

Bradlee sighed again, but smiled, turning around to glance at the woman who was still laying in bed, “Yeah. It was good.”


Turning to the coffee pot and noticing it was finished, Bradlee walked over to a cupboard and grabbed a coffee mug and then to the refrigerator to grab the creamer. She walked back to the coffee pot and poured some into the mug and then the creamer, “I guess I should say thank you,” she told Melissa, mixing the coffee and the creamer together with a spoon, “So… thanks.”

“If you’re thanking me for giving her your number then you’re welcome. And if you’re thanking me for forcing you to go through with it, then you’re also welcome for that,” she giggled, “But you did the rest.”

“So what you’re trying to tell me is you did most of the work?”


They shared a laugh. Out of the corner of her eye, Bradlee noticed Katie start to stir. The girl stretched and sat up slowly. Bradlee waved, “G’morning,” she called out. Katie smiled and gave her a small wave back, her other arm keeping the blanket around her body.

“Wha-” Melissa started, but quickly realized she wasn’t the one being talked to, “She’s still there?!”

Bradlee rolled her eyes, “Yes she is. And I have to go now. I’ll see you later,” she quickly hung up before Melissa could say anything else. She put her phone on the counter and took a careful sip of her coffee before turning back to Katie, who was facing away from her, slipping the dress she had discarded the night before back on.

When she was finished, she made her way into the kitchen to greet Bradlee, “Good morning,” she said, leaning forward for a quick peck on the lips, which Bradlee, gladly returned.

“Hey,” she replied with a smile, leaning in for another kiss. It was returned with a smile. Bradlee motioned to the coffee pot, “Do you want any?”

Katie gave her a small smile, “No thanks. I should probably get going.”

Bradlee frowned, “Oh… okay. You can take some to go if you want. I have styrofoam cups.”

“If you insist,” Katie replied and Bradlee happily poured her a cup, put the lid on it, and handed it to her. Kate stared down at the cup in her hands. Bradlee stayed silent, “This was great,” Katie started, “And last night,” she sighed, looking up at the other girl, “was incredible. Thanks for this, Bradlee. I had a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” Bradlee gave her a small smile, “And uh…” a blush made its way on her cheeks, “I’d like to do this again… if that’s okay with you.”

Katie dropped one of her hands and gently grabbed ahold of one of Bradlee’s, “I’d like that too.” They both looked down at their connected hands.

“Do you think we’re moving too fast?” Bradlee asked quietly.

Katie looked up from their hands, “Do you?”

Bradlee shook her head, “I think it feels right.”

A smile broke out on Katie’s face, “Me too.”


© Copyright 2020 PJatO98. All rights reserved.

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