Twilight Road & Other Poems

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A selection of my poetry taken from my Twilight Road collection.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




Twilight Road


Winding down the empty roads, rain splashed and full

of torrent…I’m playing with stars only I can see….

Making pictures of you against the wall,

empty dreams cast into silence,

the night wakes just to catch up….


Somewhere a terrible sight takes hold,

and my eyes blur into ribbons of light,

translucent panoramas are a vista to regret,

we’re all just soldiers God never met,

wandering without pause beyond the shore.


Every swaying tree is a brush with the persistence of life,

thresholds of natural evolution combine to create revelation,

and the music is a whisper of miasma upon the air…

The vague vagabond kicks a can no one else can see,

but the sound of it reverberates forever.


A Seething Revelation...


....wandering without aim nor purpose of intent,

drifting with the leaves, the Sun a sweet caress,

a moment has arrived imbued with a seething revelation...

the mystery spins into transcendence beneath a veil of stars...


...alive with the eternal desire to infuse the universe with meaning,

the oceans of reality confuse with a shifting of tides,

every grain of sand requires one more explanation,

there is a secular charisma inherent within the mind of the Dreamer...


...the beach resides at the edge of a far flung rainbow,

every colour defines its own residual visual effect,

there are Gods created every day in the cities of light,

and mankind remains a whisper upon the winds of creation...


A Memory of Hope


I sit inside my tenement blues…

It gets harder to remember who or what I am...

my language skills stutter toward senility…


My memory gropes and reaches in the night…

it stumbles and gives in before a vague recognition…

I run from mirrors…death is written in there if you read it…


But you held my hand inside the broken tide,

and you whispered:  “Love conquers all…”


The long silence pervades the aftermath of you,

every shadow clings to the memory of you,

and hope, once my greatest strength, lies bleeding on the bedroom floor….




….well I’m sitting at my kitchen table somewhere in the night,

the light is a guttural flicker and the walls have windows only I can see.

I’m moving through mystic melodies and the playful scent of regret,

turning night into light with a glistening thought.

Where darkness dwelt there is only the void,

as time ticks slowly into revolution.


A tree grows in the place where I was born,

stumps from bricks and mortar;

who recalls the songs I once sang?

Every doorway opens both ways,

you either enter or you exit,

that’s the gift.


Sometimes I’m looking into a mirror and I try to catch my reflection,

a glance and a glimpse  just to one side.

The eyes are always the last to leave the mirror,

they linger to catch the florescence,

infinite rainbows regress into the soft semblance of shadow,

and high above me the stars gives tears to the rainfall.




You can take life by the throat,

hold it until it succumbs to your needs,

make it reborn in your own image,

every road full of sign posts,

directions and maps...

it’s an easy set of regulations,

get busy living or get busy lying,

truth tells more lies than reasons,

answers masquerade as premonitions...


But you were seduced by death...

it gave you the roller-coaster thrill,

its ways were dark and devious,

seductive and inviting...

before its unholy countenance

life paled into vile insignificance...

nothing could compare to the glory

of your self-destruction

its heralds brought tears to your eyes...


You are the single solitary revolution,

sole star in a universe of One,

you are spinning in a sea of blindness,

losing the love of life,

every moment wasted is another

reason to die...

...leave in the morning

with the Sun rising beyond the skies,

its light finally failing to make you smile.


Absurd Recognition


A blanket of possibilities covers my hopes,

a bright shroud stuttered with gems;

the skies ripples into grey somnolence,

and I’m waking inside an impossible dream.


The flowers are scintillating at the edge of touch,

soft fragrance peeking through the curtains,

sail boats are whispers in the winds,

and the light takes precedence over memory.


Stumbling into coherence with a gift of prescience,

stitching stars to the charisma of revelation,

taunted and haunted I take comfort in residue,

the taste of time taunts with endless regrets.


Always Hesitating


Playing the wildness beneath

the palisades of debauchery…

sinking every heart like a stone,

the cold soul is a tomb to lose inside memory…


See the elusive pantheon of parody,

God assumes a strange dedication,

prayer takes me down like light

losing to the first rush of night…


Last thoughts kept safe from friends,

final realisation of the ultimate truth…

love lies with the soft cold hand of my lover,

her memory stings like the first cut of Winter…


Angel Wings from above…


So we made again our hands in love

the drops of rain left pain once again…

you loved me

I loved you

that was enough…

for a while…


So we made the stars glisten again,

not like you, not like me again…

we watched the sea become you and me,

every kiss was a storm,

the best thing ever since we were born…


It’s hard to accept that love ends with death,

one last breath and that’s it..

no more kisses, no more love,

just Angel wings from above..


I always loved you when you were alive,

now I just remember you inside where dreams begin and

hearts grow cold in the night,

and every kiss is one more memory lost to twilight,

one more touch of light, love and glory

ending our story before it ever began…


You can either hear songs or you hear wings fluttering in the breeze...

You can hold me like you will never let me go…

but sometimes rain is snow…


Angels in Our Dreams


I made a dream inside a dream,

I became safe and wrapped in silence,

but the night brought demons and demands I could not meet…


I wandered from tree to tree, just looking for sanity,

but the sky bled upon the wind,

and death withered love inside a cold breeze…


I could expose this tragedy,

I could make demands and protestations,

but there is no point,

my name is losing to weather and withering winds…


I always wanted to be an Angel…

and it comes true in the most surprising way.

I touched the stars with my love;

it was then that I found wings inside my spine…


…they were there all along…


Before The Fall


I’m stumbling out of the blues,

like the dream I once used,

paradise is a country I used to know,

you sow the things you grow…


I’m calling every Angel I once knew,

because everything was wonderfully you…

I’m a clown becoming renown,

every port has a city,

every venture has a town…


Why did you throw the clouds into the sky?

Why do you always ask why?

Pictures you painted are still on the wall,

everything we did fell before the fall…


Blinded by the Light


Dancing through the playgrounds

of your mind,

spinning inside the last of the

sacred dreams,

you see silence as a heartbeat,

or the last shallow breath

before you fall into the

slow-motion picture of your life.


Catch the light inside your eyes,

give the thought a fond remembered embrace,

hold the dawn in your arms,

such tender memories kill with a smile,

solitude whispers a sweet regret,

you are finally falling apart,

every break is an agony contained,

you are a wound left open beneath the Sun…


Closed Eyes...


Waiting on the edge

the void opens

my hand trembling in the breeze...


Lost heart beating into fear

some vague definition

it becomes a turnabout intruder...


Sliding into a vast irrelevance

unknown by the street-throng

every empty voyage fades into twilight...


Holy gossamer tree

ingrained into sand and glass

suddenly it becomes a chemical reaction...


I see the precipice shining

emblazoned with fear and regret

guilt holds my soul in its dark embrace...


She walks away into mist and fog

a whispering silhouette

turned to pure spirit by the glistening dew drops...


Every grave has a reason

every pause for thought kills with

a subtle grace...


I see her making melody

and the mystic melodrama of love,

but my eyes are closed and my heart lies broken...


Coming Home


Blazing like it was colour inside a field of night,

casting nets I can’t even hold in my two useless hands,

the sea writhes and wants me to jump in….to sink and swim…

on a whim…


…destiny gathers about the harbour walls,

clings like first early morning sea mist,

almost fog and strangely alluring…

the cobble stones writhe into semblance,

it’s almost a road, but the walls wither and waver into towers and turrets…


…there’s a terminal dedication out there on the highway,

sagebrush blues linger and point the charismatic finger,

almost gone too far south,

words come stumbling like seasons out of my mouth…


suddenly I’m in Mexico again…

and I have no idea why…




I trance and I tremble;

whatever I am comes through with a warm recognition…


I see fading pictures losing to the light,

everything turns yellow in the end…


There’s a smell of antiseptic in the hospital corridor;

it's a dream I think, somewhere I've been I think

if they knew who I was they would just fall into silence…


You see how I can rotate words to create symphonies only hearts can understand?

Glancing at a vision backwards in a mirror,

the picture paints a parody of the person I just might be if I really tried to see.


I love to send words around strange corners until they whisper to me:


“Well done...we are finally found…”


Things We Said…


Of all the silly things we said,

making memories went to our heads…

but that’s just confusion in so many words…


I would at least tell you that I love you,

love the stars above you,

feel destiny making parody of everything about you..


I know it seems impossible,

some things are hard to say…

but love lives at the edge of lips,


and touch lasts forever in the heart of the mind…




One sole night, the soft flavour of you,

scents untouched for a million years.

Your eyes of desire seeking sights only sex can see…

So we played amongst the palisades of desire,

we paid homage to the glory and the fire,

and made pleasure amongst the fears of regret.

I rushed my vagabond dreams up your stairs,

the universe played melodies of madness,

and the gates of Elysium swung wide upon our love.

We were born again revelations,

pillow talk and poetry, sacrilege and sanctity,

two wondrous stars lost to the charisma of creation.



Cut Loose

I become unwired

let loose from the main,

the outer skin plays traitor

and once more I play the game.


Life is a whistle in a sea shell,

put it close to the ear,

catch the songs of silence,

and face everything you fear.


Make music out of misery,

sit alone with your pain,

touch your fingers to the window,

see your memories in the rain.


Dancing with Death…


Dance inside your invisible dreams…

Wonderful Princess, know the glory and the grace…

See starlight inside the dark veil of night and nature…

Catch secret dreams with a handful of glistening tears…

Know the truth written across the broken fields of hope…

You were always more Angel than human…

I see you living inside every word I write…

It’s like knowing paradise without the gates being open…

I see your light forever closing into shadow…

It’s inevitable…




You remember the face in the mirror,

those eyes full of the long years losing

life and light and the last lingering hope

of redemption... know you’re the Poet’s daughter,

all the secret ceremonies of youth ingrained

into memory and magic,

every single thrill comes back as loss...


...turn the corner into shadow and the first

touch of night slipping with a summer breeze

into your sacred room,

pictures of parents reflecting into tears...


...beyond the last glimpse of life

you see the Poets words written in blood,

and every cherished wound revealed as revelation

and a wondrous reclamation...




Death entombed inside my cell,

Bricks and mortar surround my hell,

The light, once a gift,

Sifts its way into servitude…


Destiny lingers at the glass borders,

Dreams once seen are tethered to the trees,

The grass beckons and gives pause for thought,

I render memory from the merest of speculations.


Subtle variations dance inside the words,

Seeking sights seen only by the birds,

The whispering miasma of tortuous decay,

Steals my light and poisons my day.




There is a wish floating in the breeze,

a secret desire waiting for sunbeams and sanctity.


There is an ocean of dew drops shining like tears

shed in the quiet solitude of night.


A captured cloud wanders lazily through the glen.

There is music in the air slipping through trees to reach me…


The skies are full of blue on white,

every breath takes me further into daydream…


I can see rainbows and streams casting light inside

my solitude….


…and I saw the Angels before they saw me…




Tales from the sewer

words spliced into the walls

blood running with the filth

into your veins

cut open for effect

but the Lady wasn’t looking

her eyes cast down

away into the distance

Summer fever turning the heather

blue inside the kiss of light

almost tainted for all time

by the last lingering kiss

left cut into your open heart


The case for deception

never sweeter between strangers

blood relatives unseen

partners in a sublime crime

the deification of solitude

a poets loss

a visionary left savaged by the tide

the terminal lust of the vane

the vanquished and the vile

three septic serenades left to haunt

the gaze

gaunt and drifting in the breeze.

Listen to the lull in-between words

you can hear the gaps no one perceives,

tiny and tremulous

insignificant afterthoughts

the almost moments that might

have saved your love

sustained you from above

but love lies bleeding

pouring with the rain

down the sewer

down the drain

tall tales to tell children

that might or might not be born.


Down Every Road

Turning the wide open corner,

trees sighing in the Summer haze;

a glistening palace reflects from the

road mirage…


I see you leaving on the last breath

of a dying promise;

light sips from the shadows

falling over your eyes…


Walking away with every glance,

your eyes pierce my soul with breathless abandon,

the loss of silence, sanctity and surreal expectations…

I’m suddenly making Moonbeams into Sunshine…



Fading into the memory of you,

twilight whispering in the breeze…


Every door opens the wrong way,

every window gives different views…


There are stars inside my head, galaxies spinning

into coalescence…


A bird fly’s by my window,

he gives me a glance then loses semblance to the light…


Catching memory as dust motes twisting every memory into regret;

there’s a dog howling somewhere at the back of my mind…


I can see the road signs,

but they all point in the same direction;

how can that be?


There are no more crossroads, every choice has been used

and abused, I constantly see alternatives I cannot use…

it’s a plague and a blight on all free-thinkers…


I’m gifted with a million faults,

the poison gives its secret kiss,

it was always desperate….


and gets worse by the day…




Can see the ethereal spirit surrounding me?

I hear soft whispers all around me,

something or someone is trying to come through to this world…


I sense something moving shadow-like and gaining strength…

A secret touch is holding my soul in its grip.

Whatever is coming here has already turned my life into a silent fear…


The air becomes suddenly metallic and swirls like mist beneath my feet, there is the sound of wings fluttering behind me,

the stars throw a veil of night over the land and I suddenly see the truth…


…Something Wicked This Way Comes…


Dream Prayer


The seal of light

permits a faint bright hope,

the clouds are parting,

a river moves through

the valley of doubt,

everything is turning yellow,

serene and charismatic...


The deal goes down

the soul makes its

final purchase,

inside the Palace of Dreams

wish-kissed poets play

mind-games with the faith

and the faint-hearted...


The awesome realization

assumes the stance of

stark recognition,

every dream dreamt,

and every prayer whispered

alone in the night,

becomes unbelievably real...



Dreaming in Realtime


Dreams….funny little dreams,

parcel packets of perception

wrapped in time and bound for eternity…


I see you inside my mind,

a vision lost amidst my desecration;

I’ve looked for you forever

but found only echoes and colours fading

into grey…


O’ wondrous lady love,

take the words from my mouth,

touch my skin burning with desire…


Suddenly you are here and the dream is

no more than memory…


Ashes and Wings


Dust the dust

kiss the kiss

love with a silent embrace;

only the eyes glitter with glory..


You touched and you kissed

you smiled and you flaunted your wondrous approach.

I thought you were flying,

secret wings fluttering in the twilight…


I held your cold hand,

you shivered and told me: “We have to fly now…”


Your words were already slipping into echo,

quiet tears were stars and love rolled into one,

we coalesced together…

and that’s what it’s all about…


Early Morning Blues


Soft thoughts left at the edge of the night,

curtains closed, holding the trauma at bay.

Soft and warm feelings tethered

to the tendrils of solitude.


Making merry with the steam

rolling cars catching tantrums

and tempers fused to the headlong

rush toward work and blatant servitude.


Walking into the maelstrom of strife,

poetry limping slowly behind,

transcendent thoughts tied to the last

lingering hope at the edge of a secret dream..


Edge on Life


Don’t you wonder who knew you?

Who did you true inside a conversation?

You’ve done your time inside a ceremony,

a picture of your destination.


I think maybe that you know where the shoreline ends,

it’s a caress of ocean or a whisper of you in my ear,

every memory comes just before I remember it,

like light is out there even in the night out there.


I take my suitcase and I leave it on the landing floor,

you come back and you want more,

but the misery is so real it stings with a biting kiss,

this is no Saturday night drama nor a Sunday panorama.


There’s just no way to write down the thoughts which clutter the gutter,

they drain and they seethe like fire inside a child’s heart,

I’m turning more mystic by the minute,

it’s all I can do not to leave on the last bus out of town.


Episode in Spring


We sat alone,

a shadow seat cold as ice beneath.

I thought: ‘Here’s my chance!’

and touched a soft knee gently.


she exclaimed: “Something touched me…a spider!”.

“It did?” (In my most surprised tone of voice).

She stood, little bright breasts peeking outwards.

“I’ll find it…” I assured, groping amidst the shadows.

She jumped in cold surprise… “Oh!”

Above the leaves fell towards us caressed by light,

dew drops glistening in the glare were mirror lakes lost inside the lawn,

the summer scents arrived with a seething embrace,

drifting upon a gentle breeze,

catching at our eyes,

closing fluttered lids,

tasting the sweetness of our saliva,

joined now in a secret passion.

I searched oblivious to her whimperings,

and with great stealth found the dreaded beast,

nested tightly amidst its cobwebs,

embedded this time deep within her warmth.


“Oh’”. Came the response,

and: “Will there be time?”


Every Touch of Rain Falling Down


Falling down the streets of glass,

stones to make the tide flow faster,

every house becoming another way to transcend...

it’s a mystery beneath every street-light...


Taking the time to capture the moment,

serenity gives secret kisses upon the window,

every reflection creates a thousand different words,

and there’s a poem for every sight and every sound...


The walls are just waiting to be remembered,

there are memories ingrained in the floorboards,

the curtains keep melodrama at bay,

and there’s a lover behind the wardrobe door...


Every journey away from home leads to nowhere special,

and there are rainbows making colours in the night,

and fields where flowers create their own language,

with verse strung amidst the gossamer threads...


I’m wasting this moment in sad recollection,

it’s a harbour resolution seeking sanctity and surrealism...

there are pictures making movies inside my soul,

and there’s a teardrop shed for every touch of rain falling down...


Everyone Has a Name


Waiting inside my own shadow,

back up against the wall...

there’s a gift of love inside the rain,

drops of melancholy blues drifting

across the night...

I can feel music beneath my feet...


So many windows out there,

the light of life turning into voices,

fearless faces leaving my world behind;

the streets are full of echoes,

sounds of silence slipping into melody...

history moves into memory beyond the clouds...


I’m leaving everything behind,

catching the last wishing star,

walking through the palisades of power;

I make my poetry into feelings of loss,

for every creation there is a subtle death awaiting...

I think the rain knows my name...


Everything is Broken


There’s a snake in corner but it’s been there for a while,

ghost furniture leaving memories cluttered to the wall,

there’s a vision for every misery and a smile for every mile…


You don’t know who you are, but a mirror reminds you to be true

music is left in an empty room to be heard by nobody,

you are photographs in a garden bright and blue…


Someone is whispering songs inside a charismatic dream,

you’re painting pictures on a secret wall,

no one knows you or shows you where you’ve been or what you’ve seen…


Sitting down at the edge of the city,

the sunshine just piling high on the boardwalk floor,

you just don’t give a damn anymore…


Somewhere there’s a reason for your treason,

but it’s a butterfly on the window pane,

you just can’t go there again and again…


A picture hangs on an inside wall,

no one sees it unless they come past it,

but the stairs are there for everyone to use or abuse….


No one knocks on your door or walks on your floor,

so you shut the curtains against the night,

songs in the floorboards rattle against the door…


The phone is ringing but you can’t say hello,

the music strums inside the palisade walls,

you want to say yes but you just don’t know how to say no…


The light bulb is swinging inside its own sudden breeze,

you fall down like a clown in the town,

mumbling please on your knees…


There’s a fearful failure just waiting to be known,

streets of silence cascade into tawdry regret,

you’re humming past midnight heading home to your throne…


You cross yourself and write it down on a wall,

but the church is closed and the priest is a bitch,

you just get yours and he just gets rich…


You’re walking inside the edge of something blue,

flowers fade into moonlight serenades,

you wander and you wail inside something new….


Taking down the last of the poison,

midgets are dancing on rainbows only you can see,

it’s all profanity mixed with destiny and sea…


Down the hall the landing window is left open,

midnight cops casting bright blue red stars,

it’s so hard to wake when everything is broken…




Touching tangled hair

let him know

you’ve been there…


Slip light into night

let him know you were right inside the night…

Throw kisses into the rushing tide…


Feeling inside his pockets,

remind him you know his secrets,

a hug is a kiss unrecognised…


Everyone has a star ready to die,

find it, you lose it,

then go out and prove it.


The Wish


You know the road goes on,

each time we move forward,

the stars glisten less,

magic fades to assume staid circumstance,

we are drifters in a sea of change,

solitary souls in a fields of dreams.


But the night arrives unseen,

sneaks its touch into our room,

plays shadow games with the walls,

faces and shapes to haunt...

light slips beyond the curtains,

making tomorrow somewhere else.


I wish I could make you as real

as the dreams I steal,

to create the reality within,

make walls into palisades,

poetry into people,

but the visions coalesce,

and magic dies with the rise of light in my eyes.


Predatory Play(Inside the Vampire Club)


They came gliding with willow wisps for charisma,

strutting their predatory display for effect.

Points of glistening enamel glowing with crimson shadow,

the fangs were out, the Moon was high...

the Pack had come to feed.


The frail frivolous flower girls slipped midnight

with lust beneath silky hidden breast.

The chains of silence glistened whilst the seeds

of violence listened...

the airs were mystic and strangely alluring.


Pack Masters held court amidst the writhing loins.

Naked necks shone like beacons in the night.

The creatures took the scents and the saliva,

kissing the lovers with the lust and the hints of

demonic delights.


The Club was wild with anticipation,

only the humanity present were ignorant of the powers

which pervaded the dance floors.

Midnight arrived as the first glistening bite took life

and sanctity into a final shallow breath.


Strange Gods & Harlequins (Inside the Vampire Club)


They came summoned by the night,

caught starlight left glistening along the sidewalks.

The mad and the wild,

the frenzied-eyed mystics dripping chants

with the rainfall.

A splash of violence gathering amidst the fetish rights

of stark initiation.

All the lonely creatures listening amidst


How they danced!


Somewhere a scream slipped into silence,

the vagaries of melody played out like the night

slipping into mesmeric decline.

All the stark children rattled their chains,

bound by gothic religious devotion;

the black leather scent was a whispering seduction,

seeding strange sights to see lost serenity,

and a vast realization of otherness revealed

finally as a stranger licking blood from deep

dark lips shivering with the orgasm as it passed

by at the edge of a drifting song...


Ancient Gods, Familiar Places (Inside the Vampire Club)


Amidst the roar of the tropical storm

the Pagan Parade came to town.

Silver chains shimmering within the rain,

without pause or reclamation of the night.

The tenement sovereigns ruled the street corners,

the passing of morality slipped into the distance,

red and blue neon's to paint the sky in reflection

of the trauma enacted below.


All the streets were hot and kissed with decay,

the walls of stone ran on forever along the coast.

The eyes of damnation were glassed over for effect,

the gutters a cruel reminder of the finite and the frail.

Only the madmen moved through the night,

they listened to the in-calling of the ancient Gods,

the homage paid was a resolute dedication to otherness...

it was strangeness unseen by the vast majority.


To be anonymous was a sacred right,

to merge with the passage of time as a symbol of power.

All the rights of their breed were a gift towards initiation.

For one night the horror of isolation dissipated,

fell prey to the glory of identification.

Here at last inside the club the ancient Gods played

fables with their hearts;

their souls fell open upon familiar sights...


The club was open to the night,

darkness slipped across the dance floor to rise

as shadows in the deep dark corners of the sacred souls,

writhing with the ecstasy of the coming pageant.

It was a torrent of revelation,

all the victims and their sires revealing haunted resolutions

made as promises to the Masters dwelling deep inside as

an overwhelming compulsion to feed and to feed again...


Secret Songs, Dangerous Dancers (Inside the Vampire Club)


The scent was the lure to prey,

an atmosphere virulent with the lust to hunt,

to seek solace amidst the depravity of their desires...

Each of the dark kindred were islands in a sea

of exotics, drifting it seemed without purpose or reason,

and yet the eyes...they showed deadly intent.

Here were the courtiers and the clowns,

the mystics and the madmen, the wild-eyed insane ones,

the deep dark intense ones seemingly void of human traits.

Out there amongst the writhing dancers,

the sexual thrill-seekers touched and lured, and with soft

intent gave vent to their passions...sucking the opened skin

back into their mouths, swallowing the sacred sacrifice

as it smeared the teeth, and glistened brightly amidst the frenzy

of the rabid sacrificial dancers...


The whores of solitude came to rescue their souls,

the streets had raped them of all hope, seeded dark despair

as ringlets in their hair.

They had that false resilience to the loss of their lives,

bound up amidst the great anonymity of the city...

They were forsaken souls finding the only love left to them,

here with the strange gods and Harlequins of the pale palisades,

reflecting across the mirrored ceilings where Vampires saw

solace in a strangers glance...

The one with the long leather coat and painted dark eyes

appeared as a passing of something strange...droplets of charisma

preceded his approach, a resolute otherworldly confidence which

hooked every eye and lingered with the breathless dancers playing

the field of desire and provocation...


Despite the pounding of the music and beyond the lights and

the rhythm of the dancers, it was quite plain to see...he had come to feed. 


The Lost and the Found (Inside the Vampire Club)


They walked with whispers into the crowded club...

Anguish slipped from shoulders, dripping rain worries

across the dance floor.

Acute melodrama played with the shadows of their painted

starlit eyes...these were the lost ones, found again amidst

the passing of another day.

These were the caricature Lords of the dark city nights...

rain-washed leathers steaming amidst the frenzied erotica.

The faces glistened with white paint, out of which two dark sprayed

shadows for eyes shone with the illumination of lust and decay.

All the whores of solitude mingled tightly with the new Cathedral Lords,

the holy powers of deviance demanded a subtle lure to the unwary,

the enticement was a promise of immoral deification and a lust for



The sacred night was split wide-open,

cracked at the seams...

Silence was a roar of memory cascading within the rebellious custodians

of defiance and defilement.

Chains pierced the skins as objects of reclamation and reformation.

The dancers searched for soul whilst the sad sung serenade kissed

tears falling as guilt down painted pale faces lost to the melodious

gathering of blood-lust children lingering lost and forever forsaken.

The rise of the city-night was an epitaph to conformity...

Outside beyond the walls of the club all lust is a sad reminder,

mortality is a slap across the face...

Life spits in their eyes,

the Sun comes up...



Tales of Tenochtitlan


Take the last ride home,

sedentary solutions sanctify the moment,

every star you see flickers into rain drops.


Tales of calypso carousels and the dark Priest,

seduction in the shadow of Nevado de Colima,

the Saints are sailing west on the Rio Grande.


Tequila arrives with a sudden revelation,

the miracle-makers are feeding the children gold,

and the Indians of Oaxaca are dying of Aids.


White walls hide houses in a heat haze,

dust storms swirl across dark Cantina floors,

upstairs the whores are painting their faces red.


Leave the scorpions scurrying for shadow,

and the snakes writhing beneath the window,

across the Sea of Cortes Montezuma moves in the night.


Falling Through Yesterday


She falls down hard,

glass splinters tearing flesh from bone...


She’s almost brave, almost safe,

kept sacred from the storm...


She holds the rainbow memories,

pictures of palaces in the breeze...


She makes the world spin,

takes the night to her chest...


She sits where the day escapes,

her breath a shallow mist in moonlight...


She is the Siren Sorceress,

the mystic magical Queen...


She is almost dead,

broken and floating with the tide...


She sheds her silent tears,

whilst memory slaughters from within...


Forever into Shadow


The last time I saw you

the rain played mystery

with the tears glistening

like stars in the night...


You were always so close

but an ocean lay between us,

you walked among mountains

whilst I stumbled in the valley of darkness...


I always see you through a window,

cold glass keeping you inside the

arms of distant memories,

you are forever reflection...


I want to believe in my redemption,

but every time I breath

my heart beats into silence,

and my love for you falls forever into shadow...


Geometry of Life


The structure of crystal

the spiral of galaxies

the petals on a flower

the scales on a fish

the math of creation is no longer a myth...


The golden ratio,

the apex of a pyramid,

the cornerstones of the Parthenon,

the steps at Tenochtitlan,

the geometry of God restored as math


The language of nature

the spirals and the secrets,

the code and the cryptic,

the sublime and the serene,

the logic of infinity is very seldom seen...


Ghosts and Metal


The glass shined bright,

the road snaking south…

full of coke and peanut blues…


A story left us with words we dropped into memory...

and time was a whisper we had never heard before;

the scrub and the cactus screwed tight with the lost night…


…it left shadows we could not explain…


Ghosts swam like fish on the highway...

visions of things beyond the eyes,

mysteries and shadows shifting into heat-haze harmony…


Holy Mary prayers keeping us safe

in the chaotic Mexican state…


Pushing the pedal,

thrashing metal into the sierra glory;

we were souls seeking silence and solitude…


Vultures swirled at the edge of light,

dust devils danced with dangerous delusion,

and ghosts swam like fish on the highway…


Glorious Grace


The silence kills with its slaughtering hesitation,

words barely formed stutter into chaos,

there’s a great confusion going on somewhere,

I can see sights I can barely hear…


Terminal dedication to the aftermath,

love lies bleeding from secret wounds,

I lapse forever into temporary paralysis,

the soul lingers with a biting kiss…


I’m turning inside the memory of her love,

catching the glistening tears inside sunbeams,

faith and anti-faith unite to defeat me,

I’m losing perception with a glorious grace….


Going Home


Every fading illusion has its moment,

every scattered dream forms semblance somewhere

beyond the rainbow;

but for every lost memory a teardrop grows into a river…


We can move beneath the palisades of power,

dance with the weary and the wanton,

lose ourselves inside the might-have-been moments,

but despite our every hope we lose ourselves constantly to regret…


I can see myself losing this drama,

catching the last glistening star slipping into holy night…

I can feel the breeze making Goosebumps along my arms…

but it’s only the memory of you which finally takes me home…


Halfway Hopes


Sitting inside our sofa serenade,

the sunlight peeks through the dust motes,

making tiny worlds sparkling into opalescence.


There’s a gift sitting inside your eyes,

blue skies making laughter out of lies,

our memories are prisons without bars.


Taking the time to be with you,

to really try to see with you,

the storm making mockery out of hope.


Outside the world hums into virulence,

but every vanquished soul eventually finds love,

and by touching you I’m halfway there…



Home is far from Here…


Sirens flirt with the open window,

heat haze shimmers above a threadbare carpet,

a naked light bulb swaying in a draft…

music haunts a shattered stairwell,

walls vibrate from the TV upstairs…


Baby screaming two flights above,

voices cascading into chaos,

damp drips yellow across fading white walls,

the door won’t shut because the lock’s broke,

and the toast is smoking in the kitchen…


The phone rings and rumbles,

the kids gaming in the other room,

there’s no food on the table,

but there’s beer on the floor,

and you can’t live here anymore…




Playing mind games inside the citadel of perception,

surreal sights seething with a vile vengeance,

I’m trembling with an acute recognition of silence,

a blanket of creativity sprinkled with revelation…


Stumbling down Main Street at the edge of night,

the rain skirts the gutter with promises and regrets,

I can hear music lilting like my heart beating to the soft hum

of the city breathing into neon behind me.


The lights are strung like pearls in a sea of opalescence,

cast iron rivets secure the street signs to memories left

scattered among the puddles glistening and gliding

into the sad sung serenade of a vanquished soul.


I’m drifting among the last orders,

the bars closing as the season whispers warnings,

the life and light of life is leaving by the back door,

I’m stunned by the sheer loss of hope in my heart.




Faded pheromone feeding secretions like a

lungful of virulence,

the air gives a fetid taste, a cocktail of

dust motes and memories seared to the floor.


Curtains whispering with ingrained summer;

sunshine sewed into the lining, stitches taking

tiny tantrums into stains wiped clean and left

to fester unfettered by time’s vast restraint.


Floorboards playing mystery with midnight,

softfalling footsteps calling out from the abyss,

tap tapping against a window pain, the rain a gift

of life seeping beneath shadows and shutters.


A glistening tear casts opalescence into fear,

the horror rides the darkness as a fluttering of wings,

lost innocence cauterised into blood and grime,

as death dictates its final epitaph.


Inside Memory


They are calling you…

Run to the light which stutters into dawn;

gather whispering clouds to make the weather obey you…


Hold a cup full of spring water in your hands,

let tiny waterfalls slip between your fingers,

watch how the light changes clouds into rainbow…


There’s a colour for every new thought,

match colours to words;

watch as you change rainfall into poetry…


The breeze is staggering headfirst into a storm front,

the sea is galloping up the beach,

watch as water turns to sand in your hand…


Hold the world inside one true thought,

tantalise infinity with your glistening tears,

you can lose them inside the rain…


Make your peace with a trembling tide,

its touch reminds you of your first love;

it’s so easy to leave life inside memory…


Inside the Empty Room


Be the thing which you see inside,

the face behind the veil,

someone seeking something,

some soft pause before the fall into irrelevance;

you are melodrama lost to fragility.


Escape into the fields,

hide behind nature,

loose the purpose of common sense out where

the roads turn to dust and road signs are always

bent backwards.


Make your mystic melody into dark parody

of a terminal revelation,

feel the torrid fire burning just behind your eyes…

Words are made to confuse,

deception rides like the devil in your soul.


Can you feel yourself dancing?

There is a stark eloquence to your vast

sequestration, it takes the heart out of the light;

you are left mesmerized by the sheer audacity

of your desperate need to find love in an empty room.


Inside the Moment


Close your eyes

see the darkness arrive

step carefully from stone to stone

islands floating in the sun...


feel the ocean breeze

it lifts your hair to catch the light

it’s a soft caress tingling

along your arms...


rest inside the moment,

listen as your heart slows to a gentle rhythm,

it beats to the soft rush of water

covering your naked feet...


Close your eyes

lose yourself to the tide,

let the world move without you tonight…

there are Angels waiting beyond the shore...


Inside Where the Fear Lives…


Looking down from a lonesome


Sunlight waking the shadows from

the slumbering night.


The streets are full of echoes lapping

against the walls,

The tide of life moves into melody and



Every singular perception arrives as


Looking out across the rooftops,

I can see pieces of my life everywhere…


Leaving guilt upon the windowsill,

taking the time to catch my reflection;

it’s a sudden glimpse of redemption;

I can see paradise inside every fragile fear…


Into Night


You play pretend mystery,

you capture light in your hands,

you call the universe with a smile…

you leave your love upon stepping stones…


Every river returns to you with a glistening power,

every dream casts an illumination upon your consciousness,

you see stars sown into an invisible shroud,

God sees it, but only you know the truth…


You can dance your secret fears into shadow,

you can clutter the conversation with explanations,

but only destiny sustains the heart that grows cold, and the soul that slips quietly into night…


Making Thunder


Sometimes in the derelict houses

I pass by shadows groping the ancient walls…

Whispers out of time tell me:


“You are you, that’s all you need for now…”


Sometimes behind the peeling posters I see faces faded

by time, lost to the dust and decay;

but I can still see them smiling…


Sometimes I leave a smile hidden inside the pain,

but it’s a secret; and every desperate tear tells

me to be innocent inside the guilt…


You always called me special,

I always called you twilight,

neither here nor there…


Death creeps and stutters toward me,

it trembles inside an impossible breeze…

and arrives as a storm making thunder beyond the clouds…



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