Behind the Mask of Humanity

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What is real face of Humanity?

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



In this vast and endless labirynths of atrocity,
age of genocide,revolutions and incompatibility.
We shall find room for long forgotten love,
positive affirmations of kindness and hope.

Between cardinal points and earth's complexity tension
there is something magnetic, some sense of direction.
Whenever we find the way in, no point to hang about,
behind the yet hidden door there must be way out. Out... Out... Out...

Awareness, opinions and notion, created by Intuition
builds up resolutions to form final solution.
Erases all problems and political correctness
fights intolerance cures diseases and social madness.

Amongst many possibilities, lies oportunity,
apart from darkness and obscurity.
There must be something pure, some bright reality,
there must be left enough room, for variety.

Between concepts, ideas and alterations,
how to chose the right one, not a diversion?
This human's kind, full of anger and anxiety
how hard is to, pick right version of humanity?

Ain't no winners ain't no losers in this game,
in depths of our hearts we are all the same.
Between Myself,all of Them, endless Universe and You, You... You... You...
I believe there must be some ,some universal Truth... Truth... Truth... Truth...

Beneath this layer of skin, there must be hardcore spine,
not only bones but something much more divine.
Within these veins filled up with blood,
there must be something, in shape of invincible soul.

Beneath the body's camouflage, underneath designer's clothes,
behind the mask, there must be human being, who just loves.
Behind this emotionless expression, and stone cold grey eyes,
there must be inner self, there must be real "I".

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