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just a short essay about some issues involving race, religion and materialism.

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



In my never-ending quest for fulfillment, I have taken it upon myself to write about how we as a society must consciously evolve in order to move forward. I will talk about issues that bother me and possible ways to correct them. I am not an English major, college graduate or genius, just someone with a lot of common sense who would like to see the world changed.  I have very average writing abilities, however, I feel inclined to share my views with this world with hope of opening the minds of people to the possibilities that we are capable of. Somewhere along the timeline of human development, we’ve lost our natural tendency to live life without preconceived notions or bias’s. This has left us unable to view the world for what it is. We rely on the opinions and views of others to blindly follow the masses towards spiritual genocide. When I say spiritual genocide, I am not referring to loss of religion. I am referring to people who have lost touch with themselves and their ability to care about issues which seem to not affect them.
I personally do not believe in religion or God and do not see the need for it in the world today. I find it illogical and unbeneficial for people to stick to their beliefs on religion because that’s what is expected of them. I cannot be mad at these people though, they never really had a chance. Take this last paragraph I have just written for example,
“I personally do not believe in religion or God”
With that opening statement, I have already lost credibility with half of the people that will read this, but why? You have no idea who I am or what I believe in, but the fact that I don’t believe in God has already gotten me to be disregarded as an intellectual and spiritual person who can help improve this society for future generations. Not believing in God is looked down on and immediately lowers your value with others, so people tend to say they believe in God and act accordingly in order to stay viewed as a “good person.”
I have an enormous problem with this fact. People must open their eyes and think for themselves, this is the only way that major problems can be solved and we can advance to a world of peace. Since you were born you were told that God is great, the best thing in your life, it was drilled into you at a young age when your mind is the most open and malleable. This is the first big idea that most children are brought into. Children are taught to not question this and to just accept it based on faith, which in turn makes them believe that accepting things without question is not a bad thing, but is what’s expected of them. We need to be far more careful with our youth, allow them to come up with their own views and ideas, not force feed them opinions disguised as facts. The current religious system is an assembly line creating billions of closed minded clones. They may not all look the same or act the same, but the end outcome will always be identical, no change, no peace, just a never-ending war fueled by misinformation and well placed walls to block our view the world beyond them.
You may say that since I don’t believe in God that I am a bad person who is on the path of the devil or something along those lines. It seems odd to me that people would say this, but it’s the facts. The truth is that I am not a bad person; I would not be writing this if I was. If I were to re-write the bible for people, their 10 commandments would look something like this.
 I – Be a good person
II – Do not live life based on guidelines, keep your mind open to everything and everyone.
The original 10 commandments are silly, especially the first three. I am no psychologist, but from my current knowledge of the subject, I would Diagnose God with split personality disorder accompanied by extreme narcissistic tendencies brought on by intense insecurity. The final 7 are all summed up in my first commandment. 
Basically what should be taught to our children about religion is, absolutely nothing. If kids are enrolled in a religious institution, religion class should be renamed to “World Improvement Class.”  The curriculum would consist of a mixture of sociology and an open discussion about how to improve the world instead of how to get your self into an imaginary utopia called heaven. If this class was incorporated into today’s society, there could be ideas thrown around in classrooms with groundbreaking potential. This seems like a much better use of that time, don’t you think? It would get the youth involved in current events and allow them to problem solve just about any social problem by the time they would graduate. They would have the equivalent of at least a double associate’s degree in Sociology and in Anthropology when they graduate high-school!
Racism and Prejudice
Racism and prejudice have a way of influencing the everyday lives of you and me without anyone ever noticing. White people see movies with gangsters and thugs and immediately see evil people. This goes back to people not thinking for themselves, they see these movies and accept them without question. Have you ever seen a black male in his mid 20’s wearing baggy clothes, lots of jewelry, and a bandana? And what was your first thought upon seeing him? Don’t feel like a bad person, it isn’t your fault that you think he is a no good thug drug dealer without even talking to him, its societies. 
Some may say but Pat, look at the numbers, 1 in 5 black males has been in jail during his life, they are no good non-law abiding citizens. While this statistic may be true, you must inform yourself and look at the problem more in depth. What would you do if you had nothing, no one would look at you seriously, and everyone thought you were an evil person? You need to put yourself into the shoes of others to understand why things are the way they are. As a middle-classed white male or female, it is extremely difficult to understand why some people would reject the laws given to us by the court system. Step into the shoes of that kid you see on the corner selling drugs every day and it all becomes clear. These children are brought into the world with less than nothing, the only thing they can do is resort to crime and violence to get what they need. If you couldn’t go any lower, then you are not going to care about a damn thing. Jail seems like an awful place to most people, but when you have nothing, living in the streets, getting shot at daily; it seems like not such a terrible place. Now it becomes clear why some people would resort to crime and violence, it’s just a different world than yours and you couldn’t understand unless you were put into their shoes. Of course you are going to  turn to crime when your stomach hurts because you haven’t eaten in a week.It’s called self-preservation and each and every single one of us would do the exact same thing, we are not different, we were just lucky to be born into different circumstances.
Rap music is filled with blacks cursing about sex drugs and violence, it is bad music and we shouldn’t listen to it. Bullshit. I have heard some of the greatest lyrics of all time incorporated into rap songs. But everyone running things is older than 35, and I imagine they do not listen to many of these songs. The media portrays rap music as music that causes people to become violent, so people believe this and just say that black people love to hurt people. Tupac Shakur has some of the greatest messages I have heard in music period. Take the lyrics from his song “Ghetto Gospel
There’s no need for you to fear me if you take your time to hear me maybe you could learn to shield me, it ain’t about black or white cause we’re human, I hope we see the light before it’s ruined.”
I make mistakes and learn from every one, but when its said and done, I bet this brutha will be a better one,  if I upset you don’t stress, never forget that god isn’t finished with me yet, I feel his hand on my brain when I write rhymes I go blind and let the lord do his thing, but am I less holy cause I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homies?  before we find world peace, we gotta find peace and end the war on the streets, my ghetto gospel.”
Do these lyrics sound like someone who wants to be violent? Absolutely not, he was just a victim of unlucky circumstances. With this violent music all about drugs sex and violence, he somehow includes talking about a world without racism, a world with peace. Tupac was portrayed as a thug and violent criminal type, in reality, he was one of the greatest role models for youth at the time
And from the song “Only God Can Judge Me”
Our fate is a lifetime of hate, dear momma can you save me? And fuck peace cause the streets got our babies, we gotta eat, no more hesitating each and every black males trapped and they wonder why we suicidal runnin’ round strapped, Mr. police please try to see that there’s a million mother fuckers stressin’ just like me, only God can judge me.”
Now he is saying fuck peace? Isn’t this contradictary? Not if you look at the whole verse and hear the actual message. He’s saying that blacks in America are born into violence and not given a chance, No one listens to them and that they need help. And until help arrives he is going to physically fight for his right to be human. 
This may be the most difficult issue to ever overcome, so many things in this world keep racism alive and it is ridiculous. For help on this I am not quite sure, maybe we could look at how a dog lives their life and project that onto our lives. Lets say you have a black lab, If that black lab were to see another dog of any color or pedigree, it just doesn’t care. Dogs will be equally interested in any type of dog out there, not just its own “race.” If you put 10 dogs into a room, nine white, and one black, they would not segregate, they would not discriminate, they would not care at all. This goes for everything in nature, birds, cats etc..I don’t know when or how, but the natural animalistic instincts for people to not care about differences in appearance has been lost and we must find it.
Another mistake humanity has made is the concept of materialism. Another concept that starts from a young age, work hard in school, get good grades, get a job that pays well, then you will be happy. Want to see evidence of how many people believe in this? Well here you go. I guarantee that you have thought this yourself and had people say it to you. “God, I wish I would win the lottery, then all my problems would be solved.” And you could take it even further, ask someone what they would do if they won the lottery. A high percentage of the time they will say, first I would pay off all my debts, then I would get a house or two, maybe some cars, all of which are materialistic objects. Have you ever heard someone say, if I won the lottery, I would open an orphanage for troubled youth in the inner-city, or I would go around giving money to random homeless people. Well, no one has told this to me yet, just proving that our priorities are completely out of line. It’s always I want this, I want that In order to make this world a better place people need to stop thinking about what they want, and start thinking about what we need.
When your life is based on materialism it is always going to disappoint you. Remember when you got that new pair of jeans that you absolutely loved? You were so happy when you got them and loved to wear them. Well what happened? After about a week you didn’t care anymore. Then you see an ad for the coolest toy on the market and decide to go out and buy that. Materialism is just as harmful and addictive to us as heroin. People have become obsessed with having money and the newest toy on the market. Just like a junkie looking for his next fix, people look for things that they can have in order to make them happy, and once that happiness is gone, they go out and look for some more.
 Materialism only provides temporary happiness, this reason is because when all is said and done, your money and assets do not provide emotional fulfillment. This comes from loving people and being loved in return. The more positive connections you make with other people will in turn, cause people to interact with you on a deeper level in a more positive manner. When your life is surrounded by positive emotions and conversations, the happier you will be. Don’t just take my word for it, because then you would be following me blindly, go out and try it for yourself and see what happens. I have had many conversations with many people. Among those conversations, the happier people are more interested in making people feel good, while the unhappy people are usually interested in what they want. It is time to be a little less selfish folks, think about it.

Nothing will ever happen if people continue to form their views based on what others tell them. Don’t just listen to the media and assume that what they say is right. Don’t just accept your friends opinions because if you don’t they will look at you differently. The media, your friends, they are all people just like you, why is whatever they say more correct then what you truly believe in yourself? I believe that all people are born with the want and need to love and be loved. We have lost the want, but the need is still there, and we will continue to scream scratch and fight each other until that need is met or we destroy ourselves. We must educate ourselves and open our minds to utilize our given ability to reach out to those that need it.

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