The Rain and My Love story

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A new angle to searching for love

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



It was raining that day when I came out of the office. I didnt resist myself from getting drenched in the rain. As the first few drops hit me, I felt refreshed and alive. I started walking in the rain and got totally wet, but then also I felt good. I felt happy from within. As I was walking towards my destination, I saw her.

She was standing below the big tree trying to hide herself from the rain. But, God was cruel today, to her and to me. He was cruel as he didnt saved her from the rain, even though she was desperately trying for it. He was cruel to me because he made me fall in love with her at that very moment.

She was trying to save herself from the rain, looking here and there. She was conscious about the surroundings, and was desperately trying to control her dress. The wind too was playing naughty games with her. Once or twice she tried wiping her face too, and each of those times I missed my heart beats. Everything about her, every action of her was absolutely picture perfect. They generated feelings in me that are simply impossible to describe. I just cpuld take away my eyes from her. I wanted to protect her from every single drop of the cruel rain. I felt like rubbing off every single drop of water from her face, her eyes, her fair body. I wanted her to remain pure, I wanted to see her as clean and clear as posdible.

It was love at first sight for me. I felt very happy. it was something new for me, I have never experienced such feeling ever. I dont know her, but I now I know that god must have created her just for me. I was excited, the feeling of being in love wad really amaxing. I felt like running towards her and put my hand above her head. I wanted to protect her, I wanted to save her from any trouble whatsoever. And right now the rain was the trouble, and I wanted to save her from that.

I didnt realised that I actually raised my hand, though I was far from her. Rain drops hit my hand hard, but I felt good, I was protecting her. My eyes were closed, I didnt wanted to miss the feeling. It wad an amazing feeling to protect someone whom you love so much. My heart was really beating fast, my breathing was getting beyond my control. I was in deep love.

A very loud horn blew just near me. Shockingly I opened my eyes to see a huge bus just in front of me. I looked at the bus number. It was the right one, the bus that will take me to my destination, my home. Without any second thpughts I got up in the bus. once inside the nearly half filled bus, I looked outside through the window. My love was still below the tree waiting for me. I gave her a long look for the last time. Another chapter closed, another love story ended halfway, the thought did crossed my mind.

I tirned to look for an empty seat when I saw her. She was occupying a two seater on her own. She looked at me. Was that an invitation? I went and sat beside her, acknowledging her with a smile.

She is cute, lovely and quite good looking. Nothing wrong in having another love story till I reach my destination.

This time I just smiled, just for myself.

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