When All Is Said And Done

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True love never dies, it only gets stronger in time...

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



When All Is Said And Done.

When I agreed to come here, it wasn't for this.

'Come on Sophia, truth or dare?' I'm not 13 years old, as you may have originally thought. Nope, depressingly I'm 26 and I'm at a sleepover. Yes. My life has reached an all time low. Jenny, my so called best friend was staring at me earnestly, waiting for my answer. I'm going to regret this, I thought, defeated.

'Truth'. After all, how bad can it be? I've nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I don't think so, anyway. The girls, Jenny, Alex, Mel and Hannah, were huddled together in some sort of team talk. I'm regretting this already. Eventually, they turn, each one of them with a sly grin on their faces. It was Hannah who spoke up.

'Your question is...' She paused presumably for dramatic effect, even though it didn't work, 'Have you ever been in love? Like real love'. I feel some sort of internal stab at my heart. Have I ever been in love?

Yes, was my thought.

'No', was my reply.

I thought it was a fairly convincing lie. Apparently not.

'Liar! Liar!' Mel jumped to her feet and started dancing around me. 'You're lying Sophia O'Neil! How very dare you!'

I watched in utter bemusement as they all started dancing and chanting. With any luck, this will divert them from the initial question. But, no. Miss lawyer Alexandra is far too smart.

'Sophia, you didn't answer the question!' As if by remote, they all stop, shut up and sit down. I stay silence.

'It means yes because she said no, and she's clearly lying'. Hannah looks at the others triumphantly and they all nod in agreement.

'You have to tell us the story!' Jenny is practically on her knees begging.

'Pllleeaasseee?' It sounds like four cats yowling in the night. The awful thing was that I knew that they weren't going stop until I gave them what they wanted. My story.

'Fine, I'll tell you. But I'm changing names'. The girls scurry to find comfy positions and Alex even grabs a handful of popcorn.

'Once upon a time...'

'Cut the crap, Soph! Did you sleep with him?' I could see that Hannah's question had achieved their interest much more than my story would have done.

'Er, no, he was married'. Simultaneously, their jaws drop to the floor. The silence is everlasting as they digest this information.

'When was this affair?' Jenny was the first to respond to my statement.

'Don't call it that', I pleaded, 'It was when I went to Italy last summer for a month. Er, that's all I want to say on the matter'.

I roll over in my sleeping bag and shut my eyes, willing myself to go to sleep. I can hear the girls muttering behind me but I try to zone them out. I should never have mentioned Italy to the girls. They don't understand! I didn't know Tom was married until our last day together and I was not best pleased. Well, I cried a lot and I told him I never wanted to see him again. Which is still 95 percent true. I can't help it. Tom was the first person I had truly loved and to find out that he was married...well it broke my heart.

I slowly fell into sub-conciousness, my head filled with the memories of that summer...

* * * * * * * *

I had completely forgotten about that night three months ago, until Jenny brought it up this morning.

'Hey Soph, can I ask you something?' I did up her dress and smiled.

'As my favourite bride ever, course, what's up?'

'That guy, the one you loved and I think still love, he's called Tom Roberts isn't he?' I pause, startled that she found out. I nod my head numbly.

'Just checking'. She looks ahead confidently into the mirror. 'Right, I'm ready, lets go'.

In my attempt to be the perfect maid of honour, I had completely forgot about Jenny's puzzling question until late into the wedding party that night. She waved me over anxiously.

'There're these people that really want to meet you. They're over by the bar'. I sigh jokingly and she pushes me in the direction of the bar. I wander over aimlessly, waiting for someone to introduce themselves to me. But when they do, I'm shellshocked.

'Hi, I'm Tom, did Jenny send you over?' Oh crap. It's Tom. Tom from Italy. Well, he's from Cornwall originally but I know him from Italy. I slowly life my gaze to meet his deep brown eyes and feel myself melt in them all over again.

'You must be Sophia'. He holds out his hand to me. I stare at it in disbelief.

'You're m-married'. My voice is barely audible.

'Not as of last September. See I met this girl on holiday and I fell in love. But I kind of screwed up. I went home, divorced my wife and tried to find this girl again. But she's pretty hard to track down. Thankfully, she has some friends that were able to help'. I glance over my shoulder at Jenny, Mel, Hannah and Alex staring at us with knowing smiles on their faces. I turn back to Tom.

'And if you found this girl, then what?' He smiles and my insides turn to jelly.

'Well, I would do this...' My mouth drops open as he lowers himself to one knee and produces a small, ring sized box from his pocket.

'Sophia O'Neil, I always loved you. Will you marry me?' I hear gasps and 'aahs' from around the room. I look at Tom, with his brown eyes and brown hair and smile. I have waited for this man for 6 months. I am sure as hell not waiting any longer.

I smile at Tom and he slides the rock onto my finger. In one swift movement, he jumps up and grabs me in an Oscar winning kiss. It is heavenly. It is everything I ever hoped it would be.

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