I see no god up here

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Man goes to the moon and is unpleasantly surprised!

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011




Bill made his way to the space station like every other day.  Only this was no other day, he was scheduled for launch to the moon in only a few short hours.  Bill was a young man, in his early twenties, but he had the determination and ability of two men.  The program took notice and selected him for this mission. 

The train car was ominously quiet.  Occasionally he would make small talk with the other passengers, but he was too preoccupied by his own thoughts to talk today.  He was not sure whether the passengers knew who he was, but he did not care.  There were more important things to worry about, and besides the train was pulling up to his stop.

The train came to a full stop, and Bill hesitated for a few moments.  “This is your stop aren’t you going to get off?” said a passenger who had recognized him from other rides.  “T-thanks, I... I guess I nodded off for a second there,” he muttered nervously.  With that he stood up and marched off to the station.  There was no turning back now, only the moon and the stars lie ahead.

Through the throngs of people outside the space station he saw her.  Blonde hair waving in the wind.  Sparkling blue eyes light up when she saw him as well, and she ran to him.  Sarah had been a friend of Bill’s since they were just little kids, and only recently did he begin to realize that she might be the one for him.  After years of looking in the wrong places, he thought that perhaps she was it.  She looked beautiful, he almost could not stand it.  He thought to when he was small, she was always there for him, as was he for her.  If that is not love than what is?  

“Hey there sleepy head,” Sarah said in a soft tone, “if you fall asleep now you’ll miss your flight, the moon might still be there, but its gonna take a lot of work to fly there yourself.”  “Sorry, I’m just nervous is all,” he said.  He still was not sure if he should tell her how he felt now or wait until he got back.  There was a lot to think about, and she was not going to be going out picking up boyfriends while he was up in space.  “You’re going to be fine, I know you, you always come out fine.” She said staring into his eyes.  

“I know.”  The truth was, he was more nervous about telling her than going up into space.  It had only been a few months since he started feeling this way, but he had never felt that way about anyone in the past.  What did his life mean to him, if she would not be in it the way he had hoped she would?  They walked together through the crowds to the front doors.  

Launch day was always an exciting time.  People gathered from miles around to witness a true spectacle of mankind’s triumph.  This was no ordinary launch either, it was the first moon mission in decades.  Most of the people there were either too young or not alive to see the last one, so it was very special for all of them.  Many of them recognized Bill from the papers, and cheered him on as he walked passed.  There was an air of excitement and ecstasy, as increasingly large amounts of people came to the launch center.  There was plenty of time for galavanting and merriment, before people would have to find a good spot to view the launch.

Bill walked slowly with Sarah, he did not want to leave her, but he knew she would be stopped and have to leave at some point.  Luckily it would not be for another hour until they would be separated.  They had plenty of time to enjoy each others company.


“Sir we’re getting a bad reading here,” said a man at a computer desk in the main observatory of the space center.  “What is it Johnson?” barked Colonel Boggs, former Air force, and now in charge of the observatory.  

  “Well, Colonel, we appear to have an asteroid heading for Earth in about 13 hours.”

  “How big is it?”

  “It looks pretty big, our immediate projections haven’t specified yet, however.”

  “Well, how does this affect our current mission.”

  “As far as I know it does not sir.  It doesn’t look to be any more dangerous than any thing else thats hit the Earth in recent years.”

  “Good, then the mission will be carried on as scheduled.”


Time was running out, Bill had lingered with Sarah for as long as possible.  It was now or never.  Bill chose now.  He grabbed Sarah with both hands, looked her in the eyes and said, “Sarah, I know this is out of the blue, but I love you.”  Before she could speak he kissed her, and after a minute or so had to let go of her.  As he walked away, all he could think to say was, “See you soon.”  Sarah was shocked, she managed to get out a weak “Bye.”  


Finally in the shuttle and prepared for takeoff, Bill felt relieved, there was nothing more he could do, and nothing more he needed to do.  Sarah would have plenty of time to think about what he said, and in the mean time, he could sit back and enjoy the beauty of space.


The Crowd was now 100,000 strong surrounding the launch pad from a distance.  Everyone was excited, they would soon be witnessing history.  The launch count started “T minus 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...” every one in the crowd was counting along the sound was almost deafening, “2...1...Liftoff.”  Then the sound of the rocket nearly overshadowed the sound of the crowd, the flames from the rocket and the masses were truly a sight to behold, and every news station in the nation was broadcasting Bill as he crept his way into space alone save for the radio, connecting him with the base.

Sarah watched in awe, a tear rolled down her cheek.  In fact she did have feelings for Bill, but now she knew that once he got back, they could be as one.  She let the tears stream freely, she had rarely felt as content as she did now.  


The shuttle touched down on the moons surface.  Bill made all the preparations to exit, and finally be on the moon.  

He gingerly took his first steps off the stairs.  The space center had trained him to walk with less gravity, but there truly was nothing quite like the real thing.  He playfully leaped around in pure ecstasy.  Earth was even more beautiful than he had seen in the pictures.  All at once he felt at peace with the universe.  

During his days in school he had heard of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, who said, “I see no God up here,” while in orbit.  Bill did not understand what he meant.  If at ever he had felt God, it was then and there.


“Dear God, Colonel, it’s coming faster than we thought,” shouted Johnson, by the horrified tone, and look on his face, Colonel Boggs could tell that this was a serious situation., “It’s almost upon us, it will hit within the hour, our sensors must have gotten muffled or something.  This is unlike anything we have ever seen.”

“Your sensors were wrong before, why can’t they be wrong now?” asked Colonel Boggs.

“Well sir, there is either someone sabotaging our radars, or the speed of the asteroid is so much it’s throwing off the readi...”


Bill was settled down now, ready to fulfill his mission, when he gazed up at the Earth, or was it down, he could not tell, and part of him knew that it did not really matter. Nothing could have ever prepared him for what happened next.  A giant asteroid smashed right through the planet, in a matter of minutes.  Bill fell to the ground and watched in pure terror as every single thing he had ever loved was destroyed before his eyes.  As hauntingly beautiful as it was, Bill knew there was no hope left.  He let out a long feral screech, and punched the ground.  After about three minutes he passed out in a heap on the surface of the moon.  

A half hour later Bill awoke, hoping every thing he had ever seen was only a dream.  He looked into space and saw the remains of his once home planet.  What would he do now, where was he supposed to go?  Worst of all, he thought about Sarah, he would never see her again.  After months of trying to work up the courage to say he loved her, now she was gone.  

What was that quote he thought, “I see no god up here.”  He understood it now, There was no god here, there was no god anywhere.


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