Be the you that you want to be.

Here we are, hopelessly entwined in a net of judgement. Criticism and stereotypes dragging us below the safety of the surface, slowly sinking in a sea of prejudice and arrogance, drowning in self-doubt while trying to distinguish reality from thoughts and perspective. We are so worried about what people think or how they make us feel that life becomes one filled with fear and ultimately controlled by others. You won't do something you enjoy because others might think poorly of you and say things that will hurt your feelings which will then cause you to feel rather unpleasant emotions. There is an awful lack of that mindfulness you once possessed as a child.  Since when did random people become able to control your life and decisions?  

Each night you lay your developing body upon a messy bed when the sky reflects the growing pit in your stomach where you store all your hurt, frustration, anger, hatred. The same pit that over the years has become so deep and dark that it has consumed your soul making you the embodiment of vantablackYou close your eyes desperately seeking an instantaneous state of altered consciousness; the only place of tranquility in your otherwise strenuous life and more pleasingly, the only time you can silence the thoughts in your head. You crave the escape from the brutal world which just happens to start with yourselfAnswer me this: Do you want to escape yourself and me and your friends and your friends friends and your friends' parents and every single hypercritical being on this planet? I believe so.  

When you ask for one thing you want for your own happiness, enjoyment and even sanity, you are suddenly a target board and society just keeps hitting you with all the lousy thoughts in their heads and what is the aim? To destroy you. To conform you. To let you know that you mean nothing to them; you are just another pawn in this game of chess. They try to make you feel as though nobody is there for you and you are  all alone. All of these are the horrible thoughts that invade their cruel minds and they feel as though they need to wrong you just because they aren't feeling quite right.  

Today's society is so hopelessly corrupted that there is a horrendous lack of virtue and people have become so dreadfully brutal. People are more concerned with what they can get rather than what they can give and become so arrogant and selfish as to put others down just to make themselves seem superior. But the truth is, they are not superior. They are weak. Those that let people's judgements pass as just another crappy thought in someone's head are the strong ones. Because that's all it is, one opinion, one perspective, one thought. Don't allow that to control you! Be yourself because at the end of the day, what you think about yourself is what matters the most and if you let others sway your self-worth then you will not ever achieve true happiness and be the best you that you can be. Stuff expectation! Screw society! Be the best you that you can be! 

Submitted: September 22, 2015

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