The Foot Tocker

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when your foot disowns you

Submitted: May 06, 2011

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Submitted: May 06, 2011



It was about 10:00 in the morning, but not quite. Time had stopped at 9:56am exactly... i knew because i had been watching for under an hour. I didn't have any pockets, so i stored everything in my socks. reaching down to my left ankle i rummaged about for something useful- out i foot... turning it around in my hands i had no idea that it belonged to me until i looked down to the floor and seen my stump, pissing out blood. I looked at time again...and wondered to myself if a severed limb would do a single thing for frozen time!?

Thats when i heard it loud and clear......


It was time ticking away secretly, the clock was not moving, time was still. But that ticking was growing louder and louder! i looked around the room, as if my eyes could act as ears.. Thats when i noticed the ticking sound was coming from my severed foot that i was mindlessly turning over and over in my hands. I put my foot to my ear. The foot [as i call it now] spoke not to me ...but to my ear

\"two toes to ten to two\" it pronounced.

I said in shock.. \"toes telling time\"...... the foot ticked away across the floor, out of my hands and nestled in one of the shoes i had been wearing, earlier on that i had kicked off into the corner of the room.

I just sat there timelessly..then i came upon the clock with my eyes, and without thinking i picked it up and attached it to my stump where my foot once was a nice fit! I was surprised...i sat there starring at the shoe in the corner, wondering if i should investigate further. The foot stuck its little toe out ...i waved with my other foot thinking it would prefer to see a friendly face. Tip-Toeing out it edged into the middle of the room. I asked \"will you come back or do you prefer to tell the time\" I put my head down in sorrow and waited ... My new foot \"the clock\" fell away from my stump and clattered to the floor, with a noisy show of separation.

-TICK-TOCK- -TICK-TOCK- said my clock, i held out my hand, and the foot wiggled its toes and shook out the number 4. The number 4 jumped up and down in delight and skipped over to the clock... At that second the clock opened its back part and welcomed in the number 4..At that second time started up again, the foot fell to one side and was no longer a clock.

I never understood why my left foot turned into a tocker, but i attached it back to its rightful place with a comfy insole and a fresh pack of laces. When i think back as time's gone on, the number 4 makes me there was 4 minutes to 10.. And at 10 there could of been a clock for a foot!

the end.

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