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Dita- the zombi puker gurl

Submitted: April 28, 2011

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



Dita meat puppet diner sucks brains through a straw eats memory's off a side plate whilst lickin all the floor!

Smelly cat would cook some soup ingredients at large, one odd sock, and a dead dogs eye, a tub of moldy Marge.

Stir it with a sticky thing you found yesterday..by chance. sprinkle in some dried up skin, then the contents of your bin.

A greasy spoon.. your favorite tune.. you begin to puke up vomit spray.. Hip Hip....... HOO-RAY!

Rotting stink fills the air with fumes that actually hum a noise. Dita taps her foot, breathes in deep, then stirs in 3 young boys. her arm fell off her shoulder joint erupting sharp bone point. puke me baby-puke it good puke it vompash Vom-ish should.

I was mixing in a line of toes and felt a nipping on my nose- i went to raise my arm and hand, but there was something on the end! a flesh eating zombie Gurrl has scoffed away my nose, then mast-icated all my toes!

I wiggled my remaining bits and kicked her in the jaw her head spun round once or twice then fell upon the floor.. f@@kin bastard rotty Twats put me in a coma!

All sorted now -fingers-nose-toes.. forgotten.....gone.. we swapped in the end for a cup of cold sick


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