Macabre Night

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*Alert- graphic violence* a schizophrenic man decides to kill another man simply for the pleasure of doing it, so he enters his home and attacks very violently

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



I hear the voices in my head telling me to kill; I took my katana sword and a needle back from the medical facility I work in and head to the next house in the middle of the night. A man is sleeping in his couch, I sedated him and he did not even react. An hour later he awoke tied to the couch by his arms and legs and had a tape in his mouth.

 I made a silent chuckle, I wanted him to vividly feel the punishment I was about to impart on him I made a deep cut to his left ear, severing it, the man's screams were muffled by the tape I took the ear and ate it at his sight, the man looked in fear and disgust at my actions then I severed an enormous chunk from both thighs the wound was so deep that his bones were visible, I then looked at the man as he was in pain and fear but His screams I could not hear nor did I want to, I was too occupied satisfying my blood thirst. Then I went to the left ear repeating the aforementioned process with the right ear. I realized it was time to end it I brought out the needle I took from the medical facility and a bottle labeled rocuronium and injected the substance in him. I was rejoiced when I saw how helpless he was against his fate unable to breathe, hear or even move a finger; I checked the whole perimeter to see if there was anyone else there, to no avail.

 I realized it was time to hide the body; I dismembered the body into small pieces dug a hole and burned the pieces then I buried the ashes so that no one would ever find them.

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