Sexual Attention #1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Powerful, intensely, dramatic poetic book is the definitive account of Pierre E Maurice.
A compilation of great deep, heartfelt poems that will trigger your innermost hidden feelings.Poems with the quality and ability of questioning your everyday activities.Poems that brings tears to the dry eyes and dry the eyes filled with tears.A mixture of pleasant laugh and uncontrollable of sadness. Poems of sex, money, murder, and unbelievable power.Poems expressing the most passionate love for mates.Poems of greed, lust, and envy.
Enjoy your readings everyone! And thank you for your time.

Submitted: December 11, 2018

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Submitted: December 11, 2018




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 Sexual attention


Tonight is your time

to you, i’m going to do all kinds of crime

Come here and lay your body next to mine

I’m going to make your star really shine...


When I put my hands on you I could feel

your temperature rising

Girl, don’t you feel how your body is yarning

Through your eyes, I could see your body calling

These hypnotic eyes with that seductive body  

has me dealing with alot of lusting…


Let me see you move your body slow to this slow jam

Baby, I’m loving the way you’re playing this game

Right now there’s no time for no shame

Cause your sweetest spot is where I’m going to aim...


So Honey, give me the red light special

Every seconds of this moment will be unforgettable

It’s not the moment of being casual

What I’m going to do to is unexplainable...  


So please allow me place my hands gently on you

Runs my fingers all over your soft body, boo

Let my strong tongue have you acting like a fool

Tonight you are all mine, I have paid all your dues…


Its amazing to see how my words are getting you so wet

This kind of sexual attentions you have never met

These feelings of comfort and extremely sexual arise you have never felt

Never knew that if I had all this under my belt…


My fingers strolls gently on your breasts

Searching for the best spot to rest

I see that your nipples knows how to welcome a guest

In my mouth is where I want them there’s no second guess…


CAn you feel the warmth of my breath behind your ears

As I whisper sweet words, talking away all your fears

I will search a thousand places and dye a thousand times

just to have you here

Within you is where I want to be…


I could see your sexy body shaking as the volcano erupt

Sorry that you couldn’t resist

I could feel your heart melting, as your world is corrupt

Could even wet for my first kiss.

I think its enough of all that bulshit, bring your

body over here and get some of this....  

By: Pierre E. Maurice

© Copyright 2020 pmaurice509. All rights reserved.

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