suicide mind

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Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



sleep deep under the sheets, hiding from the darkness, the light sparked this every morning... no warning... bamm here i am... in this world trying to live sowe're all treated as one...instead everyones trying to be the one... searching for the one... spit from the devils horn stabbed the wombs like a thorn till the devils where born... to much dust in lust to control us... one day we arethe worlds losenuts.... alovely bounch of co ca nuts big ones small ones all of us living in a world of wants instead of a world ofneed not what you got and dont you want look at me isnt this where you should be... hell no... for hell knows... exactly where I will go... and everyday for just a little... i'll die in the middle... to sit and pray to death to come my way and fiddle these riddles little by little and die on the outside beniethe the sunyelling atsuicide and death to come... for these sheets no longer hide me from the shuffling of the angels feet... to be discreetmy story.... over told.... so much funwith this gunto hold....I can no longer dream of who i may be other thenthe figure that fingerd the triggertolinger no more before the grave diggers I can no longerdream for dreams of bigger..... BANG

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