Darkest Night

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Man trying to find piece inside himself turn horrible

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Submitted: March 09, 2015



~~The Darkest Night

 The night had started off just as usual. My wife and I were sitting around the fire in our study room. While our children were within deep slumber. I had looked outside the window and noticed a mysterious cloud moving fast toward us. I walked outside to fetch all the animals into the barn so none would run away. But when I had opened the door, I came to a shocking surprise, it was a beautiful clear night sky.  
I asked Joann, my wife, to look out the window and tell me what she saw. She simply replied “it looks very cloudy out dear”. I begun to walk around the property trying to figure out why it was so different out the window. After reaching the woods I begun to walk back to the glorious white house. I stopped and looked at the house, my years of work had paid off and the house look outstanding. But as I begun to look closer I noticed one of the children’s lights on.
I ran to house, I burst in through the front door and run up the stairs. I run to the child’s room but when I opened the door the lights were out and the child was fast asleep. This has begun to drive me crazy how could the weather be different outside than inside and the child’s light on and off. I then asked Joann to stay in the room with our child while I go outside. I asked her how the light looked when I went outside, she replied “off” but the lights were on while I was outside. 
This was most discomforting, I begun trying to understand why this was happening. I thought maybe it was just me and I needed some sleep. I walked to my chamber and climbed into bed but as I was about to sleep the light in the hallway turned on and began flashing. I run out of bed to investigate. As I opened the door the lights turned off and no one was in the hallway.
This was now beginning to drive me crazy. I was not able to sleep at night because as I would go to sleep the lights would repeat its actions. The madness inside of me kept growing, this would be undeniable. My wife began to worry for me, so she hired a psychologist. He was even outstand by my perception. But even he could not began to understand why I was seeing this.
One day my closest friend Harold stayed the night because he was on his way into town. I was trying to go to sleep, I had started sleeping with a gun under my pillow since a week after the lights started turning on by themselves. I memorized the position of the switch on the other side of the wall. So the next time the lights turned on I would fire the gun. Two hours later the lights burst on and I shot.
But this night was different, after I shot there was a loud scream. I then got up and ran to the scream. As I got closer my feet grew wet. I looked upon my feet and they were covered in blood. I rushed down to the source of where the blood was coming from. As I looked upon the body lying on the floor, I had just shot and kill a human being.
I had kept the incident quiet and I dragged the dead body out into the lawn and buried it in a ditch in the forest. As I laid the body into the ditch I dumped gasoline on the body and burned it to prevent any evidence against my sanity. For some reason since the gun shot I had felt a little scared but never did I feel remorse. The strangest feel I had was happiness, I don’t know why I felt this but since I had killed the person I felt happy. As I walked back to the house I felt myself smile.
After entering the house I grabbed a mob and cleaned up the blood on the floor. My wife had entered the hallway and asked what had happened. I simply replied that it was nothing and I spilled some juice on the floor. She asked if I had seen Jeffery, our son, I look at her in wonder and asked where he had went. We went to his room and examined it, we found the sheets ruffled and his bedroom light on.
After leaving the room and searching the ground I begun to remember what had just recently happened. As I remembered, the scream became clearer, it was a child’s voice, and as I remember the face of the body I realized it was my own son. I had shot and burned my son and felt no regret and no remorse.
I decided then and there my wife must not learn about the incident. So I told her I would look inside the home for him. I went down to the basement and opened the window. As I did this I would simply reply that he ran away. But as I was down there my daughter walked up to me and asked “why did I hide Jeffery?” She knew too much and if I were to let her go she would have a chance to tell her mother and if her mother found out I would have to leave.
I told her that mom had asked me to go get her and that her and I were to play hide and seek in the basement. She was to try and find me after I hid. As she was counting I look around, I saw some chloroform on the top shelf of a cabinet. I soaked my shirt in it and when I told her to find me I put my shirt over her mouth. She began to faint away and I carried her into the secrete room in our basement. I locked her inside a box to where you would not be able to hear her screams.
I made my way up the steps and my wife met me at the front door. I rushed her to the basement and said he must have ran away and that our daughter was missing too and she must have followed him. As she looked on with dreary eyes I told her to go to bed and I would search for the children. She followed my command and went to bed and shortly fell asleep. I drug Emily’s, our daughter, body outside to where I had buried her brother and repeated the process as I did with her brother.
I had only made one mistake with my process, I made Joann go to bed but I had forgotten about Harold. As I turned around from my daughter and son’s grave he met me eye to eye. He had seen everything and unmistakably was unapproved of my actions. I did not want to kill Harold he was my closest friend and I had known him since the early 1860’s. But with the turn of the new century I had noticed myself changing.
I decided even though we were close friend he had seen too much and must be taken care of. I told him I understood my actions and we should go to the station together and file my report. As we were driving I yanked the wheel smashing the car into a light pole. I got out of the car and left a long trail of gasoline to the car. As I walked away I ignited the flames and as the flames grew closer I heard the screams of help and terror from Harold. But I could not help myself but smile.
No one had known of my actions now, my children were proclaimed “missing” and Harold’s death would be known as a car accident and no trace would lead back to me as the killer of all of them. As I got home I claimed into bed with my wife. For the first time in days I rested well, even when I woke I felt amazing. But the sight beside me when I woke should have made be horrified but only made me smile.
As I stared into my wife’s dark cloudy eyes I once again felt no remorse. I took my wife’s dead body out to the forest and buried her with our children. To signify their graves I placed and upside down cross. My excuses for this would be me signifying a symbol to keep away demonic spirits. I spent the next three days beside the cross thinking about the way I had just killed my family.
As the years went by I had finally found someone new in my life. We had a son together, we named him Jonathan after his mother’s dead grandfather. Every night I tucked little john into bed but when I did I always thought of Jeffery and how I had murdered him. I had not spoken with anyone about what had happened so many years ago.
My wife and I had been married for six years now, never had she mentioned the cross in the back yard. But one day as I returned home from work she asked me the most dreadful question, why was the cross placed out beside the woods. I finally confessed to her that before we were married I had a wife and two children. I told her that they fell ill to a sickness and had died. I tried to keep the secret of their real deaths away from her as much as possible.
One year later I went to go to bed, but right before I was about to fall asleep the lights began the fluster. I knew what this meant, my night of horror and death was about to start. At this point anyone in the home for the next week would no longer be safe and everyone would end up dead. I began to wonder to myself if I would be able to save anyone from what was about to happen, but another part of my wanted to make sure everyone had died. As time passed by my side wanting to save everyone grew weaker and my side wanting everyone dead grew to its strength.
I got up and began to wonder around the house, as I walked, many ways of killing the family flashed through my head. I decided that I would have a party and with the parting I would gather a group of friends and take them to the field house and I would suffocate everyone with poison gas. And I would kill everyone but the family the same way. But with the family I would hang them by shackles in the basement and make tiny cuts allowing them to heal regain their blood and contain the process.
As the party began I gathered them into two groups. I took the first group out and locked them into the field house. As I claimed on top and released the gas I begun to laugh and thought of how creative my plan was. Inside the last group was stilling parting, I came back and told them the other group and passed out and needed there help getting all of them gathered. As we entered the house I locked the door on them, as amazing all the local police were in the last group. I began to laugh louder as the last group screamed and gasped for air to breath but it was useless and soon all of them were dead.
I walked back to the house where my family was waiting for me. I called them all to the study room for a family dinner. I placed sleeping pills in all their food and as they ate, they all grew tired and slammed their faces into their plates. I dragged their sleeping bodies to the basement and hung them by their arms. As they began to wake they noticed where they were and screamed for help. I walked down the steps and when they met my eyes they looked relived. But as I looked at them and laughed without helping them they went from relieved to horrify. They began to realize I was the one who did this to them and I was the one that they should be afraid of. My wife asked me why I had done this, I simply told her that I was happy to do this. I told her my last family didn’t die from illness that I had killed them. Her face went even more horrified, she could not believe what I had just told her. I started walking closer to her, and as I got closer I drew a blade from my back pocket and pressed it against her neck……………

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