Have a heart for others.

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the kind of content il submit is purely for awareness purposes and what i feel in the deepest part of me.im hoping it may both serve as a source of entertainment and for educational purposes.thank you

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Have a heart for others

You best describe yourself as perfect

and as if thats correct

you go ahead thinking that you deserve some respect,

you seem to forget that our being like this isnt of our liking

and that your living so at a point had a beginning.

You only know of glass to brass and not of grace to grass,

And as if that aint enough,to us you dare laugh...

not putting into mind that we may have the last laugh.

Your being atop isnt a pririty,but its rather an opportunity,

o help the minority who are the majority.

Its sad that in your view they are the few who you disregard so so hard

come to think of it...cant you ever have that heart ?

But its a hope knowing that even if we bow so low,

God above wont ever leave us solo.

You may be having your day today,but brother mine may come in may,

but you have something to smile about,because unlike you when my day comes

it will be a day for us all and not a mineday like yours today.

so please have a heart for others.















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