Gypsies: Chapter 1

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Someone goes missing from a high-security boarding school without a trace. Two people know a secret that will bring her home, but the only person that can tell doesn't want to, but will he sell his girlfriend to Gypsies so he can clear something from his concious?

* This isn't an accurate description of gypsies, it is how i see them.*

Submitted: July 26, 2008

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Submitted: July 26, 2008



Erik sighed and rolled over. She had disappeared four days ago and since then he had refused to get out of bed, except only when necessary and he refused to talk to anyone. His parents thought he was just grieving over the loss of his girlfriend, but it was much more than that. If only they knew the reason why he wasn’t talking, why she had disappeared in the first place.

Life was never easy, and it seemed it wasn’t going to get any easier. It‘s hard when your one of the most popular guys in school and are supposed to act tough even if you’re broken and falling apart on the inside. It’s hard when someone you love is taken away from you in the blink of an eye, and it’s even harder when you know you are partly responsible for their disappearance.  And it’s hard when you are one of two people who know a secret that will bring her home for good, and possibly wipe out a race of people who have been discriminated against for many centuries, all because of a few nonsense old wives-tales. But the hardest thing of all is when you have no one to talk to and now you’re the only person alive to tell that secret.
The police had come over again, hoping to get some information from him, but Erik didn’t budge. He wouldn’t even look at the Constable. The only people who were more saddened than he was were his girlfriend, Irena’s, parents.  Mr and Mrs Whittle had just lost their only son Joel in a plane crash 7 months earlier. What the Whittle’s couldn’t understand, and neither could anyone else, was how one fifteen year old girl could go missing without a trace from a high-security boarding school. Not one of the school’s cameras had captured any evidence of Irena on the day of her disappearance, though Erik swore they had walked past at least five different cameras, before she disappeared.
Irena ran past several trees, deeper and deeper into Old Man’s Forest, ignoring the stinging pain the numerous scrapes and cuts on her legs, arms and face were causing. She didn’t know long she had been running for, or where she was going. The only thing on her mind was: Gypsies. Heck, she didn’t even know if there were any in this forest anyway. She felt like she had been running for hours, even though it may have only been a few minutes, and would be quite some time before she would show any signs of exhaustion. Irena had been the school’s cross-country champion for long distance for three years running, even though she wasn’t that fit.
Irena kept on running, not caring which direction she was going, when, suddenly she felt the ground give way underneath her. She gave a blood-curdling scream of fear, which made even the birds fly away from their perch in the highest trees, and fell down, it seemed like she was falling for eternity but when she finally felt the ground she hit it with a bone crunching thump. Her head banging against a sharp rock at the bottom. Irena’s head hurt like hell, and she blacked out before she could even move.
An hour or so later, Irena blinked her eyes open and started when she saw the roof of a canvas tent above her head, smelt the stench of herbs, spices and something she didn’t recognise, and felt soft grass underneath her. She tried to sit up, but she was aching all over and let her head fall back onto her pillow. Drifting in and out of consciousness she heard a few sombre voices talking somewhere in the tent and something being pressed to her lips which she swallowed before falling asleep again.

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