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Realize that what we are is art!!

Submitted: November 29, 2006

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Submitted: November 29, 2006



I wanted to be an artist, to paint the worlds pain,
The creases and lines of oppression,
reflected on the faces of old men.
shirtless children, standind on American srteets,
of plated gold.
Imagrant children, who have yet to
realize that our streets are only plated in gold.
A shining finish, to a core so fake and cold.
I wanted to be an artist.
Painting portrates on Project walls,
Paying homage to my fallen comrades,
spraying gold paint over dirty brick walls.
Symbolic to the pavement, covered in plated gold.
I wanted to be an artist.
But when my brush touched the canvous,
all i could paint was R.I.P.
Bidding farewell to the dreams dieing within me.
So i decided to write instead,
To paint the world with poetry.
I wanted to be an artist.
Solitarily confined to my ghetto,
kept under constant control, they watched me,
till i realized, not only am i an artist,
but i am an art form they can never understand.
A complex creation, of this gold plated land....

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