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See the beauty of all skin tone.

Submitted: November 20, 2006

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Submitted: November 20, 2006



If i had to put a face too my poetry

it would be scarred

Latino, Italian,Black, or Brown

Tattoos for teardrops, thorns worn as crowns.

If my poetry had a face

It would smile in the face

of oppression.

Creased deeply by lines of thought.

Our expressions show whats been lost.

Poetry is my face, your's, his and hers.

Each ones a tale, a story of all things real,

and some things never felt.

Like a fathers love, never known, or losing hands

always delt.

Twisting our faces and poetry into rage,

for a society, that hates the face i ceate with poetry.

Your face, my face, her face, his, the brown eyed

smiling faces of our kids.

If i had to put a face to this poetry,

would you see in it your reflection???

Even more, would that reflection be beautiful??

Latino, Italian, Black, and Brown.

Tattoos for tear drops, thorns worn as crowns.

Whos face does your poetry paint?

Your own, or ours, or the reality of our fate??

We're losing a war most are ignorant to.

each year we lose more of what we are.

Replacing what they steal,

with unrealistic dreams, can see none of it is real?

We've sunk so far into indifference,

most no longer care who we are.

A painted face, in clouds of smoke,

we laugh our lives away.

So afraid to face another day.

Sober and conscious,

we must stand brave.

If my poetry had to have a face,

it would be hers.

Beautiful and latina, with deep brown eyes,

and a smile that can make this world,

shake and tremble,

and cry tattooed tears for who we are.

I tattoo these tears for who we are.

Latino, Italian, Black, or Brown.

I paint this face with poetry, to thank you

for loving what you see in me,

and blowing the cloud of smoke away, so now i see

a thousand different faces

reflected in my poetry.



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