Love's complicated

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jessica is 17, she lives in America.
She goes to SilveryDale University.

Table of Contents

Love's complicated

Jessica is 17, she lives in America.
She goes to SilveryDale University. Read Chapter

" Now kids we are going to do the tight ropes, if you guys dont know how to do it please see me or ask a friend" Dan turned to me. " ... Read Chapter

Finally when class was finnished Dan and I went to have lunch.what? Im his only friend. haha dont get any ideas, its not like i like... Read Chapter

I heard a knock at the door and so I opened it " Jessy, im so Sorry, I really am" Dan said coming in "They ditched me after a while s... Read Chapter

As we walked through to the hall, everyone stared at us, and a few girls glared at me. Dan escorted me to the middle and we danced to the... Read Chapter

The morning rose quicker than I thought, the smell of chips filled the room, I open up the window and looked outside..Mm, fish in chips ... Read Chapter

Once we got out food we sat outside on the deck chairs and ate. "This is lovely" I smiled " Yeah, best chips on the coast" " ... Read Chapter

HEY IM SORRY FOR THE SHORTNESS OF MY CHAPTERS, IM GOING TO TRY MAKE THEM LONGER :) As we arrived at the club I looked around to see E... Read Chapter

Dan simply smiled, and I could tell he was about to say something when Bella decided to. "Hm.." She mummbled disapointidely. I looked int... Read Chapter

The next morning was busy, I had to get up earlier than normal so I could catch Dan before he saw me but like always I failed. There he w... Read Chapter

The next day was great, we spent heaps of time together just talking, we were truley inlove, that same day he asked me on our first date,... Read Chapter

The room was so rich looking, so beautiful, the bed was heart shaped and massive,I jumped on it and lyed down..Ah, it was so comfy. Dan t... Read Chapter

I heard him moan as he pushed in and out, our breathing was really heavy, heavier than normal.. "Faster", I saw him nod and he went faste... Read Chapter