The Clown -By DB

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The right person won't care if you're not perfect.

Once there was a small little shop, in a little french town that only sold porcelain figurines. Every type of figurine imaginable.

When people would buy a figurine, they would always check it carefully to make sure it was perfect. They would check to make sure it didn’t have any cracks, the paint wasn’t chipped or faded, and for any other flaws before they would pay for their purchase.

On one of the shelves was a figurine of a clown. It was beautifully hand painted and perfect in every way.. except it had one small crack on the back of it. You would never see the crack unless you were looking for it, but it was still there.

The clown would cringe every time someone would pick him up, hoping they would not notice the crack and take him home. But they would always see it and put him back on the shelf.

The shop owner tried everything to sell the clown. He put it at the front of the store so everyone would see him when they entered. But still no one would buy the clown. He reduced the price. But still no one would buy the clown. They would all find the small crack and then put him back on the shelf.

There was only one time when someone almost bought the clown. Two ladies came into the store and one of them picked up the clown and said to the other lady,

“I like this one, but it has a crack in it.”

The other lady said,
“Silly girl, the crack is very small and it’s in the back. You can hardly see it!”

“But what if my friends see it?” she replied. “They will say I am stupid for buying a figurine knowing it has a crack in it.”

She continued, “No. I can not buy this one.”
And put the clown back on the shelf.

The shop owner at this point figured the clown would never sell, and even considered throwing it away, but he didn’t have the heart. So instead he put it in the far corner of the store on the very back of the lowest shelf.

The clown was so lonely and thought he would never have a real home.

A few years went by, and then on one cold day in December, a pretty young woman named Josephine came into the shop. She had long dark chestnut curls, a red coat with white scarf and the most beautiful smile.

Josephine spent a long time in the shop, but did not find anything she liked.  She was almost ready to leave when she thought she would check the very last display, in the back of the store.

It was then that Josephine found the clown on the bottom shelf. She had to get on her hands and knees to reach him, and pull him out into the light of the store.

“Oh, I love him!”  she said. “I must have this one!”

The clown was so happy. The store owner was so happy. And Josephine was so happy with her new purchase. She didn’t care about the price, or the small crack. She only cared about how the clown made her feel.

She took the clown home and placed him on her bedside table, so that everyday when she woke, she would see the happy clown and she would be in a happy mood herself.

As time went on, many of the figurines in other homes began to show signs of age. Some would also develop a small crack or the paint chipped or faded, and they were no longer perfect. The owners did not like this and would try to trade them in or sell their figurine for a new one. Some would simply be thrown away. The owners had bought them because they were perfect, and when they were no longer perfect, they were no longer wanted.

Years went by and Josephine never married. Many men tried to impress her with their good looks, money, and fancy gifts but none of them could make her happy. None of them could make her smile, like the clown did.

Josephine and the clown lived a long life together. Each day she woke up and smiled at the clown, until one day she did not wake up at all. Josephine had died, and the clown was so sad.

Soon, movers came to pack up Josephine’s belongings into boxes, and when the clown saw this he said,

“No! I don’t want to go back to the store. I don’t want to go to another home. I want to be with Josephine, forever! I LOVE HER!”

One of the movers put a bunch of things into a box, and seeing that the clown was so old and looked so fragile, he placed him on top. As he carried the box down the steps outside, he tripped and the clown went flying out of the box and landed on the concrete below, where it disintegrated into a million pieces.

A gust of wind came, and all the dust was swept up into the air. The clown and Josephine were together again at last, for all eternity.

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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