Lonely, Anorexic Girl

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This poem I wrote is about a girl whom was anorexic and everything was going bad in her life when one night she had a dream. *I love this poem that I wrote.* It didn't happen to me or anyone I know so in some cases it would be Fiction but it happens to people, such as anorexia and all of that stuff so it's also non-fiction. I just hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



The girl in the far back

All confidence and faith she did lack

Pretty she thought she was not

And a skinny body could not be bought


She skipped a few meals each day

Never even bothered to pray

There on her bed she lay

Her skin turning pale and grey


As each day passed by

The more she began to cry

Trying to hide her feelings she lied

Losing what she had left of her pride


She didn't like the way she looked

She was starving herself and to that idea she was hooked

She wanted to be skinny

And her waist to by mini

She felt alone and afraid

And more than ever betrayed

She didn't know why

So even more tears she did cry


She hated the way she walked

Even the way she talked

She was afraid to make friends

Afraid that she didn't fit in with their trends


Only if she knew

God's point of view

She wouldn't have made herself starve

Or forced herseld to barf


She didn't know how pretty she really was

Her simple answer to every question was "Just because"

It sounded crazy

And sounded insane

In her brain she knew the same


She made herself believe it was all alright

But it all changed that one night

She had a dream

Sitting beside a man along a stream


They talked for a while

And walked a mile

She felt loved and amazed

When she woke up she was dazed


There He sat at the edge of her bed

And all hurt and pain she felt fled

There she cried in the middle of the night

From then on she knew she had to put up a fight


A fight for her life and all she has lost

But she knew Jesus died on the cross for no cost

He took all of her guilt and shame

And her heart He gladly did claim


Ever since then she smiled more often

And her heart did soften

She knows how it feels to be in all those places

And she knows what they're going through when she sees their faces

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