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Memories make up our past right? They let us relive moments we never wanted to end. Sometimes though, memories eat away at our hearts and break us down. :( Well, this is a poem about memories of someone who was special to me. He ended things, and I am left with these...

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



If I close my eyes for a little while,

I can always see your smile.

every time I hear a voice,

My mind goes back to times before.

Laughter drifts from someplace close

And I can almost feel you near.

When the wind blows through my hair,

I feel your hands brush it back.

Looking in the mirror,

I see you standing there,

Arms wrapped around my waist,

Holding me tight.

You turn and smile,

Say goodbye,

And softly disappear.

But if I close my eyes,

I know I’ll see that smile,

Hear your voice whisper from the shadows,

And feel your touch against my cheek.

And when I wake,

You’ll still be gone,

But the memories I’ve got,

Should get me through the day.

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